Aliexpress Gel Nails VS Regular Gel


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  • It’s never wrong to be cheap 🙂
    —OPEN BOX—
    The IBD gel I purchased at Sallys beauty supply and the Lina gel from aliexpress. I also purchased it in white so if I can figjred out something cool to do with it u will see the white also 🙂
    Lina Gel:,searchweb201602_2_505_506_503_504_10032_10020_502_10014_10001_10002_10017_10005_10006_10003_10021_10004_10022_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=de3af3b9-299c-4742-916e-fae9bb00d87c
    IBD Gel on amazon:
    The end result is pretty much the same. A nice shiny clean top coat to my manicure. They cured the same time and look exactly the same. The ibd gel doesn’t have the horrible smell the lina one does that is my only complaint. I will continue to use both gels in my nail routine xox
    any questions or requests please let me know!
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    Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored for this video. I was not sent any of these items for free. I am not being sponsored for this video in any way.
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did you use a 36w lamp?

2ne1 Is gotta be you 😁 does anyone understand?

What do you find best to clean your brushes to last? Great video.

Don;t use this junk, stinks and probably illegal ingredients in the nina or tina (stuff we can’t use in the US)

Tfs. I just bought some of the ibd to try on my channel but now I like the other one u shared as well. 👍🏾 great video

I use Sina gel and I love it. I also use it on clients.

Does anyone know if you have to use a UV lamp for this or can you use a led lamp? Thanks😆

UV lamp for Sina

Sina is awful but I’m a professional and used to good stuff. I use Supernails which isn’t too pricey at all and its a very good high quality product, u get a lot of product for around $8-9 bucks. I also use young nails and enail couture by max estrada but if ur looking for best gel best bang for ur buck I’d go for supernail, if ur willing to spend then go for young nails. You can find all these online at amazon and ebay or if u have a license directly from their sites

Am I the only recognizing the remix of 2NE1 song in the background 😍😍❤️❤️

I hear 2ne1 in the background lol. Also great video, I was planning on buying the Sina Gel.

Tbh nothing is wrong with eBay gel it’s the same Im 13 and I’m using it so it’s totally fine it’s better than the acrylic

What kind of UV light did you use?

Can the sina one be cured with Led lamp?

LOL its 1/2 oz in both. same same!

I have the lina one

so you’re saying it’s not even .5oz

what watt is your lamp

It’s 99c how much were you expecting inside.. you get what you pay for

I like both and the $1 can last a long time if you do acrylic and gel nails..

The ibd is $14 at sally’s and the Lina is 99cents ..I’m going to buy the Lina one just to try it ♤♤♤

Be careful of what you’re ordering from overseas companies. There is a reason why some of these products aren’t sold in some countries and why they;re banned. Especially nail products. There are products that were banned in the states in the 70’s that are still being used and shipped in that cause allergies, harm, damage, etc to people.

Buy American made products I know it’s so tempting to buy Chinese for the price but I think it’s OK for glitter maybe but not for want to comes to Direct contact your skin like monomer acrylic anything that’s really direct contact I wouldn’t even buy their rose gold products because I’ve heard the make it out of auto industry metals so I would buy glitterAnd little charms nail decorations that sit up top of your nail and possibly some of their implements although they are very cheap buffers files forms shapers but if it’s coming in direct contact to your body I say by USA or other countries but not China. I am guilty of buying gel polish from China but it sits at the top of my Harmony Gelish top it off because I always seal all my polygel or acrylic nails with a top it off before painting a gel polish or varnish. So in my humble opinion nail decorations files lights drills forms tips and glitter can be bought from China but nothing else Especially no chrome powder’s I think about the poor people that work in the chrome powder factory I think it’s worse than asbestos to breathe! 😷 sorry for the long post I was just trying to think of all the items that have bought 💅🏻❤️

Worry about what goes on nails because like mma acrylic it can kill u. It illegal in the states