Best Aliexpress Sellers Clothes List


Last updated on October 17th, 2017 at 08:11 pm

Best Aliexpress Sellers

When we find a reliable and good AliExpress clothing store, besides positive customer feedbacks and online reviews, we also consider how often they release new style clothing items and if the new items are really fashionable and trendy. I spent a whole week on searching online and browsing all customer feedbacks (positive or negative). Finally here is a full collection of highest-ranking Aliexpress clothing vendors where girls often shop from.Best Aliexpress Sellers.

The list below is ranked by total number for succes sales.

Why is the brand logo deformed?Because of legal reasons.Ask seller to send you pictures via PM ot chat.You will see and receive the original logo.Best Aliexpress Sellers:

(Store Name, Feedback Level, Store Link)*All sellers here are tested and verified by our network of bloggers.

  • Fancyqube Fashion store, ,
  • East International Knitting Co.,Ltd., ,
  • Caroline Fashion Store (offer Drop shipping), ,
  • Zhongshan Top Fashion Store, ,
  • Q&S International Clothing Co.,Ltd, ,
  • Ella Fashion Store (offer Drop Shipping), ,
  • jacky jacky’s store, ,
  • BEST SHOW ( Drop Shipping ), ,
  • 777 Trading, ,
  • ComeToDeal, ,
  • One Two Three Mall, ,
  • First Market, ,
  • Aliexpress No.1 Fashion Store, ,
  • Dotfashion Group Ltd, ,
  • Hexin’s store, ,
  • Sheinside Group Co. Ltd., ,
  • BJ Wholesale fashion Trade co.,Itd, ,
  • Sexy Dear Lover, ,
  • Ladies&Gentlemen, ,
  • Apparel Wholesale and Retails, ,
  • Miss ord Fashion, ,
  • Opopark Clothing Co., Ltd, ,
  • Vogue bridge, ,
  • CozyRain ‘s store, ,
  • Ever Pretty’s store, ,

Best Aliexpress Sellers

I had never made a post shopping for clothes for several reasons. First, because our blog is more focused on makeup and beauty. Another reason is that I do not usually buy a lot of clothes , and also if you are not interested in this kind of entries. If you see entries like clothes shopping , let me know in comments and I will continue publishing them .