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Search & Buy Air Zimbabwe Flights

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  • Airlines will always try to sit children with their parents (subject to check-in)
  • Some airlines will allow travel for unaccompanied minors. Please email us to check.
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About Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe is the national airline of Zimbabwe, and is based at the Harare International Airport.

Search Air Zimbabwe flights through alternativeiairlines.com and get cheap airfares to Zimbabwe. You can also find great flight deals on Fastjet with Alternative Airlines.

Zimbabwe Air flies both regional services from Harare to Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Lusaka as well as long haul routes to London, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

The Zimbabwean airlinE flies to many places in Africa and one of «the must-see» is Victoria Falls. This is the greatest tourist attraction in Zimbabwe and the falls are massive at over 1.7km wide and the waters drop over a 100m down into the Zambezi Gorge.

V ictoria Falls Airport is situated almost 20km south of the town of Victoria Falls and as well as the regular Air Zimbabwe flights, British Airways franchise carrier, Comair, South African Airways and Air Namibia all operate flights to the airport.

Air Zimbabwe is a wholly government owned entity, and is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and of the African Airlines Association since 1981.

Air Zimbabwe’s fleet consists of MA60, B737, B767 and A320.

About Air Zimbabwe Baggage

Domestic routes:

Economy Class — 20kg

Business Class — 30kg

Regional routes:

Between Harare / Johannesburg and Harare 40kg in Economy and 50kg in Business Class.

Harare to Lusaka route passengers in Economy are entitled to 20kg in Economy and 30kg in Business Class.

Cabin Baggage:

The maximum weight is 8kg and each piece must not exceed dimensions of 51cm x 20cm x 28cm.

Passengers are allowed 15kgs of sporting equipment: For example, golf bags over and above the allowed check-in weight.

Other items normally carried in cabin baggage, such as books, medicines in non-liquid form, keys and travel documents, may be carried in the cabin bag, as long as they fit into a bag no larger than 51cm x 20cm x 38cm.

Air Zimbabwe Frequent Flyer Program

Air Zimbabwe offers a frequent flyer called Rainbow Club Frequent Flyer Program to reward regular passengers.

There are three tiers of membership:

Benefits of the Rainbow Club Frequent Flyer Program includes Free Travel Awards, Excess Baggage allowance, Free use of Business Class Lounges and Express Check-in.

Air Zimbabwe News

11th April 2018

Zimbabwe Airlines Purchase Boeing planes

The Zimbabwean airline has bought two Boeing 777 aircraft and an Embraer plane from Malaysia, the finance minister has declared. Apparently, the planes are to be leased to a new local airline until national carrier Air Zimbabwe returns to profitability. Patrick Chinamasa said Harare had agreed with an unidentified Malaysian firm to buy four Boeing 777 planes for $70 million but had so far paid for two. The new planes are owned by a state-owned special purpose vehicle called Zimbabwe Aviation Leasing Company. The new local carrier is called Zimbabwe Airways and is speculated to be a better alternative than to contnue suporting the loss-making Air Zimbabwe, referring to it as a «bottomless pitt»

15th March 2018

Govt to restructure Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe is set to be restructured amid concerns that the national carrier was bleeding State coffers through loans and subsidies, with no hope of resuscitation, Transport and Infrastructural Development minister, Jorum Gumbo has said.

Gumbo said discussions were underway to restructure Air Zimbabwe and management has been warned to shape up or ship out. «If it means starting afresh, let it be, we can’t have such a work culture at Air Zimbabwe and hope that the airline can run again. We are working to ensure that we restructure, reorganise Air Zimbabwe. I can’t say much at the moment,» he said.

According to the progress report of the ministry’s 100 days target, Gumbo said $1,5 million was required for re-aligning staff and re-organisation of the State entity, which has a debt of over $370 million.

«Its books are just bad. The management needs to up the game but it is now difficult. We can’t continue to pump resources into a bottomless pit. Something has to be done,» Gumbo said.

Air Zimbabwe has two planes running and it has been stopped from hiring planes from outside, resulting in some flights being rescheduled.

AirZim, which at Independence in 1980 boasted of a fleet of 18 planes, is technically insolvent and operating at less than a third of that capacity.

The airline is reeling under a debt in excess of $330 million that has hampered efforts to engage strategic partners in a bid to retain and grow market share.

Gumbo, in his report, for the 100 days target, which his ministry undertook since the ascendency of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in November, list the commencement of works on the dualisation of Harare-Beitbridge road as a priority among other key projects.

On the dualisation project, the minister stated that the contractors were already in the country to commence works and part of the equipment has already been assembled for dispatch from South Africa.

«The contractors arrived in the country last Thursday and now what is left is for equipment, which is being assembled in South Africa to arrive probably next week,» Gumbo said.

He also stated that talks were underway for the Harare-Chirundu Road dualisation programme although he complained that the process had taken too long.

Other projects that were initiated in the 100 days of the new government, Gumbo said, include the dualisation of the Norton town to Norton tollgate road at the cost of $10 million.

The Transport ministry has also begun a feasibility study on the dualisation of Harare-Nyamapanda Road with a final report expected in July 2018.

The feasibility study, according to Gumbo, was expected to cost, $1,1 million and treasury was funding the process.

19th February 2018

New Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe overwhelmed by Visitors

The recently-commissioned $150 million Victoria Falls International Airport has insufficient capacity to meet burgeoning air traffic demands, spurring a problem of congestion and delays.

As traffic continues to grow with airlines jostling to introduce direct flights to Victoria Falls, the problem is worsening.

This issue has become a major concern of airport authorities and innovative means of accommodating the ever increasing airline traffic are being sought.

Zimbabwe Immigration Department principal director Clemence Masango said immigration officials were having a torrid time containing traffic as the airport’s arrivals section was too small to contain the deluge of visitors.

The airport was refurbished at a cost of $150 million. The airport’s expansion began in February 2013 and was carried out by a Chinese firm China Jiangsu International Group through a concessionary loan by the China Export and Import Bank. It was commissioned in November 2016.

It had been expected to smoothly handle around 1, 5 million passengers annually up from 500 000, but is now struggling to contain the huge volume of traffic.

This comes after BAComair is now operating larger aircraft on the Joburg-Vic Falls route, and over the coming months will be offering double daily flights on several days of the week.

The BAComair daily schedule is operated by a B737-800 aircraft, which accommodates 162 passengers in a business and economy configuration. The airline is also licensed to operate these three additional services per week year-round as required, should there be demand.

South African Airways is operating an Airbus A330-200 with 222 seats, which is 88 seats more than their previous aircraft capacity.

In addition, Victoria Falls has new airlines servicing the destination, namely Ethiopian Airways and Kenya Airways, linking Victoria Falls to North and East Africa. Both airlines have their own hubs and networks for better connections and packaging.

Kenya Airways fly on from Victoria Falls to Cape Town, creating a much-needed route linking the three iconic African destinations of Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Kilimanjaro.
The latest arrivals into Victoria Falls Airport are SA Airlink, offering the Cape Town to Victoria Falls route six days a week, and Fastjet, which has now added Johannesburg to Victoria Falls three times a week to their schedule.

In the domestic air space, Air Zimbabwe and Fastjet are now both operating 7 days a week, which has been a boost for domestic tourism.

As a result, tourism players had raised complaints about the airport capacity chaos at a tourism briefing last Friday.

“We are aware of this complaint. We are doing our best with what is there,” Masango said, adding he had engaged the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe to find a solution.

“I want to point out that although that airport is new, the plan was not drawn yesterday. The plan was done many years ago and when it was developed, I think close to 20 years later, many things were not right.

“That arrival hall, many of you travel around the world, that arrival hall is far from being an arrival hall. In other airports, it’s just a lounge. It cannot take more than 600 passengers.

“And that’s the nature of the volumes we deal with. Three planes if they come fully loaded carrying on average 200 passengers, that’s 600, we can’t sustain. And that’s why you see some passengers spilling onto the tarmac. Then any inconvenience experienced by travellers is naturally directed at immigration.”

Amid the airport chaos, hotel operators in Victoria Falls are reporting better-than-expected profits and raising their earnings forecast for the year, helped by a boost in business travel following the commissioned $150 million international airport.

Victoria Falls hotels’ occupancy levels are ranging in the “high nineties” (90 percent) since government commissioned the $150 million international airport. Apart from the falls, known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya or “Smoke That Thunders”, Zimbabwe can offer safari hunting, some of Africa’s largest game reserves, scenic resorts and the ancient Great Zimbabwe ruins, one of the most important archeological sites on the continent.

New businesses are opening across the industry in the region, with new lodges, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, and new activities, all of which combine to enhance the draw of the destination, which is a hub for Hwange, Matobo Hills, the rest of Zimbabwe and the Kaza (Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area) region.

Kaza, which is made up of five southern African countries, boasts some of the most pristine and diverse wildlife areas left on the planet.

21st November 2017

Air Zimbabwe seeks EU certification

AIR Zimbabwe says it is working towards addressing certification issues with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) with the aim of resuming flights into the European Union.
Air Zimbabwe stopped flights to London in 2012 and has, together with four other airlines, been blacklisted by the EU after failing to address safety concerns raised by the EASA audits. Other airlines that were affected by the EASA decision include Nigeria, Ukraine, St Vincent and Grenadines.

An Air Zimbabwe official, Mr Tapuwa Zuze, told delegates during a strategic planning workshop in Bulawayo last week that by 30 April next year, the airline would have addressed the concerns raised by EASA.

Basic Guide to wholesale in Alibaba and AliExpress

In order to make a good wholesale guide, this article will be more detailed and therefore longer than usual so feel free to navigate the article with the help of our index. If you don’t think you can stick with us for all of it, make sure you take a look at the last two sections, they are definitely worth it. In them, we are going to show you how to contact and negotiate with Chinese wholesalers. We even included a template that you can copy and use while negotiating with the suppliers.

Every day we receive emails from readers asking us how to buy wholesale in AliExpress. As many of you already know, AliExpress originated as a branch of Alibaba, the global leader in wholesale sales and purchases. Just to give you an idea of how big Alibaba is, last year they had a turnover of 170 thousand million ($170,000,000) more than Amazon and eBay put together.

Both AliExpress and Alibaba have a wholesale service that connects sellers and buyers around the world. Alibaba has thousands of sellers / suppliers offering all kinds of products. The platforms are so efficient that even prestigious business and economy magazines such as Forbes have written articles on the advantages of using them. They also tell us about the advantages of importing from China, the growth of Chinese online wholesales and, in more general terms, Chinese wholesale.

1 – Advantages of buying wholesale products in AliExpress and Alibaba:

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs turn to Asia (and more specifically China) when looking for wholesale suppliers, is to profit from their low production cost. Production costs in Asia tend to be a lot lower than in other parts of the world. If it weren’t for this, a lot of companies around the world would have trouble making a profit. The low production cost is a great advantage when it comes to wholesale in Alibaba and AliExpress, but it’s no the only one. Here are some other benefits:


  • Low production cost
  • Suppliers tend to be more open to working with small companies (offering smaller quantities)
  • An endless amount of suppliers and products to choose from
  • A lot of products that are only made in Asia
  • Networking: Alibaba has the biggest online platform in the world (by far) of buyers and suppliers.
  • Both platforms, AliExpress and Alibaba, make the task of finding products, contacting Chinese wholesalers and placing orders, extremely easy.

Along with these advantages, we also feel the need to mention a few small disadvantages of placing wholesale orders in foreign countries. But not to worry, we are also going to show you how to avoid some of them.

  • Language and communication can be challenging.
  • Longer delivery times
  • Product importation and customs

2 – Making an inquiry is completely free and it’s an essential tool to compare prices and products

If any of you have looked up Alibaba, you might already know a big part of how it works is by negotiating with suppliers. An inquiry is when you ask a seller information on the price of their products. It’s free and extremely helpful: it will help you resolve any doubts, allow you to compare products, and create a networking net in between Alibaba and AliExpress Chinese wholesalers. Even if you’re not going to place an order, contacting suppliers is good for benchmarking (learning about the state of the market) and comparing your business with possible competitors. The contact button is this one, right next to the product:

3 – How do I find good products and suppliers to make inquiries?

Using the search directory and shopping in Alibaba / AliExpress is very easy and intuitive, it’s very similar to eBay. All you have to do is navigate the categories or look for something on the search tab.

There are two kinds of search methods we can use when looking for wholesale. The first one is to type in a generic product (women necklaces for example), you’ll get thousands of results no matter what you are looking for. The second way is to look for the supplier instead of the product. To activate this search method, click on the drop-down menu at the side of the search bar and select the option suppliers. By using this search method, you’ll be able to find suppliers / manufacturers specialized in the product you are looking for.

Product Pages: what should I look for?

Once you start your search for Chinese wholesalers in Alibaba or AliExpress there are some things you are going to have to look out for in the results page. This will ensure you find the best suppliers. Here is an example of the things you need to look out for:

  • Price of the product – One of the first things you want to look at, is the price of the product. In this case it’s 16-21 FOB dollars. FOB stands for “Free On Board” meaning the supplier will also pay for the transportation of the products to the port (the cheapest way to export wholesale products from Asia). Once it’s at the port, the buyer will have to assume the cost of transport to its final destination.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) – This is also an important thing to take into account. The Minimum Order Quantity is the lowest order the supplier will accept. Having said this, in most of the cases the MOQ is negotiable (you can negotiate it by contacting the AliExpress or Alibaba supplier through an inquiry). In the example we’re assuming the minimum order is 4 units. If you multiply the products high price (21 USD) and the minimum order quantity (4), we are looking at a MOQ of 84 dollars plus transport. This might seem like a simplistic example, but it’s always good to know your MOQ beforehand, to help you negotiate with the supplier.
  • Conditions and payment methods used by AliExpress and Alibaba – Once you understand how the FOB and the MOQ works you should move on to figuring out what kind of payments the supplier accepts. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. These are the most common methods of payment.

1 – Bank transfer – Risk for the buyer: Risky

Paying through bank transfer, the supplier will receive the money before production starts. That’s why we don’t recommend this method when dealing with unknown Chinese wholesalers. If something goes wrong during the process, there is very little chance of you getting a full refund.

2 – Letter of credit – Risk for the buyer: Very safe

This payment method is pretty safe for both the buyer and the supplier. The disadvantage being that its hard to do. This method is best used in purchases over 18,0000 dollars.

3 – Western Union – Risk for the buyer: Very risky

This is an extremely risky method we only recommend you use when you know the supplier very well. The reason it is risky, is that it doesn’t have any kind of insurance or liability if something goes wrong.

4 – Paypal – Risk for the buyer: Very Safe

This is a pretty good payment method, much safer for the buyer. It’s easy to use and provides good customer protection. Although a popular payment method among buyers, suppliers might avoid it because Paypal commissions are high and it’s hard to withdraw the money.

5 – Escrow – Risk for the buyer: Very Safe

Escrow works a lot like Paypal and is equally safe. When you use Escrow, money is retained by a third party that only releases the payment when the buyer confirms they’re happy with the products received. Escrow is a very popular method for online transactions because it protects both the buyer and the supplier.

ATTENTION – If you are just getting started and don’t know the supplier you are using, we recommend using Paypal or Escrow.

4 – How to protect your wholesale purchases in Alibaba

How can we protect ourselves from intermediaries, scams and low quality products? It might not be a perfect system, but the best option you have is to follow our advice:

  • Verify the supplier – Alibaba has its own verification systems including a series of levels. Below, you will be able to see a table describing these levels. These certificates will appear in the product page of the supplier’s profile.

  • Contact different suppliers (IMPORTANT) – Make sure you start by contacting a lot of suppliers and then stat narrowing down by asking them a lot of questions about their business and products. Ask them for their business license, their telephone number to call them, fix up a meeting via Skype, ask for pictures of their warehouse and of their products… The most important thing is too keep asking questions until you find the Alibaba supplier you are most comfortable working with.
  • Ask for samples of the product – One of the most important things to do when investing a considerable amount of money on a product is to test its quality. That’s why it’s so important to contact the supplier and ask for a sample. Some people ask for a sample and then ask for another with a fake name and address to make sure the quality is the same.

5 – How do I contact a supplier in AliExpress or Alibaba?

Now that you know how to protect yourself when completing a wholesale transaction with a supplier on the other side of the world, let’s talk about how to contact them. When contacting a supplier from another country, the most common method is to use emails. In some cases, suppliers will use Google translator to reply to our Emails. It’s important to understand this as it can be a source of misunderstandings. To avoid misunderstandings, try to keep your Emails short, concise and well formatted. This will not only help the supplier understand you better, it will also get you better answers.

To contact a supplier click on this icon. You can find it at the side of the product.

How to ask for a quotation (RFQ)

Asking for a quotation in AliExpress or Alibaba is fairly easy, but you might want to pay attention to how you structure your Email. Here are some things you might consider including in the Email:

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) – If the minimum quantity is larger than want we want or can afford, you are going to have to ask the supplier if he is willing to renegotiate the minimum quantity. It’s also a good idea to inform them of your budget. You should know that, as a general rule, MOQ is negotiable!
  • Sample prices – Like we mentioned before, samples are important to determine the quality of the product. Suppliers receive a lot of petitions and tend to have a wide range of prices for their samples. Some, offer discounts or will even give you samples for free if you are asking on behalf of a well known company.
  • Product price – Knowing the price of each unit is one of the most important questions you should make when buying wholesale. In most cases (as shown in the example) we will be given a price range (16 – 21 USD). Knowing the exact price will help you negotiate better.
  • Production time – Especially if time is an issue for you, make sure to ask how long they will take to make your order ready.

6 – Templates to contact Suppliers

Here you have a template you can copy and paste to contact the different sellers. All you have to do is edit the sections marked in bold and then copy it onto the contact page of supplier you are interested in. Here it is:

My name is NAME and I work for NAME OF THE COMPANY. I am interested in placing an order for your NAME OF THE PRODUCT product. Before, I have a few questions:

What is your minimum order quantity?

What is your cost per unit and at what order volume do you offer quantity discounts?

What are the payment terms for a new customer?

I would also like to order a sample of NAME OF THE PRODUCT before placing a full order. Can you please send me the cost for the sample including shipping to.



7 – Conclusions:

If there is one thing we want you to understand about this guide, it would be the importance of contacting various suppliers before making any purchases. It’s the only way of ensuring you are making the best purchase possible. That’s why if you have never contacted suppliers through Alibaba, we recommend you start doing it, even if it’s just to get a feel of how it works. You’ll soon realize that most suppliers on AliExpress are friendly and, in most cases, extremely helpful.

We know the first time you shop wholesale in China can be scary, but if you follow our advice and use common sense, it can be a very good experience. Again, remember to contact and talk to the supplier, it’s the most important step!

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  • Anker Direct (chargers, USB cords, cables, audio equipment)
  • Avenue (plus-size and big and tall tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, shoes and accessories)
  • B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio (digital cameras, lenses, photography equipment and supplies, home audio components)
  • PC Connection (laptops, tablets, PC, printers)
  • Julius Inc (luxury clothing for men)
  • Party City (plastic tableware, party decorations and supplies, paper tablecloths, napkins, toys, candy)
  • American Wholesale (wholesale products for stores and businesses)
  • Computer Upgrade King (upgrades and customization of laptops and desktops)
  • Cards Against Humanity (games and playing cards)
  • Jackery (external batteries and charging systems for phone, laptops and more)
  • Apple products from Amazon.com or other sellers like eBay (macbooks, watches, iPhones and accessories)

There are literally thousands of other US-based stores you can shop. And, with our MyUS Shopping extension, you are able to checkout for all of your purchases in one single cart.

We Serve All of Zimbabwe

Our delivery coverage in ZW (and 220 other countries) is excellent. If you can find it and buy it online, we can deliver your new purchases to your home in Africa. Some examples of the Zimbabwean cities we deliver to include:

  • Harare
  • Bulawayo
  • Mutare
  • Gweru
  • Masvingo
  • Chinhoyi
  • Chitungwiza
  • Kwekwe
  • Kadoma
  • Epworth
  • Marondera
  • Kariba
  • Masvingo
  • Nyanga
  • Gwanda
  • Karoi
  • Shurugwi
  • Mashava
  • West Nicholson
  • Beitbridge
  • Bindura
  • Victoria Falls
  • Chivhu
  • Mhangura
  • Chiredzi
  • Esigodini
  • Guta
  • Mbalabala

The above is not a complete list of cities we ship to. There hudnreds of other locations in ZW we serve. We have more than 350,000 satisfied members receiving deliveries in more than 220 countries, islands and territories around the the world including Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, DR Congo and Angola.

Items Banned from Import to ZWE

Zimbabwe prohibits certain items from entering its borders. Please familiarize yourself with these items and avoid purchasing them when shopping internationally (all shipments must be processed through customs). The items are prohibited from import to ZWE include:

  • Products made in Iran
  • Furs
  • Playing cards
  • Pornagraphy
  • Acids
  • Blank credit cards
  • Powder
  • Antiques
  • Asbestos
  • Precious metals/stones
  • Gambling devices
  • Undeveloped film
  • Magnetized materials
  • Money orders

For the most up-to-date and complete list of items forbidden ship to ZW, please visit their official government website. Certain goods are restricted or considered dangerous (such as metal lithium batteries or cosmetics). These items often require additional actions and permits for safe shipment. We have those permits and we’re happy to adhere to special packaging requirements to meet our members shipping needs.

Take Advantage of Our Cheap International Shipping Rates

Our members love to save money on shipping. We are always working to offer the best rates in the industry. Here are a some ways we save them money:

  • We receive bulk and discounted shipping rates from FedEX, UPS and DHL and we pass those low rates directly onto our members
  • Our Premium Members save an additional 20% off every shipment
  • We never charge an Airplane Fuel Fee — unlike most of our competition
  • Parcel consolidation and repacking services are always free (you can save up to 80% on traditional shipping with this service alone!)

Have a specific item in mind you want to ship from the United States of America? The shipping calculator at the top of this page can give you a delivery quote.

Delivery Times to Zimbabwe from the United States Can Take as Little as 2 Days

With the help from our expert shipping partners (FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS), we can offer our members very fast or very economical delivery methods. When you’re ready to shop and ship to ZW, choose Express Shipping to have your package delivered to your home in 2-4 business days. Or, if you’d like to save even more money, choose an Economy Shipping method and get your goods in 5-8 business days, on average.

In most cases, our staff has your merchandise packed in a single box for international shipment in less than 24 hours. And, as a free service to our members, we insure each shipment for $100.

MyUS makes shopping and shipping US goods to ZWE easy, fast and affordable. Become a member today and receive all of the MyUS perks and savings. Make MyUS your one-stop international shipping solution.

Estimated delivery dates to Zimbabwe are based upon average shipping times from the MyUS facility. We are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances that may delay shipping times such as inclement weather, work stoppages and political unrest among others. Please contact our Customer Relations Departments with any questions about the services offered by MyUS. Your shipments are sent through these couriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.

Ready to Shop & Ship?

All you need is a membership to instantly get your MyUS address.

See how cheap shipping from the USA can be!

How to Buy on AliExpress.com from Alibaba

AliExpress.com is an online shopping mall owned by China’s top online marketplace, Alibaba.com. On AliExpress, you will find thousands of top Chinese exporters and suppliers selling millions of products at low wholesale prices. This article will guide on how to buy on AliExpress.com.

At AliExpress you will find mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, clothes, shoes, watches, and more at wholesale prices whether you buy just one item for personal use or you buy in volume to retail in your country. Before we go into details on how to buy products on AliExpress let us inform you about what you need to shop on the online shopping mall.

Shop on AliExpress

Smartphones from $60.00 View Offers
Tablets from $55.00 View Offers
Laptops from $119.99 View Offers
Women’s Clothing from $17.00 View Offers
Men’s Clothing from $12.00 View Offers
All Products from $0.75 View Offers

Tools of the Trade

To Shop on AliExpress, you need five things:
1) Money: Enough Money to pay for the product or products you wish to buy as well as pay for shipping and if required import/custom duty.

2) A Means of Payment: Having money in the bank is not enough, you need to be able to make payment online. Mastercard and Visa debit/credit cards are recommended means of payment. You can also make payment via Wire Transfer, Western Union, Web Money, and Maetro Debit card.

3) Internet Access: AliExpress.com is an online shopping mall, so you need internet access to shop on the website. You can use a secure cyber cafe or preferably your own personal internet access to order products on the website.

4) AliExpress Account: Just click on the Create an Account link on AliExpress to create your free account. You can also signup during an order.

5) A Means for Receiving your Order: When you order a product online it will be delivered to a physical address or the nearest post office.

If you have all these, congratulations, you are well equipped to buy products on AliExpress.com.

How to Buy on AliExpress

Here is a brief guide for beginners starting out on AliExpress. As you continue to shop on the site, you will gain experience and form your own methodology.

To Discover Bestselling in Fashion Click Here

Identify the product(s) you want to buy

Before shopping on AliExpress draw up a list of what you want to buy. There are some benefits in buying related products at once as there is a good chance that the same supplier will offer all the products. Buying multiple products from the same supplier enables you consolidate shipping cost and save your overall cost.

If you have no idea what to buy, just visit AliExpress.com and wander through the product categories. If you have a particular product in mind, just do a product search. With over 10 million products on the website, it is very unlikely that your search will not turnout something.

Identify a Good Supplier

Finding a product on AliExpress is not a problem, finding a reliable supplier is where to put most of your attention. AliExpress has a rating system for suppliers to help buyers identify sellers with good reputation. Clicking on the Seller rating link while on a search page, category page, or brand page will prioritise the result according to the reputation of the sellers.

This is a good way to identify reliable suppliers on AliExpress.com. Click on the Positive feedback rate to read feedback from other people who have bought products from the seller.

Check the Features and Specs

Once you are on the product page of your chosen seller, go through the features and make sure it is what you want. On the product page, you will see the specs, features, and photos of the product. You will also see the price and possible discounts as well as the shipping method and shipping cost.

Want to Buy Mobile Phones on Wholesale Prices on AliExpress Click Here

Confirm any Issues

If there is any aspect of the product that is not clear to you, contact the seller for clarification. For example, you may wish to confirm whether a tablet features 3G/4G internet or just Wi-Fi. You may also make a request to the seller. If a seller only ships via post office, you may prefer speedy and more reliable services like EMS and DHL.

To contact a seller on AliExpress.com, just click on the Contact Now link and leave a message. Never assume anything, if you are not sure of any details of a product, contact the seller to confirm. Doing this will come in handy if any dispute arise as a result of the transaction. Contact the seller only through AliExpress messaging channels.

Order the Product

Once you have sorted out all the grey areas, you can now order the product. If you have multiple products to buy, click on the Add to Cart button on the product page of each product. After adding all products to the cart, you can then click on the Buy Now button.

Note that products ordered from different suppliers on AliExpress will be shipped separately hence separate shipping cost. However, all orders from a supplier will be shipped together with shipping cost consolidated.

Track your Order

If your order is successful, the supplier will then make arrangement to ship the products. This can take from 1 to 7 days depending on the supplier. Once the supplier ships the product, a tracking number will appear in the transaction area of your AliExpress account.

With the tracking number you can track the progress of the order on the shipping company used to ship the goods eg. DHL, EMS, etc.

Receive your Order

With the tracking feature you will know when the products get into your city. If you use services like DHL, EMS, or Fedex, the product will be delivered to your doorstep. However, if the product requires custom duty or other taxes, you will be required to pay the duty before you collect the product.

Ordering from AliExpress.com is easy and safe, just follow the steps given here. You can also leave more tips if you have used AliExpress.

More on AliExpress.com

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