Are there any cheap NBA or basketball t-shirts in AliExpress?


If you are looking for cheap basketball t-shirts in AliExpress, as you can see here , there are tons. They have t-shirts for your team as well as t-shirts of legendary players.

Are there any original NBA team shirts?

At the moment, there aren’t any original NBA t-shirts. Meaning you won’t be able to find any Guaranteed Authenticity icons for them, such as the ones featured in these original Converse:

When we updated this article we checked for this icon and only found it on these Nike sweaters with the Michael Jordan “Jumpman” logo:

Types of cheap basketball t-shirts in AliExpress

You can find an incredible amount of affordable white label basketball t-shirts for 7€ and for a little more, you can get a complete set. Also keep an eye out, as a lot of shops offering packs of various units, in case you want to get shirts for the whole team.

Another type of basketball t-shirts you find in AliExpress are homage shirts of famous players such as Micheal Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, etc…

NBA shirt sizes

Finding your size for a sports shirt is easy. In most cases the AliExpress sellers will provide a size and conversion chart in their product page. Once you find it, just check the corresponding size. Some times they will give you exact measurements for the NBA shirt and instructions on how to find your own size with measuring tape.

This being said, sizes are usually very similar to the NBA originals.

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