Finding Givenchy t-shirts at Aliexpress


Givenchy is an extremely expensive brand and they make some very popular t-shirts for both men and women. An original t-shirt costs from around 350$ and up. That is extremely expensive why the fake Givenchy t-shirts have become very popular at Aliexpress. Worst about this, is that the selection has narrowed down to almost nothing since Alibaba went on the NY stock exchange. Luckily there is a good solution in using if you want to buy a replica Givenchy t-shirt from China.

Fake Givenchy t-shirt prices

Expect to pay between 20-30$ for a really good Givenchy imitation. Still this is a 1/20 of the price and the quality is superb. Unless you are buying to resell, which I do not recommend, then I would definitely choose the fake Givenchys. Given the price of the originals, then the difference is quite minimal.. Do, however, buy one size larger than your normal fitting. As you probably know, Chinese clothing is a little smaller than usual. This counts for 95% of everything at Aliexpress..

Finding the Givenchy imitation t-shirts

Fake Givenchy t-shirts are, for the moment, pretty easy to find at least at Not much restriction on this brand so far and you can sometimes find some at Aliexpress as well. Restriction might come to DHGate as well but lets hope in takes a while. So below are some links with acronyms to use for finding Givenchy at Aliexpress and DHgate.

Fake Givenchy acronyms Aliexpress

  • Giv t-shirt (only one that works for me at the moment)

Givenchy codes

I also listed one acronym for fake Givenchy hoodies / sweaters as they are also quite popular. If you want to look at Givenchy t-shirts for only women or men, you can sort it at the left sidebar at the Aliexpress or DHgate results page.

To make it even easier, I have found some nice fake Givenchy clothing from trusted vendors:

How much should I pay for a replicated Givenchy t-shirt?

As mentioned earlier, I recommend paying between 20-30$ for the t-shirts and a little more for the hoodies. You want to receive a solid quality and that is the price you need to pay for the best knockoff Givenchy replicas. Many really reputated shops sell this brand, so always choose a seller with a lot of positive feedback. Besides the shop feedback remember checking the feedback for their fake Givenchy clothing as well. I like to shop at KanyeWest store at DHGate, not only for fake Givenchy but also other brands. They sell some really nice quality clothing: Also read: How to find hip hop and surf brands at Aliexpress