OnePlus One: How to replace the Battery


  • Birt 9 jún 2017
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Just a small note, when I pulled the cover that covers the phone, it took the battery connector with it.
I was stymied for a while, since the video is saying to remove the battery connector, and instead of seeing 5 connectors, I only saw 4. Thought I had a different version one plus or something, until I realized the connector was stuck to the cover.
There’s some rubber bits that cushion the connectors.
Also, upon reinstall the touch screen didn’t work.
Turned out again, the rubber cushion had pulled up another connector just slightly. Push on all of them, and seated them good, felt a snap on one, which I can assume was the touch screen, and all was good.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’ll pin this comment to the top in case others had a similar experience as yours. Thanks again Dimly and Ben for sharing!

Again, a great video. Again, I had exactly the same two experiences as Dimly — viz 1) the battery connector being stuck to the internal connector cover when I removed it and 2) no touchscreen the first time I put it back together, leading me to take it apart again, see the ‘flappy’ thing that had amused me for its being ‘flappy’ when I took the phone apart the first time, realise it was a connector, click it in place with a satisfying click, put it all back together for a second time and then finding everything fine.

Bhai me abhi one plus 2 use kar raha hu aur usaki battery kharidana chahata hu to kaha se lu please link send karo bhai..
Help kar de bhai. please.

I wish this was as easy as in the video, took me a good 30 minutes of messing around trying to remove all the parts. Now for figuring out if the replacement is any good.

I bought my Oneplus One in july 2015. I’m not an expert on phones, but try to be careful and well informed when it comes to buying a new one.
For over more than a year (i think) i start using another charger (not from 1+) since my original one charged slowly. The charger I use since then broke last week. I have to put my phone and charger in a certain position to let it charge.

Now I’m wondering. Should I look into a new phone? Or should I try replacing the battery and buy a new charger? Does it really extent the lifetime enough to be worth it? If not, I bought my 1+1 with 64 gb storage for 300 €. A bargain. Since the new Oneplus devices are not as cheap as the 1+1, are there similar bargains these days?

Well I can only give you my own experience and hope that can help! I has a similar experience but mine the charger was fine the cable was broken and the battery was not able to hold charge as much as I wanted it, so I ordered a new battery from eBay but the new one was not any better than the old one!! It looks like there is no good OEM battery for this device, or at least I couldn’t find one so I ended up buying a new phone. I would say if a good battery could be found then it would worth the trouble of replacing the battery or buying a new charger. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find one! Hope this helps, thanks!

Thank you for this nice explanation.
My super OnePlus One is today 4 years old an with first battery on Lineage Oreo I have 4 hours SOT.

You’re very welcome! I’m glad it was useful for you! Thanks 🙂

hey good video, but i have a question . can it happens that the phone dont have signal after replacment? my father did this and has no signal anymore. 🙁 the sim card works in another phone its not the card,

Unfortunately I have not seen anything like that happen before. The only thing that I can think of is that your father might have accidentally unplugged another cable when he was unplugging the battery cable! So maybe he can open it again and make sure all the connectors (especially the ones close to the battery connector) are plugged in! Sorry that I can’t be helpful on this issue! Good luck!

Thanks for the video! Now I have to hope that I bought a good battery 😀 atleast it looks exactly like the old one (with a newer date off)

You’re very welcome! Good luck with the new battery! 🙂