Mvmt watches aliexpress


i bought 6 watches over the last 6 months, in general, i believe there are 3 types of mvmt styl watches on aliexpress. for comparison, the last one (black face, red arms, brown strap) is an original mvmt.

the first one (black face, blue arm, dark silver casing) is a very cheap fake, it doesnt look the same. its smaller, the rim around the dial is much bulkier than the mvmt’s. sadly, the seller used the original mvmt photos. i saw more of those fakes, mostly in the color combinations that appear to be more rare on ali express. heres a picture of one of those cheaper fakes in the more rare color combinations: i got it for 12.85$

the second one (black face, rose god arms, brown strap) is in a better size. the rim has the same strength as the original mvmt watch, although the case is a little bit smaller than the originals. i believe this one is 44mm, the mvmt is 45mm. this cost me 13$

the third watch (white face, silver arms, beige strap) is the best (see more pics here the size is exactly the same, the rim around the glass has the same size, the logo is in exactly the same size etc. only difference i could spot was the date window, which is a little bit more to the right and larger on the original, but thats it. these awesome fakes are mostly silver or black casing with black or beige strap. this watch cost me 8.99 $, but the price has dropped since to 5.89$ or so.

the watches look good (not talkin about the first one on the photo), but the real deal is something else. you can feel the weight and the quality, and the fakes are ticking very loud compared to the original, which you almost cant hear. so keep an eye out on ebay and stuff like that, i bought 2 originals for about 45$ each, and it was well worth the money.

if you have any more questions feel free to ask, i was very disappointed when i first wanted to order these watches and couldnt find anything online about the quality and looks.