Aliexpress You May Hair Wig Review


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  • Paskelbta 12 Bir 2017
  • Link to 250% density Body Wave Wig
    250% Density Deep Curly Lace Wig:
    250% Density Straight Lace Front Wig:
    Store YouMayHair:Instagram: hps:// hps://
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  • 12-19-16

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I got this hair and reviewed it on my channel.. it’s just ugh I love it and hate it

Your video reads 250% density and the link you provided is 150% density. I’m confused. Please clarify which wig you’re wearing. Thank you.

definitely gonna have to get this!!

Hi dollface can u sell me that wig

you keep saying I believe

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How long does it take to come?

Hello 🙂
can you tell me, after curling your hair with your Easy Curl device, will the curls stay even when washing/shampooing it? I’m wearing my current wigs like 7 days in a row (tapes down) and do workout, sleep and shower with it. So, could you shower with these curls or would they all be gone afterwards and you’d have to curl them again?

Hi, so I saw your review last week on this wig, as I was looking for a wig and had never ordered any hair from Aliexpress. I loved this wig on you. I decided to give it a try. I placed my order with You May on this past Monday, after midnight, so, technically it was Tuesday. I received my hair today, Friday 7/21/17. When I tell you that this hair is so beautiful and full. Unbelievable! Also, I like hair that is number 1, 1B. There is no need to dye this hair whatsoever. I would definitely order from them again. Thanks!

Shaniqua Johnson Hey ladies! I still have this wig. Where it everyday. This is the best wig I’ve ever had. I will order this wig from them again, which is why I came here-to find the link.

nonelikethese hey. Please can u update please sis? Thanks

Hi, so I have been wearing the unit since 7/28/17. I take it off each night. I have not yet washed it. Not a lot of shedding at all. It tangles a LOT. I bleached the knots, which turned out well, as this was my first time ever attempting to bleach. The depth of the lace is about 3 inches which does not leave a lot of room for parting. Would I purchase from them again? I would not be able to answer at this time. Do I like the unit? Yes. Time will tell.