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Cullinane Technologies: Intellectual property release -PART Seven-

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Cullinane Technologies — Intellectual Property Confidentiality Agreement

The following video is part of a seven part series called «Cullinane Technologies -Intellectual Property Release-«

These videos are meant to illustrate, in all possible completeness, a series of technologies and devices conceived and created by John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV from May 2012 through January 2013. The devices and technologies are purely of John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV’s research and development. All research was completed via internet sources and is cited accordingly within the videos.

By continuing past this annotation and watching this video or any other in the series, you, as both a party and/or as an individual, agree to not disclose, distribute, sell, use, or otherwise refer to any and all of the content within this video and all others in the series without the express written permission of John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV. If an infringement of this confidentiality agreement is suspected or determined by John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV or any affiliated party or person, then legal and criminal charges will be brought against the offender or offenders as well as any and all parties and persons who received the confidential information.

This annotation, along with any and all content within the video and all videos of the series, are submitted to the general public and judicial and governing bodies of the United States of America and all other sovereign countries of the world as evidence of the existence of these technologies and devices and testament that these technologies and devices are the sole intellectual property of John «Jack» Lawrence Cullinane IV.

«Cullinane Technologies» is a conceptual company created by John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV for the purposes of providing a singular entity into which these technologies and devices could be held. All intellectual and actual rights to these technologies and devices is solely by John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV as an individual. «Cullinane Technologies» is meant to be interpreted as an intangible extension of the person and rights of John «Jack» L. Cullinane IV and is not, at this time, meant to denote as an actual company, corporation, or other entity.

Thank you and please enjoy the video.

-John Lawrence Cullinane IV
December 24, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA