G Pen Elite Vaporizer or knockoff from AliExpress Unboxing


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  • Ordered a Black Widow Vaporizer from Aliexpress and received something that looked nothing like what I ordered in the picture. Instead to my surprise, I got what looks like a G Pen Elite. Got it in 2.5 wks. Not quite sure what to think of it as everything in the packaging looks identical to a g pen. However, when I tried to register the serial number on the g pen site, I got an invalid serial number error which leads me to believe that it could be a knockoff. Really well put together either way and happy with what I got. Definitely won’t be complaining.
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OMG get the f off whit all that plastic sound. Annoying and useless review.

hey George. is this one still working or not? any problems so far?

FAKE. your welcome fuck this vid him for wasting your time.

it’s fake dude, sorry

Also you know it’s real if you get it preset to 420, if it’s not 420 or it also resets the number to the lowest value, that’s a fake

If it ain’t real it should still work, anyways I got mine from gpen.com but it looks the same, cheap plastic look

This is the slowest and most boring unboxing ever. Can you rattle the plastic more in the next one? Those of us with headphones in can’t get enough of having our eardrums blown out.

Hallo I have one question, I bought this too one year ago but I never use it because I m scared about the material, this plastic can be toxic with the high temperatures? What do you think about? Thanks

Ste pitt I thought so. all sissies call me idiot

+Adam East ye I think too u are big idiot do you know that? 😂

Ste pitt o just think you’re sissy

fucking USB ! HAHA

Fuck me you could send a glass eye to sleep

it’s fake G Pen Elite

Knockoff. the convection-holes in the ceramic chamber of the real deal runs in a straight line. but, dontoo’t despair. fakes these days are good, only thing to worry about is the unknown quality of the battery, as it might swell, explode, short-circuit or catch fire sooner than later.

Is this pen holding up or has the plastic started melting and causing issues? I just ordered one and was curious to know

What about the heating cavity material is it non toxic? Hardened plastic or silicone heat resistant material ?

It is porcelain

Anton Špalek I have and never I use it, I m scared from this too

This is definitely fake. The original doesn’t have a plastic wrap around the pen itself, and the metal card, yours has the big logo on it in the middle, whereas the original has small logo on the bottom. But how does it perform? It costs 7x less than original, if it smokes well, then it’s a good buy.

please send the seller’s link

Just go to wish.com

Do you reckon you stumbled on G-pen’s supplier or it’s just a good knock off?

ahahhaha gpens supplier? they get them made for them dip shit.

Hey OP, what about your pen after half a year?
I ordered one this week.

If it’s a knock off, why does mine say I can register it on gpens web site?

Curious George mines still working perfectly, how about yours

I got the same message. However, when I tried to register on the website, I got the message that the code is invalid which means that either the code is not working or it’s knock off. I believe it’s the latter.

Just got one of these for $20 over Christmas on Aliexpress. It’s actually not bad. I tried it just 15 mins ago and it’s not awful.

The Trivium i just order 2 one for my wife and i, is it still kick’in?

How did it go with the fake Elite GPen? I’m thinking of buying one. Would you recommend it?

For $20, definitely recommend!

EVOD MT3 Elite Vaporizer Kit

I’m wondering how is your «G pen» running after some time. Still works well? What is you experience? How is a battery, heating chamber, overall quality and so on. thanks for answering 😉

Hi, I can’t really find these on aliexpress, is there any particular tag to search? G pen elite, grenco or anything like that returns 0 results, thank you.

Buy it on wish.com

Wish also has them. 20-30 instead of 200. Idc of this thing explodes for the price 🤷🏻‍♂️

Daniel Arnolf i am looking for one, should i order this one without any hesitation.. plz help me to buy it, looking for a wise advice.. anyone?
thanks in advance 🙂

Daniel Arnolf thank you

I can get this one for 16 bucks and even tho I have the nokiva already (you might know it) this for 16 just seems too sweet to pass on. How is the mouthpiece holding up? My vaporizers only issue is the mouthpiece breaking, should I order a spare along with my order if I do buy it?

Mouthpiece is holding up pretty good. I have been using on average 1x/wk for 3 mths now and have no issues. The mouthpiece feels like it’s either covered in rubber or mainly hard rubber so it’s pretty solid. Don’t think you’re going to need a spare mouthpiece but wouldn’t hurt to have one anyways especially if you are going to be sharing.
Pro is that it’s super portable with a digital display. Don’t really have too many cons on this other than the mouthpiece is a bit small so your lips can get burned if it gets below the mouthpiece.
Hope this helps 🙂

And if you reply I’d also like to know your verdict on this vaporizer. Any cons? Any outstanding pros?

This knockoff is a really good vape. Had it for 3 months, regular used and never had a problem other than trying to vape with low batt and that’s frustrating because it takes longer to heat and it does not charge as fast as the battery drains but it’s a good device.

of course, it will work with 1/3 and 1/2 of full cap and you can vape twice, second time at full temp.

Hey man I was wondering if it works with this vape to not fill it up completely but put in like around 0.2g?

My Gpen elite cost just over $200 AUD only a month ago. It has a G, and serial number on bottom of unit. I love it. Great vape 😁 dont be sucked in buying the knockoffs. Might as well smoke..

Michelle Jones where did you buy it? An official site or in store

I think the thing is though, it’s the exact same product (even if it is a knockoff). Same exact engineering specs, basically. The only thing is that it could be defective or faulty, or just suck, but it seems Wish offers a 30-day returns guarantee. That sort of changes the game. I’ve been researching this app a lot and surprisingly, it does seem like a good value as long as you are vigilant with returns.

Michelle Jones I bought this and if works fine

Where did you buy it if I may ask ?

haha i didnt notice that. Makes me look foolish indeed. What I meant was that cheap options still can be very good and just because your local shop or site doesn’t have it does not mean the products isn’t good.

I have one of this and im very happy with the purchase mine vap has like 2 months of use and at least now i have 0 problems so is really awesome and kinda crippy the way to them to copy this kind of stuff so well 😮

I have this pen, bought it from wish. The battery died within 4days, looked online and a lot of people complained about the same thing. It may be a fifth of the price, but you’ll buy two then give up. Not worth it.

Still work your vaper? Sorry for my bad english.

Sometimes they’re actually made in the same factory. From my understanding, it’s something China is «trying to stop», but because the molds and equipment is in place, the factories make some with enough changes and sell the clones for extra cash.

yeah right? I’ve seen an tested a real one and it feels exactly the same for costing just a fraction.

Could you do a review on this pls

Curious George please, I would like to know where to find the serial number

Jonathan Katz I recently purchased, and use daily. its great. Good vape quality.

Sure, I can write up a review. Is there anything specific that you want to know?

still working? any issues?

Yep, still works. It’s only been a week of use and used it 4 times so far

As an update, the seller did send me the wrong vap. However, I decided to keep this g pen elite and just got the seller to refund me the difference so the total came out to $20USD.

Curious George hi, I want to know if the mouth peace has change in time after using it? Does it burn the plastic mouth peace over time?

just buy the REAL GPEN, that knockoff stuff is shit, you should see the inside of 99% of cheaply made or knocked off vapes.. SOOO unhealthy and just not good whatsoever.. Even some non knock offs, just gotta find a quality brand pen. I like my GPen ELITE but i wish there was an attachment (maybe there is?) for oils ect. I just dont see why you guys buy these CHEAP vaporizers when the point of vaping is partially as its healthier yet, when you cant spend the extra 20-50$ for the real thing, or a good quality pen its doing the complete opposite of what its supposed too. In other words its 10x worse then combusting the material with a butane lighter IMHO. Dont cheap out on this kind of thing it ends up costing your health in the end for a few bucks? not worth it

adam williams hey Williams,look . If you’re looking for the vapeworld ,buy the cheap one first ,until u get more friendly with it . I bought one from eBay too and they give me this that i’ve been using since October and there is any problem if u get used to.

Bought one from eBay for 30 how is the vapor and battery life, any weird taste