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Aliexpress Shopify Training for Newbies

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Tanisha Marie
646 470 5456

Disclaimer : this video will create residual income
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What is Shopify?
Shopify is a platform very similar to ebay that allows you to create your own online store and sell different items of your choice. You have total control of what you sell on there and total control of the prices you charge for your items without the hustle of paying overcharged fees on each sale you make.

Who can use Shopify?
Anyone who’s looking to make an extra $100-$5000 a day online using e-commerce. In this business model you don’t have to recruit because your customers are already buying stuff online, you just getting them to buy from you instead of other places.

What to remember with a E-com store?
The real deal with making money online with E-commerce you must remember that you are making money off profit so you will need money to advertise on different platforms such as facebook, google and bing. Although you can chose not to have an overhead, but remember you will be counting profits.

How many stores can you have with Shopify?
You can have as many stores as you want
You can create a niche specific store
or have a store where you sell everything like Wall-Mart

Shopify Training:
You must go through a training so that you can get really good at your e-commerce Game.
I have failed a lot in the beginning with it but after I learned many different Tricks of the game we have been making a killing on automation.