AliExpress Customer Service Number


The AliExpress customer service number, sadly, doesn’t exist. Opening in 2010 AliExpress offered something previously not readily accessible to small business owners, a central marketplace where they could sell their wares. In a sense, it is a massive online bazaar that many online retailers use as the source for the products their site carries. For buyers and sellers alike, AliExpress is an incredible innovation in online commerce.

AliExpress Customer Service Number

The AliExpress customer service number isn’t offered, in part to keep their prices as low as they do, and in part due to the impracticality of having one. AliExpress isn’t so much business in and of itself, as a clearinghouse for hundreds of companies which all do business through their site. No single customer service number would have any value to the customer, but it is possible to get in touch with the manufacturers through the customer support site.

Customer Service Number: N/A

AliExpress Mailing Address

The heart of the AliExpress company can be found in Hong Kong.

Mailing Address: Alibaba Group Services Limited 26/F Tower One, Times Square 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

AliExpress Customer Support Website

Have concerns about your order? Want to learn how to track them or request a refund to your credit card? Maybe you want to cancel it or change specific details about the order. These are just some of the questions you can find answers to at the customer support website for AliExpress. When you head over to the customer support website, you’ll discover a whole library of answers to commonly asked questions, including how to take advantage of AliExpress Rewards and Notifications. Everything you need to know to buy from AliExpress or start a reselling business of your own, can be found through the customer support site.

AliExpress Live Chat

On the above page, you’ll find a link to the Live Chat option for AliExpress. Here you’ll find trained personnel willing to answer any question you may have and help you resolve your most complicated disputes. Need help with AliPay, Fliggy, or Buyer Protection? Want to report a dispute or get more information about AliTelecom? All of that and more is available with these trained professionals.

AliExpress Mobile App

The convenience of shopping online in one easy package. Just go to the below page, select your device, and you’ll start downloading one of the most influential business and shopping apps available on the market today.

AliExpress Social Media

Want to know what the newest hot product is on AliExpress? Ready to find out what’s trending so you can add it to your store? Maybe you just need a little help and want to DM AliExpress through Twitter. You can do it all with AliExpress and social media.

About AliExpress

Originally intended to serve as a business to business platform, AliExpress has exploded from its business model and grown to encompass so much more. Through AliExpress you’ll find access to cloud computing, consumer-to-consumer sales, payment services, and much more. Serving customers in over a dozen countries AliExpress is a robust platform that helps drive a significant portion of eCommerce throughout the world. The company is owned by AliBaba, named after the character from One Thousand and One Nights thanks to the broad reach of its commerce platform. AliBaba created AliExpress to compete with businesses like eBay and has done so successfully since its creation in 2010.

Customer Service Number: N/A

Physical Location: Alibaba Group Services Limited 26/F Tower One, Times Square 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Hours of Operation: 24/7 365

Contact Points: Email, Live Chat

Services Supported: Business-To-Business Commerce, Business-To-Consumer Commerce, Payment Portals, Cloud Computing