How to find a store on aliexpress. How to find a store by aliexpress by name.


AliExpress site is well-deserved. It offers suggestions from various Chinese stores. Competition is simply huge, but this does not mean that all sellers are equally reliable. Sometimes the purchase turns into headache, the product does not arrive on time, does not correspond to the description or the quality of the product is worse than expected.

For the convenience of customers, the seller’s rating list and reviews of products, real terms of delivery and terms of cooperation are published. To avoid problems, many visitors to this site prefer to make purchases from the same vendors. Simply put, if you are satisfied with the price and quality of the product, the terms and the cost of delivery, communication with the seller, it makes sense to make purchases from him in the future.

There is another argument in favor of such a solution. Many sellers provide discounts to regular buyers.

At first glance it seems that finding a salesperson whose cooperation you have left pleasant memories, among the many offers is very difficult. In fact, this is not true, it’s enough to know his number or name.

Store search by name

If you know, under which name the seller is registered on AliExpress, you can use any search service. For example, you want to find a Crown Quality store. Open Yandex and enter in the line: site: Crown quality. Next in the search results, we find the desired link and go over it.

The store’s main page opens up to you.

You can also use any other search service that you consider most comfortable and habitual.

If you kill the seller’s name in the AliExpress search portal, there will be a large number of offers from different vendors. It is likely that there will be at least one store proposal you are looking for in the first positions of the list. In this case, you will need to enter the description of the item, find the item «Seller» in it and click on the link. After this also the main page of the wanted store opens.

Search by number

In this case, you will not have to look for anything. On AliExpress, the direct address of each seller is For example, Crown Quality is assigned a number 116986. To access the main store page, you must enter

As you can see, the search for a seller or store is not particularly difficult, and the benefits of ongoing collaboration are obvious.

In order not to spoil your impression of shopping in chinese stores, first of all it is worth paying attention to the seller, buyers reviews about him and his rating. So, let’s take a look at everything more .

When looking for a product in the list of results, you can see the rating of a particular seller, visually displayed (by significance) either medals, or diamonds, or crowns. The higher the rating, the more icons. The figure below illustrates rating gradation.

On the page that opens, you will find a summary of the seller.

Let’s take a closer look at the elements of the page:

  1. The seller — The name of the store.
  2. — Percentage of positive reviews for the last 6 months.
  3. Feedback Score — Seller rating, which is calculated by summing points for reviews (5 or 4 stars = +1 point, 3 stars = 0 points, 2 or 1 star = -1 points).
  4. AliExpress Seller Since — Date of registration of the seller on AliExpress.
  5. Detailed seller ratings — A detailed seller rating, formed on the basis of user feedback from already received goods from him.
  6. Item as Described — The description of the goods corresponds to its actual state
  7. Communication — Consumer coherence when resolving any questions that arose during the order.
  8. Shipping Speed — The speed of sending the goods by the seller. Do not be confused with the delivery order delivery speed. Roughly speaking, the speed from the time of order to the appearance of the first departure information.
  9. Feedback History — Table of reviews for different periods (1 Month — for the last month, 3 months — for the last 3 months, 6 months — for the last six months, 12 months for the last year, Overall for all time).
  10. Feedback Received as a Seller — Reviews received by the seller from the buyers.
  11. Feedback Left For Buyers — Seller reviews about buyers. Yes, buyers also have their own rating.

From all this information, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Positive Feedback (Past 6 months) — the closer this figure to 100%, the more responsible the seller.
  • Feedback Score — The larger the number, the more orders are executed. A more or less adequate number — no less than 500 successful transactions.

In addition, please carefully review the seller’s negative feedback, for which click on the table » Feedback History»By the number in the line« Negative (1-2 stars)»In the column« Overall» As a rule, negative reviews are more informative than positive ones. When you get acquainted with them, you will be able to understand what pitfalls may occur in the course of cooperation with this seller.

After analyzing all of this information, you can decide whether to contact the vendor at all and whether it is worth looking for another.

From my personal experience, I note that high-ranking sellers are less sociable than novice vendors who still have to earn a reputation on AliExpress.

If you have any questions or concerns about the product, then do not rush to order it, but try to contact the seller in advance, by clicking on the link » Contact Now».

Discuss all the details and on the basis of how the conversation will be, make the final conclusions about the expediency of acquiring the goods from this seller.

If you are new to AliExpress, you can use our special tool to make a decision about buying from a particular seller. This tool will analyze all of the above parameters and will provide a level of risk.

All questions, please leave, not in comments to the article, since the forum has a chance to get an answer much higher!

AliExpress has long enjoyed the trust of its users with high quality and fast service. We will tell you how best to choose a seller on it.

In this article, we will talk about how to find a seller on AliExpress. It’s not as difficult as it seems. To begin with, you need to understand that the most important quality to look for is his reputation and rating. The latter can range from 3 points to over 400,000. The more this figure, the seller is safer to buy one or another item from him. You can check the seller by using our service seller checks on AliExpress.

Also, if you were wondering how to find a seller on AliExpress, you should pay attention to such indicators as Positive Feedback, Shipping Speed ​​and Feedback Score. We will talk about each of them in detail.

Positive Feedback — this is the element that is responsible for the percentage of good reviews to all reviews. Accordingly, the higher the percentage is, the better the reputation of the store that sells you the goods.

Shipping Speed — This is the rate of sending the parcel postal service. However, this indicator is not responsible for how quickly it will reach you. It includes only the time for which the seller sends it to the mail.

Feedback Score — This is the number that is responsible for how many orders are executed. It is believed that a good indicator is any higher than 500. We hope that you understand what indicators you can find the seller on AliExpress.

How to find a seller on AliExpress

Another popular question for which we also have an answer is how to find it at the Alyxpress store. To begin with, it’s worth to understand that «shop = seller» and only a few of them are private individuals, not large trading floors. Therefore, all the advice we gave above is applicable here. However, if you have a specific site number, you can find AliExpress store on it. To do this, you need to enter it in the search string on the site and it will be displayed below.

Perhaps this is all that you need to know about this issue. This marketplace has excellent product quality and a huge assortment of goods. We are sure that here you can find any product you need and order it with a paid or free service. delivery . We hope that from this article you understand how to find a store on AliExpress.

Always want to quickly find the right product. The buyer wants the product to be of high quality, and the execution of the order is fast. Of great importance when choosing is the price.

The following tips will help you organize the right search. You will understand the principle of writing the name of the goods, and learn how to find both branded items and just high-quality products at optimal prices.

How to search and choose products on Aliexpress?

How to still search and select products on Aliexpress so that more options are available, take a look. For the first order here you can also register for on the official website. How to do it.

  • When choosing clothes enter the following values ​​in the search string on the site: year, season (winter, spring, summer, autumn) and type of clothes (for example, when choosing a cardigan jacket or jacket).
  • When choosing a technique, specify the model parameters on the left side of the screen (click on the category you want and you will see the filters where the manufacturer, model, extensions are introduced).

Important: Try to write in the search for more words characterizing the product so that you can choose from more options.

How to find an Aleyexpress seller?

Shopping on AliExpress

The most important thing when choosing a seller is his reputation and rating. The rating starts from several points, and ends with huge five-digit numbers.

Accordingly, the low rating indicates that the seller only started its work and recently registered in Aliexpress , or it works long, but not qualitatively. Disputes can be constantly opened on such sellers, because of the sale of poor quality goods or because of delayed delivery of the goods.

  • Write in the search line on the site the name of the thing in Russian, but it is better in English, for example, jacket — jacket.
  • Offers will be opened with this product, click on one of them. The price seems low and you already want to place an order, but do not hurry up.
  • Copy the name of the item on its page and paste it into the site search.
  • The result will be no more than 10 similar jackets. Now choose the cheapest and order.

How to find new products on Aliexpress?

New products on AliExpress

After receiving the goods leave a review about him so that other buyers can evaluate the integrity of the seller. After all, the feedback forms the opinion of the shopper in the eyes of buyers.

On the basis of reviews, each user makes the most important choice — to acquire or not to purchase the goods from this seller. Good shopping!

In this article, we will try to explain to you how to find out on the website Aliexpress — how to find the right seller, supplier, the product you like, or shop by number and by name. As you know, Aliexpress is not an online store, but a trading platform with a lot of small stores, which are not always easy to search.

If you have already worked with any store located on the Alyexpress site, and you also liked the quality of goods and services, in the future you will want to buy these products from only one seller. To be a buyer of the same seller is quite justified and from the point of view of economy — constant buyers always give good discounts, more guarantees that you will not be deceived and will not throw in poor quality goods, you do not have to waste time finding the right things.

In this case, it’s easiest to make a bookmark or add a store page to your favorites — so you can easily and quickly find the store or product you need. If you did not do this, the search for a store by name is complicated, but not enough to look for another vendor.

Please note that on the Alyexpress website under the seller’s rating there is a button: «Add to» Favorite Stores «- you click on it, and the store will appear in your Personal Account on Aliexpress. Gradually you will have several «Favorite Stores» in which you will become a regular buyer, and you do not have to re-search them every time.

If you no longer need this store on Aliexpress and you intend to remove it from your favorites list, click the «Basket» button, and then the «Delete» button.

Well, and if you do not have any bookmarks or list yet, you can find a store by name: open the internet on Yandex or Google, enter the «site: + seller name» in the search engine. For example, you need to find a GoTop Smartphone store, which means the request will look like this: «site: GoTop Smartphone.»

Click Search, you’ll see the searched store as the first search answer. Now you only have to click on it and get to the store page, and then add it to your favorite list.

The store on Aliexpress can be found not only by name but also by number. Each store has such a design:, and to find it by number, you need to put this number after the word store. Insert the resulting design with the number into the search engine and press Enter or Search.

If you are the first time on AliExpress, and yet do not know which of the sellers to contact, pay attention to the rating. On this website, each store’s ranking is determined by medals, diamonds or crowns. So, first-level stores are awarded with medals, the second level — diamonds, the third, the highest — crowns.

If you have seen crowns or diamonds next to the name of the store on Aliexpress, then the store has a high rating, customers are happy with the quality of the product and service, the seller works in good faith, and you can safely make an order. In new stores awards may not be at all, or be, but a little — it does not mean at all that the seller is unfair, and you can take risks and make an order from him. Or find a high-rated Aliexpress store.

Not everyone knows that Aliexpress can list not only the liked shops, but also to create a wish list, or a list of liked goods that you can not buy yet.

You liked the product, and the seller’s rating is high enough, but there is no money to buy it. In this case, it is necessary to add it to the list of desires, and then to compare — whether there are other products in the other shops on AliExpress, and how much they cost? When the price changes, the store notifies you about it. Perhaps by the time you can buy a product from the list of desires, it will be cheaper by the time.