AliExpress Standard Shipping vs China Post Registered Air Mail, Which is Better?


I’ve already written an article about AliExpress Standard Shipping. But, Lots of people are asking the difference between AliExpress Standard Shipping and China Post Registered Air Mail. So, I’ll try to solve this confusion in this article.

If you have read my article about AliExpress Standard Shipping. You may know that AliExpress Standard Shipping isn’t a Delivery Service/Shipping Method. It is just a guarantee that you’ll get a valid tracking number and quality service.

What is the Difference Between Both?

Technically, There’s no difference between both because China Post is a delivery service whereas AliExpress Standard Shipping is a logistics company(not a delivery service). Which means, If you’ll select China Post then the seller will ship your product using China Post. But, If you’ll select AliExpress Standard Shipping then they can ship your product using any post such as Singapore Post, HongKong Post etc…

AliExpress Deals:

Which is Faster & Better?

In my experience, AliExpress Standard Shipping is faster than the China Post Registered Air Mail. You can see the latest example in the below image.

I ordered two different product from two different sellers on the same date. First seller(left screenshot) shipped my product on 30th March using Singapore Post registered air mail and I received that product on 23rd April whereas Second seller(right screenshot) shipped my product on 1st April using China Post registered air mail and that product is still in the transit. Note: Origin of both the parcels is different but still I would say AliExpress Standard Shipping is Faster & Better than China Post.

UPDATE 1:- Never received the second product(right screenshot) and got the full refund on 3rd June 2018.

UPDATE 2:- As I’ve already updated that I’ve got the full refund. But, Even after getting the full refund I’ve received my parcel on 30th June 2018. Note: Normally China Post Registered Air Mail takes less than 45 days but this time it took 90 days. But It doesn’t mean that China Post Registered Air Mail is very bad. It’s just a little bit slower than AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Which One Should You Choose?

If I have to choose one of them then I would decide depending on the product cost. If product cost is less than $10 then any shipping method with valid tracking number is fine but if product cost is more than $10 then I would definitely go with AliExpress Standard Shipping because It is a much more secure & faster way to get products delivered.

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