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5 Reasons NOT to Buy Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from Aliexpress

Dear readers, today I am going to talk about very specific, but very important topic for many of you – Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from Aliexpress . And reasons why not to buy it there.

Since 2009, I think, AliExpress is a marketplace targeting international buyers , where you can find all you can only imagine. It allows small shops in China to sell all over the world.

When it comes to fashion jewelry , you can find items that cost almost nothing – 10 cents, 15 cents and etc. We have talked a lot about how beautiful and fashionable is jewelry from Aliexpress. But now, let’s talk about why you should not rely on Aliexpress if you’re a wholesale jewelry seller .

Reason 1 – Low Quality

First, and maybe the most important reason why not to buy wholesale fashion jewelry from Aliexpress is that products sold there have no quality expectations at all! It can be even extremely dangerous when it comes to electrical products. I think you’ve heard those news at least once that phone battery exploded or changer started burning or etc.

As we are talking about jewelry, it may seem that nothing that dangerous could happen to people. And here I would say that it is not in fact true. You never know what material is your jewelry made of. Maybe your ring is from the bins where chemical wastes were stored. Or maybe you necklace is from the radioactive metal and etc.

No certificates or quality assuring documents will be given to you if you buy earrings for 10 cents. Moreover, no one asks about that while buying such cheap things. So, this is, of course, up to you to decide. Maybe I am even over exaggerating, but I strongly believe that better safe than sorry.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that your items may be of a low quality itself. You may buy something that will not last even a week . So, if you still consider buying through Aliexpress then don’t choose too cheap.

One of experienced wholesale fashion jewelry sellers, we were contacting while preparing this post, has commented following regarding Aliexpress fashion jewelry:

Quality issue has always been a problem when buying jewelry products from Aliexpress, and we don’t think this situation will get better.

As most of the customers on the Aliexpress are retail customers now, many s ellers take the orders from each customer as one-time business . They don’t care about whether the customer would buy again . And the price competition is quite intense on Aliexpress, which force the sellers to sacrifice quality to achieve lower prices .”

I would not even say better.

Reason 2 – Counterfeit Production and Fraud

This seems to be already native wording for products from China. China is considered as one of the hotbeds of counterfeit production . And this is a pity thing. In fact, China produce a lot of quality items and even more true brand items . But, on Aliexpress you can never be sure.

While dreaming that you buy an original, you may get only counterfeit items at highest prices. If you protest against, don’t wait from Aliexpress to be an impartial judge !

There is a pretty high possibility that you become victim of fraud or counterfeiting when you shop there. You should not even Google a lot to find proofs. Pictures on Aliexpress usually do not reflect the truth . Sometimes I think that buying through Aliexpress is like online dating: You never knew what you get. 🙂 There is even special keyword to that – “ Aliexpress fails ”. I took the best for you!

That is what I told you. Brands on Aliexpress are very special. 😉

And one related to jewelry.

And my favourite.

In any case, shopping on Aliexpress can be super funny.

Reason 3 – Security Policies

Aliexpress itself is a kind of Chinese imitation of eBay without Ebay’s and Paypal’s protections. Their customer protection seems to be based on the principle that is widely called “laissez faire, laissez passer” simply meaning let it go as it goes . So, when opening a dispute with a seller, be aware that in many cases you will lose your time . Except probably having such an obvious cases, as I showed above. And even if so, when it comes to jewelry, it might be very hard to prove a fraud.

There are literally thousands of people complaining how they got cheated and Aliexpress support is nowhere to be found . Of course, if you behave wise – avoid too cheap products, check detailed description precisely, contact seller before purchase, request real photos and, finally, buy from established sellers, probably you will not get a chance to check the quality of Aliexpress support. But you can never be 100% sure.

Reason 4 – Shipping Problems

Free shipping is usually sent via the National Post service and takes a long time to arrive. So, if you’re trying to avoid keeping an extensive stock, this option is not for you. Delivery on time is not about National Post.

Moreover, there is also an extended risk of items being delivered as broken or even never reaching the destination . In this case, it will be almost impossible to get a refund, as usually you do not get tracking number. Or in case you do, it may work only on the territory of China.

So, seller in reality does not know for sure either you have received a delivery or trying to cheat him. And of, course, will not agree on refund. Here is when Aliexpress should intervene, but we know already about the quality of their support.

So, while free shipping is okay for low priced goods, do choose some decent shipping service (DHL, EMS; etc) when buying items with high prices or wholesale . Also ask for shipping insurance if the seller supports that.

Reason 5 – All the same

Traditionally, Aliexpress fashion jewelry shops have all items the same. Suppliers on Aliexpress usually carry small quantity of designs or only some specific styles . Uniqueness on Aliexpress is low . More likely, you will see 10 shops selling same items, but with significantly different prices. So, if you want to work only with one supplier, Aliexpress might not be the case. I think you prefer to choose one good and trustworthy supplier with a variety of designs , than few suppliers with one item design.

Aliexpress and Chinese market has a lot of controversies. Nevertheless, don’t think that I advise not to work with Chinese suppliers. What I really advise is – don’t buy wholesale fashion jewelry through Aliexpress. There are numbers of really trustworthy producers in China, that create quality and uniques fashion jewelry.

And if you want to really get some – contact a specialized wholesale fashion jewelry sellers. Different from the Aliexpress sellers, they need to establish long term business with their customers, as long as they want their business to keep growing . Their prices definitely are not the lowest ones compared to Aliexpress. However, it will still be more beneficial to you.

Such shops usually order from selected producers as they are interested in continuous inflow of stock and long-lasting partnerships. Traditionally, they do a very strong quality control during processing the orders.

In the same time, to make sure their customers (wholesale purchasers or you, basically) have enough profit margins , they keep the prices low . By saying “low”, I mean that prices are low for a certain quality level.

So, be careful, think twice before buying and remember – better safe, than sorry.

References: Yiwuproducts, Aliexpress, BoredPanda.

Aliexpress wholesale jewelry

Still have a question? Ask your own!

Most resellers use this Chinese Wholesale websites & Drop Ship Suppliers , it’s a B2B trade portal which provides lots of genuine wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, drop shippers, etc. I believe they have many trusted and verified suppliers and wholesalers of clothing. They also offer custom sourcing research. For example, if you are looking for suppliers and wholesalers clothing & Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale, referring to commercial activities that specialize in large commodity trading, is an indispensable part of the circulation of goods. Usually, there are two situations. First is the commercial enterprises selling goods to other commercial enterprises for resale. Second is the Commercial enterprises supplying reprocessing production materials to the production enterprises.

As to jewelry, it is now widely used as a precious metal, gem and other processing of the hairpins, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on. Wholesale earrings and wholesale necklaces, different kinds of wholesale jewelry, enjoy their great popularity among women customers now.

Compared with those expensive jewelry, cheap wholesale jewelry own its popularity. Reasons are as follows:

·More favorable cost

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does has these advantages, right? These advantages also contribute to its good competitiveness on the market.

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There are quality jewelry manufacturers and exporters located all over the world. These companies create many different kinds of jewelry products including stainless steel rings, gold necklaces, diamond rings and any other kind of jewelry you can think of. The great part about importing jewelry from foreign countries is that you can obtain pieces of jewelry that other jewelers in your location do not possess. This means you will be able to stay ahead of your competition. Not only that, but foreign jewelry manufacturers typically give great deals to international jewelers that do business with them. This is especially true if you purchase their jewelry in bulk quantities.
Jewelry manufacturing companies are all looking to do business with jewelers who need to stock up on their own inventory. In fact, the most reputable ones will likely want to verify your business credentials, so they know they are giving good deals to a real jeweler. Of course, the hardest part for the jeweler is actually finding these international manufacturers to do business with. Many jewelers simply do not have the time or resources to locate these foreign companies on their own. They are too busy running their own business and depending on the local suppliers they already do business with. The time it takes to find new suppliers is more than most jewelers have to spare. If they are lucky enough, there might be a jewelry trade show held near their location once in awhile. However, the majority of jewelers are not fortunate enough to live near a location which has these jewelry trade shows available. The only solution left is to obtain an index of jewelry show leads that have all of these manufacturers already listed on them.
The jewelry show leads we provide are constantly updated and they feature an array of different jewelry suppliers and resources. These include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, exporters, import agents, online retailers, and more. You will gain access to a variety of information about these companies such as their name, address and the type of jewelry products they provide. We have also gathered all the phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers and website addresses of these companies that are available. Not all of the companies have each communication resource available, but there is at least one method of contact listed for every company in the index. So as a jeweler, all you have to do is start contacting the companies which are creating products that are similar to the ones in your shop. Chances are you will be able to strike a deal with at least one company out of the 2000 companies listed in our index . Good Luck!

Бижутерия на Алиэкспресс: список лучших магазинов

Всем привет! Снова и снова рада вас приветствовать на страницах моего блога. Скоро весна и я призадумалась на счет каких-нибудь украшательств для себя любимой. Долго думала и придумывала что бы себе прикупить и решила, что красивые серьги и кольцо были бы очень кстати. В общем поговорим какая есть бижутерия на Алиэкспресс и стоит ли ее покупать?

После прочтения этой статьи вы узнаете:

  • Какая бижутерия продается на Али
  • Как правильно выбрать качественный товар
  • Список проверенных магазинов

Чего-чего, а сережек, колец, подвесок, ожерелий на Алиэкспресс просто несчетное количество. Самая вредная привереда найдет на сайте свое любимое украшение. Цвет, форма, стиль, цена, качество и еще много параметров по которым вы сможете найти свою прелесть. Кстати, кольцо из Властелина Колец на Али тоже имеется.

Прежде чем купить что-нибудь я всего рекомендовала, рекомендую и буду рекомендовать прочитать статью о том, как правильно выбрать продавца на Алиэкспресс. Это поможет обезопасить себя от мошенников, сохранить свои деньги и приобрести качественный товар. Поэтому покупайте только у хороших продавцов.

При покупке бижутерии на Али в розницу, существует минимальная сумма заказа, как правило это 7-10 долларов, пожалуйста учитывайте это при покупке. На эти 10$ вы наберете очень много!

Всю бижутерию на Алиэкспресс можно разделить на несколько категорий:

  • Браслеты
  • Кольца
  • Броши
  • Украшения для волос
  • Наборы украшений
  • Ожерелья
  • Серьги

Приведу список лучших магазинов по продажи бижутерии и фурнитуры:

  1. Just do my best
  2. Frontier Fashion Jewelry
  3. Sunshine Store 1989
  4. Bags In High Street
  5. Nice Shopping Co.,Ltd
  6. Pink Queen Store
  7. World Wholesale Warehouse

Не забывайте, что мой список лучших магазинов просто ничтожно мал, с количеством магазинов с отличным товаром.

Браслеты, кольца, броши, ожерелья, серьги и т.д. представлены в магазине по ценам от 0.2 долларов и до 80 000 рублей. Согласитесь, размах не хилый. Вот для достоверности образец за 81 000 рублей. Три человека все-таки отважились купить серьги за такие деньги в интернет магазине. Один из покупателей россиянин. Не знаю, как вы, но я бы не рискнула))

А вот самые дешевые серьги выставлены по цене 7,36 рублей за пару!

Особого внимания заслуживает раздел свадебных украшений. Здесь такие цены… Я, когда впервые увидела не поверила. Широкий ассортимент, низкие цены и отличное качество по смешным ценам. Себе на свадьбу я заказывала все в Китае. В итоге, только на одном платье, я сэкономила 30 000 рублей, не считая туфель, подъюбника и фаты. Вот такая приятная арифметика, господа! А сколько удавалось сэкономить вам?

В любом случае перед покупкой внимательно читайте отзывы покупателей, чтобы ваша покупка была максимально качественной. И не стоит забывать, что скупой платит дважды! Несмотря на то, что мы покупаем в Китае не нужно ожидать мега крутого качества от тех же браслетов, если вы купите его за 30-40 рублей. Во всем нужно знать меру!

В целом, благодаря Алиэкспресс можно выглядеть очень элегантно, красиво и подчеркнуть свою индивидуальность за очень небольшие деньги, даже несмотря на высокий курс доллара по отношению к рублю.

Думаю, на этом статью можно заканчивать, надеюсь я смогла подробно описать вам о бижутерии на Али. В любом случае буду рада ответить на ваши вопросы. Не забывайте подписываться на новые статьи блога и делиться ссылками на статью в соц. сетях. Всего доброго и до новых встреч!

P.S. Ни так давно на Али появились изделия из жемчуга.

How to find pretty, cheap, good quality rings in AliExpress

Its pretty easy to find good quality rings in AliExpress , but finding good offers can be harder. Why? Well, there is more than 200.000 models to choose from.

There is a big offer and according to sales, a big demand. In fact Chinese rings are some of the best bargain items on AliExpress. And not only in the jewelry department, this is a top selling product overall.

Why are these Chinese rings so popular?

There is two big reason for this.

  1. The price. Where else are you going to find rings for 3€ or less? Chinese sellers make rings in the style of Tous, Bulgaria or Swarovski among other brands. These rings AREN’T replicas of original brands; they are made by Chinese producers or brands with less quality materials.
  2. Free shipping, shipping time and customs. You aren’t going to pay any extra fees for your ring, there is no shipping costs. I bought three different rings (in different AliExpress shops) and I received them in 12 days, pretty good considering they said they it was going to take more than 2 weeks. Furthermore I had no problems whatsoever, the package is so small, the chances of it being held in customs are super slim.

How to find cheap rings in AliExpress

To find rings you have to follow the usual procedure: go to this version of AliExpress and type in one of the following key words:

You can also look for them by category: go to the left side of the home page and then click on the category Watches and Jewelry > Jewelry > Rings. Like this:

The best shops for jewelry and rings in AliExpress

With some products, it can be hard to find sellers with good ratings. This is not the case with jewelry. Here are a few shops with high reputation and tons of sales:

This is a selection of shops with the highest reputation, but there are some other great ones with 3 to 5 diamonds.

You can also find sellers with less reputation but excellent products and reviews, they might just be quite new to the platform. In any case, it’s always a good idea to contact the seller to ask about sizes, although most shops will specify the exact measurements in the description. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t run into any problems…

Do they have cheap engagement rings for women and men?

You can also find sterling silver e ngagement rings (or made out of similar materials) for both men and women in AliExpress. If you are going to buy one of these, make sure you contact the seller to ensure the product is 100% authentic, as you might run into some that aren’t….

If you are having any doubts about it, its simple. Check the price or do you really think a silver plated ring is going to cost less than 30€?

Tous, Pandora or Swarovski style rings…

We already mentioned that there aren’t any original brand rings in AliExpress, but take a look at these guides for similar Chinese products:

  • Cheap Tous style jewelry
  • Rings inspired by Pandora
  • Swarovski style earrings, necklaces and rings

Finally, if you would like to share you experience or ask anything else about the rings on the platform, leave us a comment, we love hearing from you.

NK609+ Hot Selling New Gold Silver Inifity Fish Pendants Necklaces For Women Jewelry Accessories Wholesale Cheap Aliexpress


USD 0.83/pieceUSD 0.83/pieceUSD 0.35-0.79/pieceUSD 0.32-0.84/pieceUSD 0.68/pairUSD 0.39/pieceUSD 0.86/pieceUSD 0.39/piece

Обратная связь: Мы даем 5 звезд Отзывы наших клиентов после их получения товаров. C Вы также, пожалуйста, не просто оставить нас плохая обратная связь Когда у вас есть проблема? Напишите нам и мы обработаем вашу проблему быстро, дают нам Возможность служить вам еще раз с гораздо лучше, товаров и цен, Спасибо так много для вашего понимания и сотрудничества.

Как вам известно, мой дорогой друг, как нас только начать бизнес на этом сайте, обратная связь Действительно важна для всех нас. Мы предлагаем вам 100% удовлетворение от покупки и хорошее качество изделий с Очень разумной цене, надеюсь, чтобы служить вам в течение длительного времени в будущем с гораздо больше пунктов.

Доставка и обработка:

Мы Будет обрабатывать заказ в течение 2-3 Дней после оплаты очищается Обычно, вы будете иметь его в течение 20-30 рабочих дней (спасибо так много для ваш терпение), Это зависит от места назначения, мы предоставим вам информацию отслеживания, Обычно вы можете проверить информации 4 Или 5 дней спустя после я посылаю вам трек номер через этот сайт (Китай воздушной почтой):

Мы предлагаем 100% удовлетворение от покупки, mone назад был гарантирован на все наши товары, в Случае, если вы не счастливы с ним, мы WLL процесс возврата после того, как вы вернулись. Пока детали находятся в том же состоянии, но стоимость доставки будет на Вашей стороне. Напишите нам, когда у вас есть любые проблемы с деталями Вы привезли из нас, поэтому, пожалуйста, не просто оставить нас плохая обратная связь.

Вот некоторые предложения для сохраняя свои украшения, чтобы держать их в хорошем состоянии в течение длительного времени.

1. пожалуйста, не ставьте ваши драгоценности в пот руку или Положите их в воду.

2. пожалуйста, не носить же, ювелирные изделия все время, использовать различные ювелирные изделия в свою очередь.

3. положить их в шкатулка, когда вы не носить его, Берегите ее от влажного воздуха и пыли.

3. пожалуйста, не сталкиваться с другими твердыми предметами.

aliexpress wholesale jewelry

AliExpress — Buy directly from China

Find a great range of quality products at wholesale prices and buy online from China wholesalers and China suppliers right here.

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Jewelry Aliexpress Wholesale, Aliexpress Suppliers — … offers 4,151 jewelry aliexpress products. About 36% of these are loose gemstone, 1% are wristwatches, and 1% are hair extension. A wide variety of jewelry .

Free shipping on Bracelets & Bangles in Jewelry .

Shop for low price, high quality Bracelets & Bangles on AliExpress. Bracelets & Bangles in Jewelry & Accessories and more | aliexpress en français — Acheter en .

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aliexpress cheap wholesale fashion jewelry

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With the lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local collection options, you can make an even bigger saving. If you’re still in two minds about fashion jewelry and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers.


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Online Shop for cheap fashion jewelry wholesale Promotion on Aliexpress Find the best deals 2018 hot cheap fashion jewelry wholesale. Top brands like bamoer , CWEEL , Bonsny , UMODE , jewelora , LUOTEEMI , Fate Love , MANILAI , ZOSHI , Shuangshuo for your selection at Aliexpress.


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Do you wanna to get best price on Aliexpress? Buy more than one item per one order or order lot`s.

How to find Wholesale sales on Aliexpress?

First step: Search with your desired keyword on Aliexpress Search.

1. Your desired keyword or keywords. Example “socks” or “pair socks”.

2. Select your category (optional).

3. Click once on search button.

Input quantity(minimum/maximum pieces per one order) and click “OK”, wait for refreshing page. Better quantity = better price.

Click once on price(Show items from cheapest to higher price) or click two time to show items from higher to lower price.

Now you can find cheapest wholesale items for better price.

Tips & Tricks

Before made order, contact with seller and request better price, or request discount for your order, more than 80% of Aliexpress sellers can give offers for you.

Jewelry — Shop from China. Jewelry Wholesale from China

Jewelry from China wholesale and retail cheap. Rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, brooches, cufflinks, pendants and other accessories on Aliexpress . Cheap jewelry from China are now available to anyone — a huge selection, low prices and delivery soon enough. How to buy (jewelery China) Aliekspresse you learn from this article.

Jewelry has always been a very popular and popular among the female half. Such hype is not caused by its high price with good quality and excellent appearance. Any girl can afford a few sets of jewelery for different outfits and apparel. The jewelry can be used precious and semiprecious metals and stones: silverware, gold-plated low sample, etc. Quality jewelry looks very expensive, and sometimes outwardly no different from the expensive jewelry.

For retail customer jewelry from China has a number of advantages: to order jewelry from China very easily, free shipping, jewelry affordable, decent quality, coming in the mail fast enough. Delivery jewelry from China are usually provided by the carrier China Post. Parcels up to 2 kg fly planes. Well, I think you will hardly be able to gain so much at a time.

When purchasing wholesale jewelry in China also has a number of advantages: the suppliers are always discounts on quantity orders for large international parcel sent by DHL courier and EMS. Jewelry wholesale jewelry is no longer a problem. Jewelry from China can be a good extra earnings for your shop and expand its product range.

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Custom Jewelry By Your Own Designs

Discuss design ideas, options, budget, with our professional consultant, your guide to the custom service.

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