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Why Choose Aliexpress Affiliate Program ?

Our Affiliate Program is free and easy to join. Follow the link above and you can start earning in just a few clicks.

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We paid out over US $100,000 per month last year, with top sellers earning up to $20,000 every month.

  • We’re Growing And you can grow with us: Millions of products Over 130,000 sellers Buyers from more than 200 countries & regions
  • High Commission

    The more sales you generate the more you’ll earn. Our commission rates vary by product, with some rates as high as 50%.

    AliExpress Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing types of online business in the world. There are thousands of affiliate programs existing at the moment and their number is growing every hour. Affiliate program is a perfect way for businesses to make their marketing efforts proficient and for entrepreneurs to earn decent money online while doing what they are really fond of.

    It’s no secret that affiliate programs available today are extremely diverse and usually need specific set up from the entrepreneur. For example, some programs are perfect for bloggers while others demand the entrepreneur to have an entire online store. Those latter are e-commerce programs – providing you with opportunity to earn commission from the sales that were brought by you.

    One of the most popular e-commerce affiliate programs at the moment is AliExpress affiliate program. Haven’t heard of AliExpress? Well this is about the time to learn about the biggest online retailer in the world.

    What is AliExpress and AliExpress affiliate program

    AliExpress is China’s online retail giant who is a subdivision of China’s wholesale giant Alibaba Group found and managed by Jack Ma.

    Here are some facts about the marketplace:

    – AliExpress sellers offer more than 100 000 000 goods and products

    – More than 200 000 sellers are registered

    – More than 30 categories of products

    – The site has versions for 15 languages

    – Analytics predict that by the Q1 2017 total transactions amount will reach $471 billion

    – Alibaba Group had the most successful IPO in history – company capitalization added to $231.4 billion

    However, the company is not going to stop and plans to increase its influence and awareness worldwide, therefore the affiliate program was created in order to expand to the markets that are not that actively involved yet. Even in China there are numerous possibilities for the retailer since there are still hundreds of millions of people who had never in their life made an order online.

    The possibilities are great, especially considering that AliExpress is one of the most generous affiliate program owners in e-commerce.

    What are the main features of AliExpress Affiliate Program?

    – Affiliate program is free to join and has easy interface

    – The commission rate is progressive and depends on the amount of sales you made – the more sales the more is your commission rate

    – Some items are giving up to 18% commission while normal rate is 8%

    – The minimum commission withdrawal amount is $16 USD, withdrawal can be made any time

    – Bonuses for new members are provided

    – You can promote your store on global scale and not only in your region since the marketplace provides worldwide shipping, your visitors can be from any corner of the world

    – Once becoming an affiliate, you are provided with valuable promotional materials from AliExpress, in fact you don’t need to hire designers or copywriters to create banners, promotional slogans and videos – you will receive it for free

    How does it work?

    Joining the program is easy and doesn’t need some extra experience in affiliate marketing or ecommerce.

    Just go to official Affiliate program page on AliExpress (the program is called AliExpress Portals) and register there.

    In order to become official AliExpress affiliate you need to register at the official affiliate program page on AliExpress. This procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes.

    You will get your own affiliated links and starting from this moment you are an AliExpress Affiliate. After receiving the links you can place them on your site and start promoting it to attract visitors to the site. Once they click your link to proceed to purchase they are directed to AliExpress itself and complete the payment there.

    This scheme has valuable advantages:

    – you don’t need to run a warehouse and care for products storage unlike traditional online stores (who despite being online still have to stock the products they sell)

    – you don’t need to deal with shipping and deliveries because all these operations are a responsibility of the seller on AliExpress

    – AliExpress seller is also the one who deals with customer support in case of dispute or any misunderstanding

    – all the payments are proceeded on AliExpress therefore the partner has no responsibilities in this regards

    Inevitably there are some disadvantages either:

    – you will need to set up your own online store (windowshop) where visitors can choose the goods they like

    – importing products descriptions from AliExpress might take considerable amount of time and efforts

    However, these are not insurmountable challenges on the way to starting your business online because there are already turn-key solutions that will allow you to speed up this procedure.

    You can simply buy custom-ready store and special plugin that will import the products you chose automatically. One of the greatest advantages of the plugin is that it is multi-lingual so you can make your online store on your native language!* The plugin contains ready-to-use templates of the store so you can choose the one you like and build your store yourself in a matter of hours.

    *Please, read carefully what languages are available before buying.

    How to create profitable AliExpress affiliate sites

    – Choose a right niche and domain name

    A solid part of future success is based on proper niche and domain name selection. The price of mistake in choosing niche in ecommerce is really high so you need to tackle this matter very carefully and thoughtfully.

    Luckily it is much easier with AliExpress because it sells products of such a wide range that even the wildest imagination can’t think of. Whatever you want to sell you will find it there. This diversity gives you freedom to choose the niche according to rational parameters and not just taking what is given to you by default like in some other ecommerce affiliate programs. You can follow guides available online to choose the niche properly.

    Selecting your domain name make sure it is .com and doesn’t have any bad history behind it (like Google penalties). It is also desirable that it contained your niche name in it.

    Be careful with the keywords you select. Make sure they are appropriate and possible to compete.

    – Create nice and attractive store

    In fact the program alows you to share your affiliated links not only in your store but also in your blog or social media etc. However if you are serious about your business fully functional online store is something that becomes a must in this case. An important part of ecommerce success is smooth and easy to navigate store. Make sure your store structure is clear and understandable for users. You can use any platform you like, for example WordPress, and create the site following instructions. Modern platforms are extremely easy to use so even those who are not into web development can create a site on their own given enough time and some advice.

    There are custom-ready stores available that you can buy and start promoting without delays.

    If you are not sure in your ability to create the store on your own, or just don’t have time for that custom-ready store is the perfect solution. The stores selled are already optimized so you can skip this procedure and go straight to promotion.

    – Promotion, promotion, promotion

    This is in fact what affiliated programs are for. They are built to receive additional promotion and affiliate is the one who is going to do it. So after everything is ready promotion is what you should concentrate on. Ecommerce promotion has its own peculiarities and in some ways it is easier than simple small business promotion. It has wider targeted audience and more promotion channels are available for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

    Online store promotion has the following main channels:

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this is an important component of successful web store promotion, and probably the most complicated one for those who are not into IT world. However if your store lacks proper SEO optimization, it has poor chances to succed with Google and other search engines. Part of it is included into store development phase and some details are implemented by the specialist. This service is also usually offered together with the store itself.

    Social Media Marketing – SMM is one of the main channels for ecommerce promotion. Create your store’s pages in all the main social media networks and start creating promotion strategy for each network. Make sure that your pages are top-notch with attractive image and carefully filled in information. Choose the most popular items in your store and use them to attract audience, properly chosen products for promotion are extremely importan for social media marketing.

    Video Marketing – video is a perfect way to present your product with all its features and specifications. The more precise will be description and information the more chances that buyers will choose your store to buy it from than any other. And of course try to make it look as much attractive as it gets. Seeing the product live is sometines the main trigger for buyers because they can see it is what they really want and not just a cute picture edited with Photoshop. Plus, there are really a lot of channels where you can distribute the video increasing awareness of your store among netizens. This is the opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Email marketing and others

    It is not an obligation to use all of them however the more marketing channels you use – the better will be results. And remember that AliExpress will provide you with valuable promotional materials so you can start your campaign at once.

    AliExpress Affiliate – Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and simple ways by which ecommerce websites promote and sell their products. In Affiliate Marketing, other persons share the product links with other people so they can buy those products. The referrer who sends people to that link gets to earn some commision on each sale they make. AliExpress affiliate is no different from any other affiliate program out there.

    Today, we are going to take a look at AliExpress affiliate program and see how it works. It’s an added bonus for drop shippers who can earn an 8% on top of their already set profit margins with AliExpress dropshipping. So, check out this article to learn everything you want to know about AliExpress affiliate program and see how you can make money with it.

    What is AliExpress Affiliate?

    AliExpress affiliate is the same thing as any other affiliate program. You are provided with a special link to AliExpress products and you can start promoting this link to earn commision on each product that’s sold.

    The rates are varying depending on the types of products. Some products even pay as high as 50% of commission on each sale. So, you can make a killing with AliExpress affiliate program.


    • AliExpress affiliate offers minimum 8.5% commission on a sale.
    • AliExpress cookies last 30 days.
    • AliExpress ships worldwide.


    • Shipping takes a long time.
    • Affiliate reporting takes 2-3 days to update.
    • AliExpress isn’t as trusted as Amazon, eBay.

    How to sign up for AliExpress Affiliate?

    Singing up for AliExpress affiliate is pretty easy. It takes just a few minutes to get yourself an affiliate account on AliExpress and start selling products to earn a commission. In order to sign up for AliExpress affiliate, head over to the AliExpress website, scroll down to the bottom and click “ Affiliate Program ” then click Register and create an account.

    Now, you have an affiliate account on AliExpress and you can start promoting products on your website, blog, social media profile, or anywhere you want. AliExpress will provide you with an API that you can use to promote the products. Each sale that is generated from your unique affiliate link will earn you a commission.

    AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

    AliExpress Affiliate Plugin (AliPlugin) is a WordPress plugin developed by AliPartnership website. This plugin makes it easier for all the affiliates to add their links to their blogs and stores.

    It lets you import your desired products and put them up for sale on your own store. You can also configure the product in a way that it automatically adds your referral link to all the AliExpress product links on the website.

    So, if you want to earn money from the AliExpress affiliate program then using the AliPlugin is going to help make it easier for you. This plugin automates most of the simple tasks for you so you can focus on marketing and promotion of the products. The AliPlugin costs $69 as a one-off payment and it’s definitely worth the money with all its features.

    AliExpress Affiliate Program Commission Rates

    One thing that discourages many people from joining different affiliate programs is the relatively low rate of commissions. For example, Amazon affiliate commission ranges from 1% to 10%, but 4% is the usual rate you get.

    The commission rates for AliExpress affiliate program starts from a generous 8.5% and go up to 10%. Besides, from time to time AliExpress offers an additional commission for new users which is around 6%.

    AliExpress Affiliate Payment Method

    One thing that can be considered a downside of AliExpress affiliate program is that they only pay via International Wire Transfer and the minimum withdrawal amount if $16 since $15 is the processing fee.

    AliExpress Affiliate Vs. Amazon Affiliate

    Amazon also offers an amazing affiliate program that’s been used by thousands of affiliate marketers out there to earn great money. Both affiliates programs have their ups and downs. So, we are going to compare both these programs together on different aspects and see which one does better than the other. In bold the winner.

    • AliExpress cookies last 30 days.
    • Amazon cookies last only 24 hours.
    • AliExpress ships all over the world.
    • Amazon is only available in some countries.
    • AliExpress is less trusted in certain parts of the world.
    • Amazon is much more of a trusted company compared to AliExpress.
    • AliExpress commission is minimum 8.5% on average.
    • Amazon commission is 4% to 5% on average.
    • AliExpress reporting takes 2 days.
    • Amazon reporting takes 1 day.
    • AliExpress’ product selection is a bit limited.
    • Amazon has a large product selection.

    So, you can see both these affiliate programs come out equal since each has its own strengths. It depends on the user to choose whichever program they like and use it to make money for themselves.

    AliExpress Affiliate Vs. Dropship

    This is one of the most asked question by people who are starting out with AliExpress. They want to know if it’s a good idea to go with AliExpress affiliate program over AliExpress dropshipping.

    Both of these things are drastically different from each other. AliExpress affiliate lets you promote products on the website and earn a predefined commission on each sale while dropshipping allows you to promote the products on your website (as yours) and earn as much profit as you want (since you get to set the profit margins yourself).

    Both of these methods are viable for earning through AliExpress, but if you are just starting out and have no idea where to begin then it’s better to stick with AliExpress affiliate program. It lets you easily promote products on AliExpress without having to invest in your website or online store.

    AliExpress Affiliate with Oberlo

    Oberlo is an app for Shopify stores that lets you import products from AliExpress and sell them using the dropshipping model. It does much more than that and allows you to set your own profit margins and import descriptions/pictures as well.

    However, there’s another bonus feature that you will have to get enabled in your Oberlo dashboard. You can make around 8% on each dropshipping sale that you make through Oberlo via the AliExpress Affiliate program.

    Normally, every sale that you make through Oberlo uses Oberlo’s own AliExpress affiliate API so they get to benefit from the 8% of commission on each sale. However, you can contact the Oberlo support team and ask them to enable the AliExpress affiliate API panel. This will let you enter your API credentials in the Oberlo app and now you will be able to make 8% on top of the dropshipping profit margin on each sale. This is a great way to further reduce your costs and make extra income with AliExpress affiliate program.


    So, this is what AliExpress affiliate program is all about. As you can see this is a great program for beginners who don’t want to jump into AliExpress dropshipping right away. This program lets those people earn some steady income through AliExpress while keeping everything quite simple overall. Also, people who are already doing dropshipping can further decrease their Costs of goods by getting an additional 8% discount on each of their sales.

    In any case, AliExpress affiliate program is an amazing feature of the ecommerce giant and provides a great way to earn some extra money online without having to put in a lot of work. Just give it a try and see if it works out for you.

    Do let us know what you think about this program and if you have already used it before. Comment below to let us know.

    Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook group for further discussion.

    Dilawar Hussain is a professional blogger who loves gaming, technology, and ecommerce. He spends his time testing new strategies, hacks, and tricks to help the ecommerce community.

    AliExpress Affiliate Plugin For WooCommerce WordPress

    Forget manually searching aliexpress products and pasting affiliate links into WooCommerce WordPress Store.
    Import AliExpress Product with only 3 Clicks.

    Simply Import Products

    Simply Import Products from AliExpress into your WordPress site.

    Instead store image locally, we use free image CDN that can be a great way to reduce disk space & bandwidth.

    Bulk Import

    Bulk import hundred of products from AliExpress into your Woocommerce Store in just a flash.

    Import Unlimited Product

    Import unlimited product from AliExpress.

    Schedule Import

    You can use schedule publishing product at a specific time

    Theme Compatibility

    AliatePress compatible with all WordPress theme.


    Aliexpress Affiliate helps you to add Aliexpress Affiliate link and image in your site.You have to configure plugin with required API details provided by Aliexpress. Shortcode is available to place ad in your page or post. You can also display Ad in sidebar using Text widget.

    • Configure the plugin first. You will have to provide API Key, Tracking ID and Digital Signature.
    • Use shortcode to display ad.
    • Please update Default Category ID also. If no category or keyword is provided in the shortcode then Default Category ID will be used to fetch ads. See this link to find out category ID.

    Shortcode Example

    • [ae_affiliate]
    • [ae_affiliate width=”250″]
    • [ae_affiliate category=”322″]
    • [ae_affiliate category=”34″ keyword=”motor cycle”]
    • [ae_affiliate keyword=”car non Slip mat”]

    If you like this plugin, please rate and review.
    If you have any question, suggestion or issue, please post here.


    Using The WordPress Dashboard

    1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ Plugin Dashboard
    2. Select ‘’ from your computer
    3. Upload
    4. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugin Dashboard
    5. Go to Settings -> Aliexpress page and update required information.
    6. Use shortcode as per your need.
    1. Extract ‘’ to your computer
    2. Upload the ‘aliexpress-affiliate’ directory to your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
    3. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugins dashboard
    4. Go to Settings -> Aliexpress page and update required information.
    5. Use shortcode as per your need.

    Nice, make a post on the Support Forum and let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve our plugins.

    Spams people

    I don’t like when people write bots to fill my contact form on my website. Not a great way of getting anything really. So here is a review for your product.

    So what is this supposed to do, ’cause it does exactly nothing.

    Aliexpress affiliate

    Still have a question? Ask your own!

    Aliexpress affiliate program is now one of the best affiliate programs online. I first joined this network shortly after it was launched though commission junction and i had some fairly good success with them until they launched it fully and started working directly with affiliates.

    I have been an affiliate of networks like jvzoo, amazon, clickbank and others and the desire to make money money from affiliate commissions made me join aliexpress affliate program.

    • Its hard to set up and certainly some hate to design affiliate websites
    • Most affiliate networks only pay affiliates with PayPal.
    • The commissions are too small. for example amazon start at 4% and Because most people on Amazon buy low priced products like books, so 4% of a $10 product doesn’t add up to a worthwhile commission.
    • Some networks like clickbank don’t accept affiliates from certain country like Nigeria.
    • Some affiliate networks like amazon have only 24 hour cookie period which means you miss out on commissions from people who don’t make up their mind in time.
    • You have to keep posting posts after posts to target different products. etc.

    I first started out with some blogs but later got a plugin called aliplugin. This plugin can be used to create an ecommerce site where you can promote aliexpress products on and get your commissions.

    I have 5 sites right now where i promote aliexpress products in different categories. One of my sites is Fashion Trident. I like promoting products that are high in demand and products customers can buy over and over again. That’s the secret of my success so far with aliexpress affiliate program.

    All you need to do is to get a domain and hosting, create a WordPress site, install the plugin, add htaccess file, do some proper keyword research, choose your category and subcategories, apply for aliexpress api key, incorporate it into your site, import products and promote your store.

    This plugin is a life saver for me and its the reason why my aliexpress[1] affiliate commissions keeps getting better and better each month.

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    You Can Earn Alot By Affiliate Marketing.You Just Need A strategy to Earn.

    Let’s Explain You affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is One of the best way by which e-commerce website Pramote their products. In Affiliate Marketing other person share the product link or You can say that they Pramote the Products so public can buy that Products.

    Suppose If A Person buy the product with your link then You will receive little part of amount of that product.

    So AliExpress Affiliate is Same As I explained You.

    Blogging Can Help You alot to earn Money by affiliate.

    If You want to Collect More information You can Follow me.

    Aliexpress is a B2B ecommerce site launched in April 2010. It is a global retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide. They launched their affiliate program in 2013 and since then affiliates world wide have been making money promoting their products.

    Aliexpress in the past year has sold more items than eBay and Amazon combined which makes it one of the largest ecommerce sites online.

    AliExpress now features more than one hundred million products supplied by more than 200,000 exporters and manufacturers. The best thing about AliExpress is that it offers free shipping on almost all products which draws in buyers from all around the world. This helps them make lots of sales and this is definitely a good thing for affiliates.

    The main reason I promote Aliexpress product (apart from the obvious fact that it converts for me) are:

    • Trusted brand
    • International
    • Cheap/free shipping items
    • Accept all major payment cards
    • Accept all affiliates anywhere in the world
    • You can promote any product i their store
    • Have vast products to promote
    • 30 day cookie period
    • Easy payment method
    • You get paid for any product someone buys though your link

    Aliexpress WW Affiliate Program

    EPC — average earnings per 100 clicks

    Conversion rate – the percentage of visits to a publisher’s website that convert to a sale or lead.

    Average actions-to-clicks ratio for the last 48 hours.

    The ratio of confirmed actions to the total number of actions.

    During this period an advertiser allows his cookie to remain active to tie consumer to a program.

    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm or reject actions.

    Average time it takes for an advertiser to confirm and pay for actions.

    • Hot products 3%-69%
    • Interior accessories NEW 6.90%
    • Garden supplies NEW 6.90%
    • Women’s clothing NEW 6.90%
    • Men’s clothing NEW 6.90%
    • Children’s clothing NEW 6.90%
    • Mobile phone accessories NEW 6.90%
    • All other categories NEW 5.40%
    • Mobile phone NEW 2.30%
    • Computer peripherals NEW 2.30%
    • Tablets NEW 2.30%
    • Desktop NEW 2.30%
    • Laptop netbooks NEW 2.30%
    • Home audio& video equipment NEW 2.30%
    • External storage NEW 2.30%
    • Internal storage NEW 2.30%
    • Andorra
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Afghanistan
    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Anguilla
    • Albania
    • Armenia
    • Angola
    • Antarctica
    • Argentina
    • American Samoa
    • Austria
    • Australia
    • Aruba
    • Aland Islands
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Barbados
    • Bangladesh
    • Belgium
    • Burkina Faso
    • Bulgaria
    • Bahrain
    • Burundi
    • Benin
    • Bermuda
    • Brunei Darussalam
    • Bolivia
    • Brazil
    • Bahamas
    • Bhutan
    • Bouvet Island
    • Botswana
    • Belarus
    • Belize
    • Canada
    • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    • Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
    • Central African Republic
    • Congo
    • Switzerland
    • Cote d’Ivoire
    • Cook Islands
    • Chile
    • Cameroon
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Costa Rica
    • Cuba
    • Cape Verde
    • Curaçao
    • Christmas Island
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Djibouti
    • Denmark
    • Dominica
    • Dominican Republic
    • Algeria
    • Ecuador
    • Estonia
    • Egypt
    • Western Sahara
    • Eritrea
    • Spain
    • Ethiopia
    • Finland
    • Fiji
    • Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
    • Micronesia, Federated States of
    • Faroe Islands
    • France
    • Gabon
    • United Kingdom
    • Grenada
    • Georgia
    • French Guiana
    • Guernsey
    • Ghana
    • Gibraltar
    • Greenland
    • Gambia
    • Guinea
    • Guadeloupe
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Greece
    • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
    • Guatemala
    • Guam
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Guyana
    • Hong Kong
    • Heard Island and McDonald Islands
    • Honduras
    • Croatia
    • Haiti
    • Hungary
    • Indonesia
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Isle of Man
    • British Indian Ocean Territory
    • Iraq
    • Iran, Islamic Republic of
    • Iceland
    • Italy
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    • Jamaica
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    • Japan
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    • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
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    • Mexico
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    • Virgin Islands, US
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    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe

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    Default affiliate link

    «Dynamic ads» tool shows ads for Aliexpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website, so that a users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help center.

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    Landing page

    • detail analytics and useful tools,
    • express withdrawal without fee,
    • enormous range of affiliate programs,
    • trusted by 730671 publishers,
    • and much more.

    This affiliate program is a part of the Admitad affiliate network

    In order to start cooperation with the program, first you need to register in the system.

    Aliexpress is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the World, offering customers the lowest prices as well as the choice of more than 100 million products from 200,000 sellers, 20 most popular payment methods and shipping to more than 200 countries.

    Advantages for publishers:

    • Confirmation percent more than 90%
    • Global brand fame
    • Global GEO
    • Free/cheap shipping
    • Accept all major payment cards
    • All products are paid

    Advantages for users:

    • More than 100 million products
    • More than 200 thousand sellers
    • Low prices
    • Free shipping on almost all products to over 200 countries & regions
    • More than 20 payment methods
    • Buyer protection guarantees: Transactions protected until the customer confirm delivery
    • 24/7 Help Center
    • AliExpress Multi-Language Sites


    Starting from the 10th of October, 2018 the rates depend only on the product category:



    Home audio& video equipment

    Mobile phone accessories

    All other categories

    *all virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books are NOT subject to commission. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to determine whether a product is regarded as a virtual product for the purpose of calculating commission.

    Hot Products:

    The tool now already has more than 230 000 goods and this number continues to grow.

    Each product in Hot Products has its own affiliate link, which you should place on your ad space. If a user follows the link and buys this particular product, you will get an increased reward.

    Starting from the 10th of October, 2018 all the products on Aliexpress are affiliated.

    For more information on Hot Products tool, please see help center.

    More detailed information about Aliexpress Antispam reports you can find here.

    Please pay your attention to the following rules. In case of breaching these rules you can be blocked from working with the program.

    Global rules of Aliexpress affiliate program

    All virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books for local Russian customers are not affiliated products and is not paid. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons, and cashback for gift cards.

    Publishers shall not engage in any of the following conduct:

    1. Using any form of resources exchange (e.g. using any reward or benefit to induce visitors into performing certain actions) to advertise;
    2. Requiring visitors of the Advertising Channel (whether or not such visitors have the intention to) to register, purchase or use any products or services of Participants when the visitors click into Participant’s advertisements;
    3. Using any programs, scripts, or other forms to directly or indirectly generate any abnormal viewing, clicking, or enquiry of its advertisements;
    4. Using any bad-faith, malicious, or improper method, including but not limited to using viruses, fictitious webpage, hi-jacked browsers or URLs, hijacking the front page of the International Platform, modifying information or content of registered members of the International Platform or the Site, using malicious plug-ins or unauthorized software or computer programs, modifying the source code or URL parameters of the International Platform or the Site, and etc., to advertise.
    5. Using any exaggerated, false, or misleading information or content when placing advertisements or links (e.g. using “buy one get one free” to advertise any campaign page of the International Platform) on its Advertising Channels to induce visitors to click into the advertisement;
    6. Engaging in any unlawful activity;
    7. Engaging in any activity which causes any damage or liability to AliExpress, its affiliates, or the International Platform;
    8. Engaging in pop-up or pop-under advertisements in any form
    9. Engaging in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns using any brands of Alibaba Group, including but not limited to, Alibaba Group, Taobao, Tmall, Tmall Global, AliExpress, Alimama, AliCloud, Aliyun, eTao, Juhuasuan, and etc.;
    10. Engaging in any dishonest or fraudulent transactions, whether by yourself or together with your associates (including but not limited friends, relatives, colleagues, and etc.), on the AliExpress International Platform or the Site. Examples of such include, but are not limited to, you or your associates making purchases on the AliExpress International Platform on designated links so that you or your associate may obtain commissions via the AliExpress Affiliate Network Program;
    11. Using any incentives as a bait of advertisement for any campaign/promotional pages of the AliExpress International Platform.

    Please, pay attention that life time cookie is one session.

    If the «Aliexpress WW» affiliate program discover a breach by a Publisher for Buying AliExpress Brand Words in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (campaigns using any brands of Alibaba Group:, Alibaba Group, Taobao, Tmall, Tmall Global, AliExpress, Alimama, AliCloud, Aliyun, eTao, Juhuasuan, or any similar to them, including the ones written with a mistake), you will be blocked from the work with the program, and the commission will not be paid.

    Direct Pop Up, Pop Under, Click Under, and other types of agressive/PPV-traffic are prohibites. They can be used only with prelanders, where a user should make an action to get to website.

    According to the rules of Aliexpress affiliate program it is strongly prohibited to urge users to return money for orders via refunds or to any fraud. Any publisher placing such information on his ad space will be immediately removed from the program, all his actions will be declined in the system, and he will not have the right to resume working with the campaign. The advertiser can also withdraw the amount of the commission that has already been paid from the publisher’s balance.

    Starting from 2018 the orders that have been refunded by the user for any reason will not be paid. If the commission for such an order has already been withdrawed by the publisher, the advertiser reserves the right to deduct this sum from his balance.

    Please pay attention that it is strongly prohibited to promote hidden product from Aliexpress. In case of promoting such orders, you can be blocked from promotig Ailexpress without any commission paid.

    Please notice that Aliexpress doesn’t work with lost orders.

    Maximum commission for the paid order is $38.

    Given that Aliexpress affiliate program provides the best terms of cooperation all you have to do is follow the rules carefully and provide high-quality traffic. The traffic you provide will be assessed according to the conversion rate and sales volumes as well as the number of new customers driven by your traffic source.

    Aliexpress affiliate program — make money by selling goods over the Internet

    It has become very profitable to earn on the Internet in our time. You do not have to go to work for this. Everything is at your fingertips.

    The main thing is to master the methodology of such earnings. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us constantly dream of finding an online affiliate program where you can earn well.

    For this, you have to flip through the pages constantly in search of the reviews. But now you can stop doing this as is the most popular online store of the Chinese concern Alibaba Group. Accordingly, there is an aliexpress affiliate program.

    The AliExpress official website sells products that were made in China. Here you can buy clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. that do not differ in quality from those products that are sold in the supermarkets, and at a cost of 4 times cheaper.

    1. What is the affiliate program of Aliexpress? Basic principles of work

    The thing is that the Chinese store, like many others, has an affiliate program. Why is it needed? Among the online stores, there is a strong competition and each of them wants the buyer to come and buy from them. In addition, is not just an online store, it’s an online market where thousands of different sellers sell nearly the same products. And they also want you to buy something from them, rather than from a competitor. How do they attract a buyer? For this purpose, an affiliate program is made so that YOU, I, and many other people are interested in advertising their goods and getting a part of the profit from their sales. At the moment, you can receive from 7% to 12% from each transaction.

    2. How can I earn money with the affiliate program of Aliexpress?

    The essence of earnings is simple: many sellers on aliexpress are willing to pay a percentage from the sale if you bring a buyer. The percentage can be different, from 2% to 50%. The more buyers you bring to the aliexpress, the more you can earn, so everything depends on your agility.

    With the AliExpress affiliate program you can work with:

    • a model of earnings on partner links, the transition to which ended with the purchase of goods (CPA);
    • referral model — the webmaster receives a fee for attracting users (% of their earnings or purchases);
    • the percentage of cashback from purchases made through its affiliate link (usually a 30% reward from cashback).

    You can work on these models with or without your site. In the first variant, you place an affiliate link on your own web resource in the form of a hyperlink in a thematic material, a banner, or any other advertising form. In the second – you work with advertising on other websites, pages on social media, blogs, channels on YouTube, e-mail letters, and other authorized platforms (again, in the form of the same banners, teasers, text links).

    What is commission?

    In affiliate programs of Aliexpress, you receive income only if the customer referred to the site by your link has bought something. This is the only form of earnings for webmasters: the site does not pay money for the clicks, views of ads, and other advertising forms.

    How much can you earn?

    You get a fixed commission from each sale, its size can also depend on the monthly level of funds attracted by your links. For example, in some partner programs, there is a so-called progressive rate system i.e. all registered users get 8.5% of the attracted funds. But as soon as the amount of purchases from your links exceeds $10,000, the interest rate will be increased to 9%. And it can increase further:

    • when attracting more than 50 thousand dollars, webmaster’s commission is 9.5%;
    • best affiliates that attract more than 100 thousand dollars, get 10%;
    • more than 1 million dollars, the rate is negotiated individually.

    How much can you earn in this way? From ridiculous 10 dollars to 30 thousand dollars per month (30 thousand is the amount that, according to AliExpress, their best webmasters earn).

    If you work on a referral program, you consistently earn 5% from the income of the partner involved.

    How are payments made?

    Payments can be made monthly but please note: the processing time for the order is 50-70 days i.e. every buyer you bring to Aliexpress makes a profit immediately, and you – only in 2.5 months.

    Affiliates set a different minimum amount for withdrawal of funds. As a rule, it’s about 10 dollars. And they can also charge a commission for withdrawing funds.

    3. Official affiliate of Aliexpress ( is the official affiliate program of AliExpress which works on the CPS model (payment for orders). It does not have a referral system but it offers a percentage payment from the cost of the goods (for some offers it is 3.5%, for others – 50%). The main rule of this affiliate is not to violate any rules, otherwise, the ban will follow.

    3. Official affiliate of Aliexpress ( is the official affiliate program of AliExpress which works on the CPS model (payment for orders). It does not have a referral system but it offers a percentage payment from the cost of the goods (for some offers it is 3.5%, for others – 50%). The main rule of this affiliate is not to violate any rules, otherwise, the ban will follow.

    4. How to register in the Aliexpress affiliate program?

    In order to become a member of the affiliate program of Aliexpress, you need to register on the official website or on the official partner site of AliExpress — E-commerce. Only individuals who have reached the age of 16 can take an advantage of this opportunity. For the correct registration, a special form is completed, which is available on the site. When filling in the fields, only the relevant information should be entered. It is especially important to give a real e-mail address and contact details, as they will be required in the registration process for confirmation and further work with the service. If a client does not confirm the data entered by them, they will not be able to withdraw funds from their personal account. Users can edit contact information if necessary. It is important to update the information in a timely manner in order to receive payments.

    If you have a page on Facebook or Google, you can click the appropriate button and register through these social media.

    5. Aliexpress affiliate program rules and conditions

    After October 2015, the rates of the affiliate program aliexpress entry changed. Now the commission will depend on two factors:

    1. The standard commission in each product category will now be fixed;
    2. The incentive commission will be higher for those who sell a lot of goods.

    Aliexpress realized that the people went into other Chinese stores and decided to stimulate webmasters better and more actively in order to attract new customers. Since September 2016, Aliexpress has introduced new incentive bonuses: it is necessary to promote an article on registration for Aliexpress, since only in this case, it is possible to expect new registrations and hence, an additional 6%.

    The source of traffic can be:

    • Thematic sites
    • Banner advertising
    • Teaser advertising
    • Public pages, groups, communities on social media
    • Targeted ads on social media
    • Applications and games on social media, mobile and desktop applications, toolbars and plug-ins
    • Doorway Traffic
    • Cashback (return to users of a percentage of their purchases)
    • Contextual advertising (only YandexDirect, Google Adwords, [email protected], Begun)
    • E-mail, SMS-mailings.

    The following is forbidden:

    • PPV Ads (ClicUnder, PopUnder, PopUp, Push Advertising, etc.)
    • Motivated traffic (Bonus, Cash)
    • Publish affiliate links on social networking sites iTao (
    • Adult traffic.

    Legally, partners have nothing to do with AliExpress, so it’s important to understand that it’s forbidden to use the AliExpress brand. With all who violate the rules, partnership relations will be severed.

    6. Tools for working with Aliexpress affiliate program

    After you’ve gone through a simple registration process, set up your profile and see what you will have to work with. For example, you will need to approve the sites for placing affiliate links with program moderators (usually the answer comes in a few hours).

    Most often you will work with two tools of the affiliate program – Affiliate Link and DeepLink.

    Affiliate link

    In order to generate an affiliate link, go to the page of the desired product on AliExpress. Then select the Partner Links tool and paste the copied link. In addition to links to the product page, you can also create affiliate links to landings (one-page advertising sites).

    To place such affiliate links, including posts on social media and comments on other sites, it is recommended to reduce them. If the corresponding menu is not in the interface of your affiliate program, you can use standard services like Google URL Shortener.

    Next, publish a link to the site approved by the moderators and earn from purchases on Aliexpress!

    The task for the deeplink is the same as for the «Affiliate Link» tool – to generate a link for the webmaster for its placement. But the generation mechanism is a bit different. For example, if you work with a lot of goods from AliExpress and other sites, it is much more convenient to create affiliate links without unnecessary actions and not just to the store’s website, but directly to the goods. To do this, you need DeepLink. This tool can even be integrated into the browser in some direct affiliate programs to receive a ready-to-place affiliate link directly from the page of the selected product.

    Banners and Coupons

    This is another type of advertising placement. In each affiliate, there is a number of standard banners and coupons – you need to choose the design, size, create a new element, and place it on your site.

    Promo Landings

    Landing is a one-page advertising site that promotes a particular product. In affiliates, in addition to banners and coupons, there are also templates of landing pages. You choose not only the design of the advertising page, but also customize the elements placed on it – so you can adapt the look and functionality of the landing page to the requests or the characteristics of the promoted goods.

    Landing is placed on a subdomain; you can also create your own site, then you can direct traffic to the landing page (from social media, using contextual advertising, personal sites, etc.). The landings, as a rule, have the highest conversion rates, because such page concentrates the buyer’s attention on a particular product or group of products, there is no unnecessary information on the landing, and everything is sold here.

    Referral program

    As mentioned above, you can receive 5% of passive income for attracting new webmasters. To work with this tool, the affiliate provides ready-made links that can work both in the standard desktop mode and can be placed in a mobile application or on banners.

    7. Allowed traffic sources

    We all know what aliexpress is and that goods there can be bought almost for nothing. But not everyone knows how you can make money on aliexpress using an official affiliate program. To do this, it is enough to have traffic on your site whether it is a website, a YouTube channel, or some other source of traffic.

    To be a partner of Aliexpress is beneficial. If you do everything right and attract more buyers and referrals, then you will certainly have a good monthly income.

    Therefore, it is better to find products with an average price, write articles and correctly allocate keys to them, and also promote your project in various white ways. You need to create your website and on its pages, post reviews of the product that you picked.

    By the way, you can also connect it to your video channel on YouTube. This will help you make excellent reviews and post them on your site.

    And in the future, you can double your sales! Be sure to make a description and set the button for ordering in each description of the goods.

    Aliexpress affiliate also helps in the creation of an online store.

    Banner advertising

    We’ve all seen this kind of advertising on the Internet. As a rule, many partner programs have advertising materials, including banners. There are special services where you can buy places for banners.

    Teaser advertising

    Teaser advertising is widespread on the Internet. Its meaning is to intrigue a person with understatement and thus, force them to go to the site with the advertised product.

    Advertising in teaser networks is not a tool for beginners, since it requires a special, complex configuration. You cannot use teaser networks immediately, you have to learn first how to work with this kind of traffic attraction. But teaser advertising is one of the best types of advertising on the Internet. With the help of teaser networks, you can get the best results, but this works only in the hands of a master.

    Advertising on social media, open communities, groups

    Traffic from social media, open communities, and groups is very important. It is worth using because people now spend a lot of time there.

    On the social media, there is also targeted advertising. Externally, this advertising is the same teasers. Such advertising tool cannot be taken with a pounce and before investing money in this advertising channel, it would be necessary to learn how to work with it so as not to drain the budget.

    If you have a YouTube channel, just add interesting links relevant to your video. Soon you will notice how many people follow them. If your videos are interesting, useful, and compelling, then many subscribers will make purchases.

    Cashback is a refund of a portion of the money for a purchase in an online store. Who returns the money? A seller. Since there is wild competition in the market, sellers are willing to pay a portion of the money from the purchase to the one who brought the buyer. At the moment, there is a great number of cashback services and it is not so easy to choose the best one.

    All AliExpress customers can take an advantage of the favorable terms and conditions of the cashback service. The size of the discount depends on the number of purchases made. To put it simply, with the increase in the number of purchases, the saved amount of money increases.

    Contextual advertising

    Another type of advertising is contextual advertising. For example, in Google AdWords. Here, before you start employing this promotional tool, you need to learn how to use it, otherwise, the advertising budget will vanish very soon.