Finding fake Ugg boots and alternatives at Aliexpress


Fake Ugg Boots are easy to find at Aliexpress – Just search for “Australia Brand boots” and you will get a lot of results. Many of the boots that come up are actually not replica UGG boots but lookalikes. However, many of the results are still fake UGG boots. Start by sorting the results by orders or seller rating. I have listed the link above by most orders. Then find a pair that you like. If it is important for you that the boots are knockoffs, then chat with the seller to confirm if the boots are replicas or just a similar looking Chinese brand. Sometimes this can be seen from the pictures or by the product text..

If Australia brand boots dont give any usable results, you can also try searching for UG boots
If you look at the amount of replica Ugg boots sold at Aliexpress, they are seriously popular. This also makes sense if you look at the feedback the good shops have on the boots. It seems that the quality is good and they are quite durable as well.

UGG snow boots Aliexpress

Quality of the fake Ugg snow boots

As all other things the price has its influence. It seems (from Aliexpress feedback) that the boots that cost 70-130$ are of considerably better quality. You can, however, buy Ugg boots which are priced as low as 20-30$. Judged by their looks, they are spot on but the material which they are made from might be questionable. You will undoubtedly not get real leather boots for 20-30$ but you will get a pair of good-looking and durable boots. moving up a price-step and you will own a pair of real leather snow boots (replicas) which would cost around 300$ in retail. You can find those at

About Ugg Australia

Ugg had its origin in 1978 when Brian Smith laid the first building block in southern California. Ugg is a brand that manufactures products out of lambskin. All materials used for Uggs products are of impeccable quality and are specially selected for the production. Ugg was first known for its lambskin boots on the California beaches. Here the brand soon became a symbol of a relaxed and casual style, and Ugg quickly spread through the United States. Soon the brand conquered the global market and quickly all Uggs products became very popular. The brand produces shoes, boots, handbags, wallets and other accessories. Check out more replica UGG boots from Aliexpress – HERE