Просто огромный выбор различных товаров, найти можно практически все что угодно, и по достаточно привлекательным ценам. Многие продавцы магазина осуществляют бесплатную доставку в Беларусь. Приятных покупок!

Промокоды магазина Aliexpress

Купоны от 2$ до 50$! Купоны на все виды товаров!

По ссылке вы найдете специальный раздел с купонами Aliexpress. В данном разделе вам надо будет выбрать нужную категорию и подходящий купон на скидку, после выбора купона нажмите на кнопку «получить купон» и используйте его при покупке в магазине продавца.

Описание магазина

Магазин Aliexpress был запущен в 2010 году, с тех пор более 8 миллионов счастливчиков по всему мира регулярно делают покупки в данном магазине. Что их привлекает? А привлекает их отличный сервис, огромный выбор товаров, кроме всего прочего сайт магазина переведен на русский язык, цены более чем привлекательные, постоянные акции, скидки.

Как покупать товары на сайте Aliexpress мы расскажем в отдельной статье, которую можно найти здесь, а пока давайте подробнее остановимся на преимуществах покупки товаров именно здесь:

★ Даже при самых маленьких объемах заказа, Вы получаете качественные товары по оптовым ценам
★ Быстрый поиск товаров
★ На сайте представлены товары от 79000 производителей
★ Множество методов оплаты
Онлайн-общение с продавцом по любым вопросам
Экспресс доставка с полным отслеживанием почтового направления
★ Защита оплаты покупателя
★ Розыгрыши скидки, подарочные купоны

Раз уж я заговорил об акциях и скидках, на сайте мы будем постоянно рассказывать Вам о самых вкусных, актуальных скидках магазина, делиться бесплатными купонами Aliexpress с дополнительной скидкой, промокодами, после ввода которых Вы получите подарок, следите за всеми самыми топовыми событиями магазина на этой странице.

Также мы будем публиковать отзывы, связанные с деятельностью интернет-магазина Aliexpress, Вы тоже можете оставить отзыв на любой магазин, который представлен на нашем сайте, а их немало. Приятных покупок!



Aliexpress is a Chinese wholesale marketplace provided by, one of the largest B2B online marketplaces. You can order wholesale products as low as 1 item with express delivery with full tracking to the whole world. Aliexpress uses Escrow which holds the payment until you confirm delivery which makes it safe as well!

AliExpress is cheaper than other similar sites

Many products sold on, for an example Ebay, are actually from AliExpress and alibaba. Stores on Ebay sell the goods directly via dropshipping. If you want the best bargains, start shopping at Aliexpress – It is safer and cheaper but still be aware of fraudsters as they look for victims everywhere. I have bought many miserable products on Aliexpress, especially in the beginning, but if you are aware you will end up being a satisfied buyer.

Things to be aware of:

  • If the price is too good to be true, it almost ALWAYS IS (always compare with other shops that sell the same items)
  • If the seller asked me to pay directly to his/her bank account, what should I do? Immediately stop the contact!
  • If they ask you to confirm delivery before receiving the order.

Since Aliexpress is owned by I felt it is important to let my readers know if Aliexpress could be trusted or are they operating with some of the same unethical strategies that are giving a bad reputation.

AliExpress founded in 2009 as a marketplace offering products at factory prices direct from China. Orders can be as small as a single item.

The website is featured on the website. When signing up for free at AliExpress, you are actually registering with at the same time.

Unlike Alibaba, payment for products purchased through are held by Escrow Alipay system and is only released to the seller once the product is received by the purchaser. This system was put in place to overcome one of the biggest challenges was experiencing, non delivery of products.

What Are The Main Differences Between AliExpress and Alibaba?

1: All vendors on AliExpress are from China where whereas Alibaba has international suppliers as well.

2: payments are made online when the order is placed and funds are held by Escrow. Buyers at Alibaba make payments offline via Western Union so no way to track your money.

3: Unlike Alibaba which address mostly to companies with large orders, AliExpress sells goods to both companies and individuals with no minimal order requirement.

What Do You Need To Be Aware Of Before Making A Purchase Through AliExpress?

The use of an Escrow-based Alipay system to manage payments between sellers and customers may help to prevent the non delivery of products – a concern of customers and one of the major stumbling blocks with However, there are problems that it won’t solve.

Buyers generally need to examine the shops very carefully, both at Alibaba and AliExpress, before making any purchases.

AliExpress and Alibaba are not a scams, but there are unethical sellers. So be careful and do some research before buying anything. Always consider testing the products by making a small order before investing any significant amount of money in huge orders.

Aliexpress reviews and prices in general

Most things are incredibly cheap in China compared to prices in Europe and America. The prices are even cheaper if you buy big bulk products directly from the factory produces. How big the price difference is from Western prices, depends on which products it is, but the price in China is somewhere between 1/5-1/10. That makes it quite profitable to buy or import from China.

For example, you can buy t-shirts for between 1-8$, you can buy jewelry for 1-10$, pashmina scarves 2-5$ , lego 1/2-1$, children’s shoes 3-6$, lamps 8-16$, bicycles 70-100$, wetsuit 30-50$ etc.

It is possible to import as a private person but most do impoort for resale, as part of a business or when starting up a webshop. On Aliexpress you can import individual products, as a private person. And just because the commodities are so much cheaper in China compared to Denmark, then it is ok to spend money on freight and customs clearance.

But if you want to avoid the hassle, there are companies that can take care of the entire process for you.

However, remember when you want to start importing from China, first check the price difference on what you want to buy, so you are sure that it pays off. Also check the quality, because sometimes the products are cheaper because the quality is similar “cheap”. For example Diesel pants for 60 kr, does not last as long as Diesel pants for 600 kr, because something inferior quality fabric is used. Be sure to get samples and talk with the factory about the desired quality, so you’re sure to get what you want and what you pay for.

You will often see some negative Aliexpress reviews because there are some unethical sellers who either send bad products or do not send anything at all. Therefore it is highly recommended to check if the seller has any bad reviews or feedback. Actually you should both check the product review / feedback and the seller rating. Go for anything above 97% positive seller feedback if possible. Many Aliexpress products also have lots of reviews if you google them.

Aliexpress offers free delivery to the UK, US and most other countries

One thing I love about Aliexpress is the free delivery that is almost always included in the price. I really cant understand how it is possible to buy items less than a dollar including free shipping. In Denmark shipping is always very expensive unless you buy in huge quantities. Bottom line is that I don’t get it, but I love it!