AliExpress Website Tutorial Ordering a Guitar


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  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 27 Οκτ 2016
  • I explain how Aliexpress works and give tips on ordering guitars.
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Hello Sir,
Thank you so much for taking the time and putting forth the effort in such a useful and informative tutorial! GREAT JOB MAN!
God bless and take care.

What I want on these guitars not just aesthetics but the electronic and additional parts upgrade with better qualities.

Year 2016 and this guy has a camera pointed to his monitor

so I checked the link to seller -shows no listings ? who would you suggest . thanks

Do you think the could do a replica of kirk hammetts Boris Karloff Mummy ESP guitar

Hey buddy, I have been wanting to order a double neck guitar from Alibaba express, specifically the white Don Felder model. what store do you use?

Thanks for clip

I’ve bought two guitars both I’ve had good luck so far

Have you bought any acoustic guitars from Ali express. if yes what was it and do you recommended a good brand & seller. thanks 🎸

mick adams I have not but I have considered doing so for a while. I have not heard great things about acoustics but they were old videos. I will keep everyone informed when I do purchase an acoustic

dont fall for this, you want a china guitar and cant play it till you get, it, ther’s a store for that.. call guitar center, and you you cant play the load of shit first B4 you buy it, if you have a stor close, don»»t matter ,you can order on line and if you dont like it ,easy: send it back to G.C win win

do not judge what you will get by the pictures on these sites, many of them are pictures of the real guitars I.E. fender, gibson, martin etc.

I’m considering ordering a Lemmy Rickenbacker knock off bass, and have seen 1 that has the finish I’d like to have, then another which is $280 + shipping and it has 3 feedbacks one has pictures, of course I’m not wanting «Rickenbastard» on the head stock, I have one in mind, is the price fair for the work? and the length of them seems weird, like they are longer compared to a real Ric with some, others are almost spot on, it’s also a neck through body construction too, could you tell me about your experiences in ordering a bass as well as things I’d need to know, please?

Morphine Motorhead I have not ordered any basses. I have ordered guitars. From what I have seen they are accurate representations as far as me and sides of the body go. You should be able to look at the product details and it will show the length in metric so you will have to convert it to inches. Just make sure you understand what the length is and more importantly the scale length as it relates to inches to see if it is accurate. Leave a message for the seller if you have any questions. If the seller does not reply then that is a seller you do not need to deal with anyway. Most of the sellers are good about communicating and although their English may not be perfect or they are using some kind of translation app to translate at least what you are trying to ask them or say comes across to them and it is understood

Anybody have experience with Aliexpress seller «firehawk»? I’m particularly interested in their «Telemaster» copy https :// www.aliexpress DOT com/item/Factory-Wholesale-White-Body-Electric-Guitar-with-1S-Pickup-Red-Pearl-Pickguard-Chrome-Hardwares-Offer-Customized/32748032415.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000013.4.46bcb8eazXiUmg&traffic_analysisId=recommend_2088_2_90158_iswistore&scm=1007.13339.90158.0&pvid=0251c6c6-1621-4da4-9199-d8549dd66623&tpp=1

Thank you again.

TheUnapologeticAmericanMale I will look back at my messages with other Sellers and recommend to you the ones who have replied the best

TheUnapologeticAmericanMale unfortunately the seller I used for my PRS is is no longer in business and mine looks legit

Thank you very much for the quick reply and additional info. I have messaged the seller, the language barrier can be tough as I’m trying to determine the guitar body’s thickness and whether I can get a 22 fret neck but they have confirmed I can choose the color for an additional $15 (hoping for Surf Green or a blue Metal Flake/Sparkle finish).