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Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions

Market-proven promotions to stimulate sales: Three for the price of two, Second for free and other

  • Stimulate impulse purchases, luring customers with free products
  • Increase the number of items per order, motivating customers to purchase in bulk
  • Control your customers’ purchases — sell what they will buy again or move slow-selling products faster

Join millions of stores around the world that use BOGOF promotions to increase the volume of sold products

Market-proven promotions

BOGOF is used in millions of online and offline stores around the world and is very popular with both buyers and sellers.
Amazon, Walmart, and even a pizzeria on the corner of your house use them to boost sales and attract customers.

An offer they can’t refuse

BOGOF uses the fact that we all love gifts and free stuff. Buy One Get One Free, 1 + 1 = 3, 4 for 3 — with these promotions, buyers will not miss the opportunity to get more for their money, even if they did not plan to spend it.

And it works so effectively that the United Kingdom government is trying to limit usage of BOGOF promotions because of too many impulsive purchases.

More items in the cart

You can increase the number of items in the average shopping cart by 2-3 times.
BOGOF guarantees that during a promotion, customers will buy products at the base price in addition to discounted products. And you get extra income and increase the stock turnover.

Sell more with the next level of promotions!

Прежде чем вы продолжите.

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Buy One, Get One-Half Off

Book one room at our Loews Best Rate and get a second room half off.

Both rooms must be booked under the same name and for the same dates. The room with the lowest rate will be discounted 50% off at check-in.

View Terms + Conditions

Offer valid for new reservations only. Valid thru March 31, 2019 based on Loews Best Rate and is subject to availability. Up to a 7 night stay. 50% discount will be applied at the time of check in on the lowest booked room class. Reservations must be booked under the same name for the same date period. In case of early departure from one of the rooms, rates will be changed back to the original rates for the rest of the stay for the remainder room. Promotional rates only apply over the dates in which both rooms overlap. Not combinable with any other rates, offers or promotions. Connecting rooms can be requested but are not guaranteed. YouFirst Platinum members will only receive one $100 credit per stay, not per room. Subject to availability, blackout dates, and room type availability.


Best AliExpress Finds & Deals: Gadgets, Electronics, Geeky and Under $1

Things you can get for $1 or less from AliExpress – Vol. 1

Listen here, pal. We have been around for over 5 years now. We have seen it all: the most ridiculous and the best-selling items out there.

AliExpress is pretty well-known for the abundance of awesomely inexpensive products. I’m sure we all at least once bought something only because it was dirt cheap, just to see what it’ll be like – I know I have (here is an unboxing video, where I show the things that I bought for $1 or less). If you are new to AliExpress, check out How To Shop on AliExpress. The rest – please keep reading.

And while there still are countries where people make less than $5 a day, most of us would consider anything that costs less than $1 practically free. And here are some of the cheapest yet (somewhat) useful things that we found for you.

Алиэкспресс buy one get one half off

I’m trying to create a shopping cart price run whereby if you buy one of a product in one category, you get one of a product in another category at 50%. I’m trying to also maintain a 1 to 1 ratio on the discount, eg:

If I buy 1 from category A I get 1 from category B at 50%

If I have 1 item from category A and 2 items from category B, only one item from category B gets the 50% discount, the other is at full price.

If I have 2 items from category A, 2 items from category B get 50% off additional items from category B are at full price.

I’ve set the following on the Actions tab:

Discount Amount 50

Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To 1

Discount Qty Step (Buy X) 1

Stop Further Rules Processing No

If any of these conditions are true, category is category B

As it runs now, if I put one item from category A all of category B get the 50% discount. I’m stumped on this one.

It is not possible by default in Magento as far as i know but it can be easily done if you observe this event salesrule_validator_process

This is possible.

In the admin panel, click on Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules (because we are dealing with products in the cart)

In the Conditions tab,click the little plus symbol and select ‘Product Attribute Combination’.

Select the new plus symbol and select category. Click on the ‘. ‘ and select the category for the products you want to have in the basket for you to get the discount.

Now click on the Actions tab, in ‘Apply’ have ‘Percent of product price discount’. In Discount Amount, enter 50 (for 50%). In the conditions at the bottom, click on the plus symbol and select Category. Click on the ‘. ‘ to select the category for the products you want to apply the 50% discount to.

This will get you 50% off all products in cat b when you have >= 1 products from cat a in the cart.

There are further conditions that can be specified (minimum number of products from cat a, maximum number of products to apply discount to). It will require a lot of experimentation to get the conditions correct for your specific needs, but hopefully I have pointed you in the right direction.

Unofficial T-Mobile Blog, News, Videos, Articles and more


T-Mobile kicks off buy one, get one half off Apple Watch deal

T-Mobile today kicked off a new Apple Watch deal.

For a limited time, you can buy an Apple Watch Series 3 and get half off a second Apple Watch Series 3. Specifically, you’ll get $215 off, which is half off the full price of the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 model.

To get this deal, you’ll need to buy both Apple Watch units on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) with a DIGITS Apple Watch plan on the same line. You’re also required to add at least one new paid DIGITS Apple Watch line if you’re an existing customer or two new paid DIGITS Apple Watch lines if you’re a new customer. You’ll need to pay the required down payments and taxes for each watch at the time of purchase, too.

Once you meet all those requirements, you’ll get $215 in the form of 24 monthly bill credits. You must remain active on a paid DIGITS Apple Watch plan with active EIP in order to continue receiving those bill credits.

T-Mobile’s DIGITS service allows you to sync your phone number to your Apple Watch. This means that when someone calls your regular phone number, it’ll ring your Apple Watch at the same time. DIGITS service is priced at $10 per month with autopay or $15 per month without.

With its built-in cellular connectivity, the Apple Watch Series 3 can let you leave your iPhone at home but still get your calls and texts. You can also get alerts from other apps, and Apple Music subscribers can stream music from their wrist with the Apple Watch Series 3. The device serves as a way for iPhone owners to lighten their load while they’re out while still staying connected, so if you’ve got an iPhone and that sounds appealing to you, you may want to check out T-Mobile’s limited time Apple Watch deal.

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Buy one, get one half off problem

Buy one, get one half off problem

I’m trying to figure out a problem, and this time it is a real life problem. How about that. math in real life!

A coworker and I went to buy new running shoes together since we’ll be doing some running together every other morning, in training for a triathlon. We went together to take advantage of a buy one, get one half off deal. Here’s the problem: how much do we each ultimately owe? We tried to figure it out real quick after we left the store, and we were stumped. I’ve been working on this now for more than I care for, and I have come real close, but the formula I have derived is not exact, and I’d like to be exact.

Here are the figures:
His shoes —> $65.00
My shoes —> $44.98 (@ half off, actually $22.49)

I’ve conservatively come up with

$38.00 for me, but it erks me that I can’t figure this one out.

yep, screw that, im tired. i deleted my original post.. i hope nobody saw that.

edit: again, im tired, i’ll probably look at this in the morning and think «what the hell was i thinking»

another edit: CRAP!! i thought your shoes were the $65 shoes. im off to bed.

Your problem has no exact answer since it depends on how one views the situation. As far as I’m concerned, there’s four natural choices:

(1) Your coworker would have bought shoes at full price, and you’re piggybacking to take advantage of the sale. Your coworker pays full price, and you pay at the discounted rate.

(2) You would have bought shoes at full price, and your coworker is piggybacking to take advantage of the sale. You pay full price for your shoes, and in splitting the bill, your coworker gets all of the discount.

(3) You two split the discount equally.

(4) You two split the discount in proportion to the nominal price of the shoe you bought.

Personally, unless there’s some compelling reason that one of the other choices makes better sense, I would argue for choice (3). Subtract $11.25 from the price of each pair of shoes, factor in sales tax, and that’s how much each of you spent. It’s cleaner and simpler to calculate than choice (4), and it has much more of a feel of fairness than choice (1) or choice (2).

^ +1. Irregardless of the prices of the shoes, the real benefit gained by both is $22.49. split in half, as neither would have gotten that benefit if both hadn’t put in their «effort» 50/50.

the other «equitable» view would be to split the discount based on the relative prices of the shoes to reflect the value of the discount to each. i.e you get 44.98/(65+44.98) of the discount and your friend gets
65/(65+44.98) of the discount.

Understanding Buy One Get One Free Coupons

I get asked about transactions involving Buy One Get One Free sales and coupons all the time. I wanted to take a minute to talk a little about how these sales work.

You can click below to get the full scoop!

There is something about BOGO sales/coupons that makes people uncomfortable. For some reason it just doesn’t feel right to have a zero balance- especially to a cashier. This is a perfectly legitimate transaction and is even provided for in some store coupon policies. You are doing nothing wrong by combining these offers but you do need to be prepared to occasionally run into issues on these types of offers.

Question: Can you use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale?

You sure can do this at lots of stores! Typically the way a transaction might work is like this:

Store x offers Crest Toothpaste- Buy One Get One Free ($3.99/2)
In this case the store is usually offering the free item they advertise.

If you have a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Crest Toothpaste, in many situations you can use that coupon and the deal looks like this:

Buy 2 Crest at $3.99/2- Buy One Get One Free
Use Buy One Get One Free Coupon (takes off $3.99)
Final Price: $0 + a few cents tax.

Now the store has offered the free item they advertised and you have elected to pay for your purchase using a manufacturer coupon. So the manufacturer is paying for one item and the store is paying for the other item. The store will be reimbursed for the coupon value.

The Rite Aid coupon policy and the Walgreens coupon policy specifically allow for this type of transaction. Some stores, like CVS, do not have a written coupon policy so although it should be OK to do a transaction like this, there is always a chance your cashier will simply refuse. Finally, some stores expressly prohibit this type of transaction- like Safeway stores. The Safeway coupon policy does not allow for a coupon on a free item- so depending on how you look at it they can legitimately refuse to honor the transaction. (In my opinion, the coupon is used on an item that is not free so it should be OK but again it will really depend on how the store interprets the policy.)

Question: Can you use a BOGO coupon and a another coupon together?

Here is an example of how something like that might work:

Honest Tea $1.00
Use Buy One Get One Free Honest Tea coupon (should take off $1.00)
and Use $1/1 coupon
Final Price: Both are free

Now with this type of transaction there are a few things to look for before you head out. On the Buy One Get One Free coupon, you will want to check the barcode and see if it has a “14” listed. You can see the breakdown of a bar code below. On the right side where it says “Value Code” is where you want to look. If the coupon has a 14 listed that means the coupon will attach to both items. If the coupon DOES have a “14” that means you can not use it with another coupon. (So the scenario above would not work.)

If you do NOT see the “14” listed, that means the coupon will only attach to one item and you should be able to use another coupon in your transaction. So the transaction above should work.

What about adding store coupons to the mix?

This is where it gets a little trickier. We can see this at Target pretty frequently. The Target coupon policy does not specifically address this situation- but here is a sample of how this might look:

Buy 2 Ore Idea Potatoes at $3.49, Get One Free
Use Buy One Get One Free coupon (takes of $3.49)
and Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon
and Use $1/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $1.49 for 3 bags

Now to make this even more complicated, there are some stores that might allow you to use more than one Target coupon. Technically you can use a Target coupon and a store coupon on each item, so you can try something like this:

Buy 2 Ore Idea Potatoes at $3.49, Get One Free
Buy 3 potatoes at $3.49 (one is free)
Use Buy One Get One Free coupon (takes off $3.49)
and Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon
and Use (2) $1/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $.49 for 3 bags

Can you use (2) BOGO coupons together?

Well, in my option no you shouldn’t use (2) BOGO coupons together. A scenario might look like this:

Buy 2 Reach toothbrushes at $2.50
Use (2) BOGO coupons
Final Price: 2 for free!

I suppose this could possibly work but I don’t want to encourage anyone to try this. I don’t think this is how the manufacturer intends for you to use these coupons. Now this sample scenario would be an appropriate way to use more than one BOGO coupon:

Buy 4 Reach toothbrushes at $2.50
use (2) BOGO coupons
Use (2) $1/1 coupons
Final Price: $2.50 for all 4 items.

That scenario should be fine providing those Reach coupons don’t have a “14” in the value code.

What about a BOGO 50% off sale?

This is a tricky one and Walgreens at Rite Aid in particular offer these sales all the time. So in this case you buy one item at full price and get the second at 50% off. If you also have a BOGO coupon, the value of the lowest priced item is the one that should be applied to the coupon. So here is a sample scenario:

Buy 1 Gillette body wash at $4.99
Get one 50% off at $2.49
Use BOGO coupon (should take off $2.49)
Final Price: $4.99

Of course there might be some situations where a cashier takes off the higher priced item, but in general these almost never work out to be a very good deal.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are shopping at a store like Walgreens or Rite Aid that expressly allow for this type of transaction in the coupon policy, you should be OK. If you have a store that does not have a written coupon policy (like CVS), or a store that does not make reference to this (like Target)- your luck will vary. It will really be up to the cashier if they allow the coupon through. The way I typically view a transaction like this at a store without any guidelines is that I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I will trypically try and see- if I get shot down- well on to the next thing. You can always try again another day. If you feel very strongly about a specific deal, you can also try to speak to a manager or contact corporate offices for clarification.

Buy One, Get One Half Off



On the 1st Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

A Candle for him and for me!

(or, “candles in a pair, gee!)

We love BOGO offers! Do you?

Buy One, Get One Half Off

This is an offer we have never done before. However, to kick off our 12 Days of Christmas Special, we tried to think of what would go with “1”. I mean really, you can buy 1 of anything at anytime. So this is what we came up with for today – buy one of our select candles – and get a second one half off. The candles we are offering this BOGO special for are the 16-ounce mason, the 10-ounce status, and the 8-ounce mason. The price listed in our shop reflects this special.


Our 100% soy candles burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles. We hand-pour each candle to each individual’s order specification. All of our fragrances are phthalate-free.

We started making candles out of our love for them. Our cousin, the Candle Goddess, got us hooked! It all started with a wedding… favors, that is. That was 10 years ago! Oh my.

Even though we make candles, a candle is STILL one of our favorite gifts to receive! (as long as it is pure soy and phthalate-free) Almost everyone, male or female, loves a candle as a gift!

Candles are also great to have stored on hand for power outages. (Relevant this week, thanks to the ice storms.)

Our candles are easily decorated to match your holiday decor! Buy one for yourself, and share the second candle with someone you care about! They will surely love it!