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Fake AliExpress Motorcycle Gear Review: Furygan AFS10 Gloves (Counterfeit)

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06 Sep, 2017
Here’s a video unboxing and reviewing fake AliExpress motorcycle gloves from China. These are counterfeit copies of the long-gone phenomenal ASF 10 gloves from Furygan, which have been discontinued already for a long time. We were sent a pair of these fake Furygan ASF 10 gloves by a reader who had asked us if we could review these gloves as he had purchased them and suspected that they were fake motorcycle gloves.

Indeed, we found these AliExpress motorcycle gloves to be what is to be expected from counterfeit motorcycle gear that retains the logo of the copied gloves, yet is being sold as another brand.

Lastly, I developed a severe skin reaction an hour after making this video. My hands had white spots appearing on the palms and my palms started peeling a little too. I also developed a badly-itching nose that was itching enough to not allow me to sleep well that night. The symptoms subsided some 24 hours later.

My bet is on these fake AliExpress gloves being contaminated with residual chemicals used to manufacture these fake copies. Please take a look at my follow-up video and post at for photographs of the skin reaction I had.

Feel free to ask any questions and please share this video since this is something that is of importance to all riders buying motorcycle gear from AliExpress.