FAKE Xbox One S REVIEW | Aliexpress China TV Console


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  • čas přidán 24. 08. 2017
  • The FAKE Xbox One S REVIEW | China TV Console.
    Yes, even the Xbox One S has fallen for the mighty hands of the Chinese clone factories. And as you might have guessed; this is not an actual Xbox One S. No, it’s something, entirely different. Don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up!
    Console is also known as the XGame or Data FROG on Aliexpress.
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Rip out the crappy guts and replace with a Raspberry Pi.

I have a main RPI already though.

It’s not a fake!! It’s a new version of the Chinese console xiaobawang

Thanks for the info!

Hey thanks for this review most said it was very good but yours went more in depth and helped me out thaks

BrayBray1234 thank you! That was the purpose of this video, to show more. Some of my other videos are like this as well, you should check those out 😉

It means i can play mcpe on that because it has a like raspberry pi on it

Bot 1029 no it means you can play literally any game on it

Bot 1029 no idea?

49 bucks free shipping. thanks amazon

david parrish good for you bruh

That second SMB2 was released in America as «The Lost Levels»

Gerald Bieniek thanks for the info!

If you love neogeo games this is it . Everything other game runs dam bad even nes !! runs bad it hurts.

The second Super Mario 2 is the actual Japan Super Mario 2 which is what we got as ‘Lost Levels’ in later years. Our Super Mario 2 was actually a rip off of a totally different Japan game.

Chris Boone thanks for the clarification!

His hair is fucking unreal

lolz wut? First comment i had about my hair in years haha.

i think of getting one cause of game pads will they work on a pc mught be worth it

MrThegamemasterlord I reckon you can find those PS1 USB gamepad somewhere cheaper without the console.

Come on man, you knew what you were buying.

What? No. How can you even tell? I know i wasn’t buying a real Xbox, but wasn’t expecting to be this.

Does this have odroid ?! If it does that’s mean I can add android 😁. Now can tell people I play pubg on xbox one s lol 😂😂😂

orange pi zero is inside, you can run android emulator in it, random youtubers made it

You mean the new one? Haha, instant flop! xD

Fistbumpbros imagine console of ew Atari was like this lol

Fistbumpbros oh your right like other guy did in his video too. So will do that then place some ps2 emulator . Also can play modern game on liquid sky lol . Laughing my butt fooling some people . I Might make root acess and put the boot of Xbox one 😂😂. Going look up tutorial how to do make android look like Xbox of theme

I wonder what happens when u plug the controller into a pc . Does it work . Plss try plss .

Havent tested that, but as the controller are recognized in this (i think Linux based?) OS they should work on a PC, seeing as they are just standard USB controllers you can buy on any Chinese webshop.

Een PlayStation, Xbox hybride met Nintendo trekjes 😅

Beste van alle werelden, nooit meer console ruzies! 😄

I bought it from Chinese company online wish.ypbr lead does not work cost about £47 well worth 2

I have this system and for what u pay it’s actually a really good system games work well and controller is good is it perfect no but it works very good for the price

Absolutely. I’ve seen and played worse then this. I did sell it off though, as i have to many retro consoles in my house, haha.

How do you save your game progress bcuz i forgot how to do it on my x game console lol 😂

To be dead honest; i didn’t make it that far into playing the consoles. One day, when i have enough space, i’ll plug the machine in again 🙂

what have you on youre Head.

bro i want it does i order it from Aliexpress or by bang good plz answer

I ordered this one from Aliexpress.

Tbh its not that bad if u like retro

Chicken Lad absolutely. That’s why I find it mildly ok. Wish those joy pads were Sega Saturn ones though!

You know, $50 for a solid emulation machine like that is actually a pretty good deal. Compare premade retropie’s etc you see on ebay.

xed alpha that’s what I thought. Working USB ports, mediocre case, cheesy PSX controllers and a working front end. Good enough!

put android on it

You can, because it is like theres a raspberry pi on it, you can run android emulator on it, random youtubers made it

Who are you talking to?

so it runs linux or Ubuntu cool

Vga is great too

its for kids what da fuck did you expect

How are retro games for kids? Even adults like me still play games from our youth. I doubt that kids these days want to play 8-16 bit games from the 80’s and 90’s with so much choice in other quality current games.

old games u menso

Weres pokemon at

I think there might be some Chinese bootlegged version on there somewhere hahaha.

PlayStation controllers for an Xbox one, comedy gold.

With nintendo and sega games 😂🔥

Mad Mack 10 G playing nintendo games

Has anybody noticed that the AV and power board is missing a screw?

Two screws actually 😉

not even a good clone dosent even play origanal games

no,games made by the console developers

You mean Xbox One games?

Lol love this video. I just ordered mine honestly only for the neo geo games. Now I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on it with the neo geo games & a little bit worried lol. So happy to see your review on the neo geo games some say they suck or too much lag or just ok. Order a wireless controller for it & for my android tv box so really stoked on playing this. Now your 4k tv I did see reviews that were the same. 720 & 1080-1080p were all full screen. Kinda thinking this is a hit our miss system. You get a good one or bad but. Bought on banggood seems to be the go to for them. So I went with them. I’ll def be making a video on it. So excited

The Neo Geo games ran fine though. Going back to the full screen thing on the 4K screen; i think you can just upscale to fit/widescreen or whatever on youre tv settings for a full screen effect. That’s what everyone did i reckon. It outputs an HDMI signal, but not fullscreen; just in an aspect ratio of 640×480.

HARDWARE DETAIL/INFORMATION: Actually I received mine and even did some changes. the mainboard is a single board based is an ingenic jz4760 processor. It runs at 600Mhz clock. There inside is a 4GB microSD card with the system and games inside. I couldn’t open the system or other locked partitions within windows but I could open one with the games and game pics so I was able to make my own list of games. and I’m surprised it could run almost flawlessly everything including Neogeo Games (this ones can be a bit slower with some games, such as Metal Slug, when it shows lots of information on screen).

Diego Vanni I wonder if you put the card in a Linux based machine you could easily get to the locked folders. Retro Pie does this. In windows you can only see like three folders, but in Ubuntu everything shows up

No problem, glad to help you out and save you some time and money!

Literally hours of research and looking into this one console. And you saved me the other time. Thank you man.

Waiting on mine to come in and I’ve been anticipating if it was worth it or not. But now I know. Thanks man.