Alibaba Express or Aliexpress B2C version of world famous Alibaba marketplace


AliExpress – a world of e-commerce

Today, online shop Aliekspress is a huge trading platform, which gathered hundreds of Chinese clothing stores, equipment, accessories and other goods. Among the widest variety to choose items like very simple.
Why online shop Aliekspress so popular?

Payment and delivery procedures are described in detail – questions arise. Communicate with the seller on the site can be through emails or chat, which is very convenient.
Special attention is given security system store. For example, payment on the website of Chinese goods made by Aliexpress Escrow system, ie, the seller gets money only after goods will be delivered to the buyer.
There are several ways of payment – via Webmoney system or QIWI Wallet, as well as by Visa and MasterCard cards, allowing each customer to choose a convenient option for him.
Delivery of the online store of goods from China carried different logistics organizations. The easiest and most accessible way – by mail. EMS shipping can be arranged if desired. Many stores offer free shipping, which makes shopping in Ali even more attractive and profitable.
Another plus – on the site Aliekspress all prices in rubles. Now, in order to determine how much is this or that thing do not need to know the exchange rate and carry out calculations.
An additional advantage of site – frequent promotions. Many online stores regularly shares and sales by offering quality products at ridiculous prices.

Most often, buyers are interested in clothing from China Aliekspress site. Here you can find branded stuff and beautiful, high-quality copies that allows to keep up with fashion and always look stylish without spending fabulous sums. Many gladly bought clothes for kids, women’s clothing and men’s things. Here you can find even clothing for pets! Everything that you could ever want, and now translated into reality!

To help orient in a wide range of goods from Chinese stores will help our site. It provides current information about the lots from the official online store Aliexpress, so you can quickly select the appropriate option.