Fake Lego building blocks from Aliexpress


Lego is an all time favourite amongst Children but it is a rather expensive Danish brand. So I decided to check for some Chinese Lego alternatives at Aliexpress to see if I could find some building blocks that are compatible with Lego. After just a little research, I found that searching for Lego gives over 24.000 results. Most products are actually not fake Lego building blocks but a very nice alternative. They are Chinese building blocks that are compatible with the real Lego blocks.

What Chinese Lego brands to look for

There are several Chinese Lego brands at Aliexpress which are almost direct knockoffs. They don’t have the lego name on the blocks but almost all models you can buy are the same as Legos and they are compatible. An example of their replicated lego series is the star wars series. As you see on the picture below almost everything has been stolen from Lego and substituted with their own names:

If you take a look at the brand LEPIN, the logo is similar to the Lego logo and their building block sets are direct Lego knockoffs. The good thing is that you are not buying any fake Lego blocks, since it does not carry the Lego name, but is is completely compatible with Lego (would never be accepted in Europe or USA as it would be copyright infringing).

LEPIN is one of the expensive alternatives and you “only” save around 50% compared to the genuine building blocks. BUT judged from the feedback, this imitation Lego from Aliexpress is as good as the real Lego. Another brand is Bela which is also very popular and compatible with Lego.

If you want to save even further on the Chinese lego alternatives, you can buy the building blocks without the box. Boxes are unhandy and makes shipping more expensive.

Popular Chinese Lego series you should seriously consider buying

You can buy the Star Wars Millenium Falcon with over 1300 building blocks for less than 1/4 of the Lego retail price. Almost all of the Lepin Millennium Falcons have amazing feedback and you should seriously consider investing in one of them. It will definitely contribute to hours of fun with your children or yourself.

There are many other cool star wars sets to choose among at Aliexpress. Just search for Star wars lego.

Star wars lego is some of the most popular but there are other super nice sets as well. The pirates of the Caribbean ship the black pearl or some racing car models. You can check out some of the most popular sets HERE.

Remember that the Chinese building blocks are compatible with Lego which means you can easily mix the different brands.

What about fake Lego?

If you do some research you can definitely find some fake Lego building blocks, coming in Lego box and everything. I would not recommend that because kids really don´t care if their building blocks carry a Lego logo.

This option will also be more expensive, since fake Lego retailers take a risk of getting caught. Buy the Chinese Lego sets that are compatible and save some money instead..

What Lego should I choose at Aliexpress

It depends on a couple of factors which Chinese Lego you want to buy. First question to ask yourself is: Is it for a present? You can´t come with a bag of building blocks for a present, so you need the box right? Then you need to know, where to buy the Chinese Lego blocks. For that, you should choose a reputable shop with a lot of experience. I have found the 3 best Lego shops for you. I have selected them from their amount of sales, experience, positive feedback and how specialised the shop is in selling building blocks.

Best 2 Lego shops at Aliexpress

  • Store: Pandadomik Open:2 year(s), 7917 , 97.5% Positive feedback – This shop has a great selection of Lego and is specialised in toys for kids. Feedback is amazing as well es their experience.
  • Store:Block Castles Store, 4751 97.9% Positive feedback
    This shop is one best building block stores at Aliexpress.
  • Store:ZE Toys World , 6014 , 97.8% Positive feedback: This shop also has a great selection of all the best lego sets and has a lot of experience and a high positive feedback

Another great way to find your fake Lego at Aliexpress is to search for the sets you are looking for and then choose the one with the best feedback from the most reputable seller. You can sort this by choosing either seller rating or orders (see picture below).

Popular Aliexpress Lego sets

Here are some of the most searched fake Lego sets from Aliexpress sorted by number of orders:

I hope this helped you to find some cheap Lego alternatives from China. Call it fake Lego if you want but buying this from Aliexpress will save you a lot of money..