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Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

[ July ] Diamond embroidery flowers Peony vase rhinestones pictures mosaic embroidery photo diamond painting cross stitch

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  • Brand Name: BLUEJULY
  • Use: Paintings
  • Style: Europe
  • Material: Resin
  • Pattern Type: Floral
  • Diamond Shape: Square
  • Form: Single
  • Pasting Area: Full
  • External Packaging: Colored Box
  • Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
  • Frame: No
  • Number of Colors: 30-45
  • Type: Diamonds

Square and full diamond embroidery , full diamond mosaic .

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There are two kinds of diamonds : 1 , section 9 ; 2 , section 13 .

There are 447 colours . Each diamond size : 2.5×2.5mm .

Packet of Diamonds

Each bag have 210 — 240 pieces .

Imported oil painting canvas , symbols is very clear .

Tweezers, rectangular plate, small bags, stickers.

After mounting looking better . I hope you can completed it soon .

The larger the size, the better the effect! Each diamond size : 2.5×2.5mm. If the picture is complex, small size will not very good! If you need large size of any pictures, please contact us!

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Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

ARMYQZ July Diamond Embroidery Orthodox Church Sets for embroidery icons Religion picture of rhinestones Embroidery with diamond

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  • Style: Modern
  • Pattern Type: Portrait
  • Diamond Shape: Round
  • Form: Separate
  • Material: Resin
  • Brand Name: ARMYQZ
  • Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
  • Use: Paintings
  • Frame: No
  • External Packaging: Paper Bag
  • Pasting Area: Full
  • Number of Colors: 10-60
  • Pattern: Landscape
  • Type: DIY Diamond Embroidery / DIY Diamond Painting
  • OEM Service: Accept OEM Pictures
  • Accept OEM Pictures: Bedroom, Dinning Room, Bathroom, Washroom, Kitchen, Study,
  • Function: Home Decoration; Gift
  • Material: Round Resin Diamond with 477 DMC Colors

Instructions of DIY Diamond Painting

2. Check the code number of diamonds and the corresponding symbol;

tape to avoid dust onto other glue parts;

4. Stick the diamonds on the corresponding symbol of the canvas by the tweezers;

5. After all symbol areas are sticked with diamonds, adjust the edge of diamonds by the

ruler to regulate diamonds neatly; then press diamonds properly to make it firm;

6. Put the diamond painting in a suitable frame and decorate your house or give it to others as a gift.

Diamond painting: 1-High Quality Diamond

Diamond painting:3-Free Fitting

The following are complimentary, as you remove the worries

JULY Diamond embroidery Nude Beauty picture with rhinestones and diamonds Under the tree beadwork icon Counted cross stitch kits

Опции товара

  • 20x30cm
  • 30x45cm
  • 40x60cm

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Diamond Painting Cross Stitch

Full DIY 5D Diamond Painting Red, White and Blue Patriotic 4th of July Cross Stitch Diamond Embroidery Mosaic Home Decor Gifts

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  • Brand Name: MYCELLA
  • Use: Paintings
  • Style: Europe
  • Material: Resin
  • Pattern Type: Scenic
  • Diamond Shape: Square
  • Form: Three-dimensional
  • Pasting Area: Full
  • External Packaging: Colored Box
  • Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up
  • Frame: No
  • Number of Colors: 1-30
  • Number: CD2654

100% Full DIY 5D Diamond Painting Red, White and Blue Patriotic 4th of July Cross Stitch Diamond Embroidery Decoration Mosaic Home Decor Gifts ( CD2654 & GJ01)

Main Picture Show

Attention:Our Diamond Painting Is Without Frame,And It Is Not A FinishedPainting,You Need To Finish It Yourself.
Product Name :New generation DIY diamond paiting —Rubik’s Cube diamond Painting Cross Stitch.
Colour Quantity : 10-65 Colours.
Feature: Square diamond ; Diamond cover the canvas complete, it is 100%full diamond embroidery.
Material: New generation Square Resin Drilling with 477 DMC Colors.
Usage: Home/Hotel/Office Decoration,Unique Gift.
About frame: No Frame, After you complete required for adhesion to the local buy Frame.
Canvas Package: Roll up , Avoid Creases.
Package include: full drill, printed cloth, tools.

Diamonds Gallery

Sizes available: Please select
Material: Cotton and Square diamond
use: diy diamond painting; diamond embroidery painting;
Items included:
1. Enough the resin diamonds.
2. A4 Model HD drawings (including drawings, color table)
3. Used to clip gum drill tweezers, plastic tray.

Canvas Gallery

Canvas Glue

We use good quality transparent double- sided adhesive tape, the glue won’t fail at -40 degrees,if the diamond stuck in the wrong position,you can use the tweezers turned down and stick the right place again. The canvas, diamond and glue are all environmental material, we can pass SGS Test, it is safe for child.

Tool Kit Display

Contain: Tweezers, rectangular plate, small bags, stickers.

Packaging Show

Scenario Demonstrate

[DIY Diamond painting production steps]
1. Open the box and check the diamond draw special tools.
2. View the resin diamond color, arranged in order of coding.
3. Uncover tape drawing above, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the color coding.
4. According to the corresponding color coded clamp the corresponding the resin inlaid diamonds.
5. Suggested that one type of the resin diamond one set completed faster.
6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting, drawings put together in one place every row symbols
do not have to stay stuck diamonds.
7. To cut a good figure on the drawings hold sorted array mounted to the plane of the material above.
8. Splices need flat against the neat, do not have cracks.
9. after a good fight, the rest of the gap at the glue corresponding symbols of diamonds.
10. To complete a good diamond drawing, put it in your selection of a suitable framework
(the restaurant does not provide a framework).
[DIY Diamond painting Precautions]
1. Reference before the operation steps.
2. If you do not know what color to use, please refer to the color table.
3. Assembled the resin diamond pattern must take point inside the cut line, and then trim pieces,
to ensure the overall effect.
1. The resin diamond inedible, do not let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.
2. Drawing need to be kept clean, Otherwise, the adhesive strength is affected. If there is dirt adhesion
can influence them with low-temperature solid iron.
3. Diamonds to remain sticky gum tightness.

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July Diamond Embroidery Woman Riding a horse 5d diy diamond painting crystal handcraft embroidery icon rhinestones cross-stitch

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    Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent ,Y S L, YSL)
    Zara (Zar)

    Если вы просто вставили бренд в строку поиска и не добавили вспомогательные слова, то скорее всего найти вам не удастся ничего. Не забывайте про jeans, t-shirts, bag и т.д.

    Оригинальные бренды на алиэкспресс

    Хотелось бы еще добавить, что с недавних пор, на алиэкспресс открылся раздел с официальными магазинами брендовых товаров. Теперь вы можете купить не только качественные копии бренд на aliexpress, но и оригинальные, тоже качественные бренды. Называется этот раздел — МОЛЛ ( перейти в раздел ).