Payment systems aliexpress. How to pay for aliexpress.


I suggest you in this article to understand how to pay for orders on Aliexpress. Of course, experienced buyers will answer this question themselves, since they have probably been paid in many different ways, but it will be useful for newcomers to read.

What is the best way to pay for purchases on aliexpress?

So, clicked on the button to buy goods, have completed the procedure for ordering, it remains to pay. Here we are offered such methods:

And there is a tick Use certificate.

Naturally, most buyers pay on Aliexpress card, it can also be linked to the account, that is, after the first entry of the number, security code, month and year of the end and the name of the owner, these data will be preserved and no need to fill them in future purchases.

Regarding the safety of the stored data, do not worry — for Aliexpress everything is very safe and reliable, no one will steal your data.

The only problem can be on your side, namely, any viruses on the computer that can intercept the data of the cards and inform them of the hackers. So check your computer for a similar infection.

How to pay for goods on Aliexpress using a certificate?

Well, now we will analyze the best, in my opinion, the method of payment for Aliexpress — through a gift certificate. Why he is the best, I will now explain.

To pay with a certificate, you need to first:

Why do I so welcome this method of payment? For the purchase of a certificate, for example, you can get it instantly! I generally recommend buying through the cashback, but here it can also be obtained twice. This is the first advantage. The second is the ease of payment, namely that you do not need to enter the card data, you do not need to open the Webmoney purse or Qiwi, confirm something by SMS, etc. Well, the third reason — certificates is like an internal currency on the site, replenished 1 time a balance of $ 200 and buy at least a year, if this money is enough!

How to pay for the purchase of other payment systems?

Webmoney — for me personally it is a convenient way, it is more convenient than paying a card. On Webmani, I always keep a small amount of money, so pay for the purchase is not difficult. The only thing if you do not have a Webmoney purse, then it’s not the best for making purchases on Ali-there are too many problems.

If the wallet is there and everything is already set up, then everything is simple — we are authorized in your Webmoney account and make a calculation. Such payments usually require confirmation by SMS or E-num, if you have them set up.

Qiwi is a much simpler payment system than Webmoney, but I practically do not use it, I just do not see much point. Paying through QIWI is also simple, it is enough to have the necessary amount of money on the account, in the process of payment to the phone number tied to the Kiwi-purse, an SMS with the activation code will come, here is the entire payment for you.

Yandex.Money — I never used them, but the payment process is also very, very simple, there’s nothing to explain.

How to pay for Aliexpress via phone?

This is called mobile payment. Select it, then select the operator, enter your phone number and click on sending SMS. Then follow the instructions in this SMS, namely you will need to confirm the payment.

Through the phone it is convenient to buy various trifles up to $ 5, since many on the balance of the mobile phone always have 500-600 rubles.

Cash payment

Please note that this prepayment in cash is, by the way, the most inconvenient way of payment. Since for this you have to go to the terminal or to some kind of communication salon, such as Svyaznoy. Why the cash payment for Aliexpress is impossible, I will now briefly explain.

Is it possible to pay for an order with Aliexpress upon receipt?

Of course, it is impossible, otherwise many buyers would treat purchases in a manner that is not secure (they still did not pay the money, so you can not go to the post office for the parcel), and the Chinese would have to spend money to return goods from Russia back to China.

Do not be afraid of the fact that you need to pay for the goods immediately, because the money will still not reach the seller, they will be withheld on Aliexpress until you confirm receipt of the goods. Yes, and Aliexpress is a well-thought-out protection of the buyer, so that in the event of loss of goods on the road / marriage / late delivery and other unpleasant reasons, you can open a dispute and return money.

Here we are with you and figured out how to pay for purchases on Aliexpress. It’s very simple, safe and secure. The other reasons why it is worth buying on Aliexpress are written.

Agree, the value of the store Aliexpress today is difficult enough to overestimate. There are different ways of replenishing the balance, introducing funds into the system, and today it is important to dwell on one issue that usually worries our compatriots.

So, how do I pay for an order via AliAlex?

Some time ago it was almost impossible to do this. A huge number of users and buyers of the online store were looking for acceptable options for themselves, turned to the services of intermediaries, which created additional complexity and inconvenience. Agree, not each of us will have friends who will want to help us make payments in the online store, even having on hand the necessary electronic purses and cards. Yes, and strain friends once again somehow do not really want. And if there are no such people in your environment? It was a whole problem!

Now everything is much easier! So, what do you need to do to pay for the purchase at the post office?

1. First of all, it is necessary to choose certain commodity positions in the store and complete the purchase. On the corresponding wanderer, you should choose the option of paying in cash.
2. In the future, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number, to which the code will come. Just do not remove it, it’s still useful!
3. Here, via SMS, you will be asked to confirm your intention to purchase the relevant commodity items. You confirm this, remember or write the code.
4. Next, you should go to the post office of «Post of Russia», from where the corresponding payment for purchases will be made.

In total, in the vastness of our homeland there are about thirty-seven thousand points where you can pay for goods with Aliexpress using postal services. At the same time, it should be remembered that the store does not work with cash on delivery, so you should count only on prepayment. Only after this, there will be movement according to your order.

It’s simple!

So, in the post office itself you need to produce the code that came to your mobile phone number. In this case, you make payment in cash. Payment will be made in rubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment. At the same time, if you pay in rubles, no commission is charged from you. As you can see, it was even more convenient and practical to pay for purchases on Alyexpress. The ability to pay for goods without additional commission allows you to save money.

You can also use the terminals for payment, which are most often located in post offices. If you want to do this, you just need to choose:

• the corresponding terminal button — «Aliexpress», which will be displayed in the main menu;
• search for the corresponding section in the item «Goods by catalogs».

It is not difficult to understand this system, but you can independently make an order and make appropriate money for it, without resorting to the services of strangers and without disturbing them.

How to pay for goods with Aliexpress ? This question is asked by every newcomer who decided to make an acquisition on Aliexpress . And, if registration is passed, the payment is still ahead. This operation is not as complicated as it seems. Creators Aliexpress all thought out. And for the convenience of users have prepared several methods of payment. Which is right for you, you decide after a detailed examination of each of them.

Payment Methods on AliExpress Com

What is on Aliexpress you can pay for purchases in several ways, for no one is new. For Russian buyers, the list of options is the broadest. There are almost all available methods of calculation:

  • Payment by bank cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard);
  • Payment through the electronic wallet (Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex Money);
  • Payment from the mobile phone account (Mts, Megafon, BiLine, Tele2);
  • Cash payment;
  • Payment by bank transfer (WESTERN UNION, Bank Transfer).

Each of the payment options has its advantages and disadvantages. Somewhere, interest is deducted from the transfer, somewhere you need to specify personal data. Therefore, each user must independently determine which payment method Aliexpress most profitable.

Payment by bank card (step by step)

Russian users on Aliexpress you can pay for purchases with Visa, Maestro, MasterCard. Debit cards (personal, salary, social) and credit cards are accepted for settlements. With the latter, the situation is somewhat more complicated, since not every card has permission for «foreign» transfers. That is, if you do not have an Internet banking service, then, in fact, you can not pay the purchase on Aliexpress . To get permission to perform a cash transaction, you need to contact the bank that issued the card.

So, there is one more nuance for payment by a card — it should have money. The commission for transferring from the card to the Alipay account is not charged, therefore the minimum amount on the account should be equal to the cost of the selected product. To pay with a credit card, you need to select the «Card» tab in the offered payment window (this is usually the default).

  1. There is a number on the front side of each card. Its figures can vary from 16 to 20 depending on the type of payment system. Enter them into the box;
  2. In this line you need to specify the validity period of the card. It can also be viewed on the front side. First enter the month to which the card is valid, then the year;
  3. In this window you need to enter three digits of the security code. You will find it on the back of the card. This number is not available for all types of cards. Maestro you will not find it, because this type of card does not provide for the use of a secret code;
  4. Here you need to enter a first and last name. Everything is entered exactly as on the map. You can write in capital letters or lowercase. The system is not very sensitive to the register;
  5. To complete the transaction, you need to click «Pay now.»

If you have a mobile bank connected, you will receive a message on your mobile phone, which will indicate the amount of the order. You will need to respond to it with consent, having sent back the indicated figure for a positive transfer of funds. Thus, the amount for the selected product will be debited from the bank card account. The transfer is in dollars. Conversion occurs automatically.

Payment via electronic wallet, in detail

On Aliexpress for Russian users and CIS countries you can pay for orders from the following types of purses:

The commission at the same time payment system Aliexpress does not charge. As a result of the payment, the entire currency is converted automatically into USD ($).

Payment through QIWI wallet, in detail

Suppose you have already reached the window with payment types. By default, in the first tab you will be offered a card payment. Go to the next window «Other payment methods». It is shown in detail in the photo:

Next, a field appears where you need to select «Qiwi Wallet». Switch to the electronic money payment form by double clicking the cursor. In a new window you will be asked to enter the cell phone number to which the wallet is attached. Enter the numbers and click «Pay Now.» The system will transfer you to the payment site. If you are not logged in, then you will be prompted to enter a password and login to enter the Qiwi wallet. Immediately after the entrance, you will see a receipt for payment of the alleged goods. Select the «Pay» key. The phone will receive SMS. Confirm the purchase. In response to your e-invoice, the purchase amount will be written off.

Advantages of QIWI wallet

  • One of the significant advantages of QIWI wallet is its security. Nobody takes your data (when registering, as well as when paying, you only need to enter the mobile number), and even more so the means. Put a certain amount, pay for the purchase and receive the order;
  • To replenish QIWI a purse it is possible through the terminal. There are a lot of them, they are found in almost every shop or bus stop;
  • For the transfer of funds to Aliexpress an electronic fee is not charged commission. Also there is no commission for the contribution of funds to the electronic account;
  • QIWI wallet does not have a restriction on performing daily transfers, for example, as for mobile operators;
  • If there is no Internet connection (the communication was cut off abruptly), then you can pay for the purchase by sending an SMS message;
  • You can manage QIWI purse from any device where there is Internet.

Possible problems with paying QIWI

  • At its core, the QIWI wallet is not a secure electronic product. It is unreliable and at the time of payment you may simply not have the means;
  • Sometimes the payment system Alipay does not accept payments from some electronic purses, including QIWI;
  • Also, the Alipay system may not accept the transfer if you have a tick — ruble transactions in the electronic wallet. All calculations are made in dollar equivalent;
  • Sometimes, when paid, Eror can issue an error, but the operation is still over, and the money is written off from the wallet. According to the feedback of many users, even after such a message, they received all the packages ordered. Simply just in case, write off with the seller, if there is a conflict of systems;
  • Some users note that they made a double payment when performing one operation. Indeed, the blog Qiwi receives complaints about such cases. To avoid such situations, experts advise to create a virtual map of Kiwi. When paying for such a medium, there are no difficulties.

Payment through Webmoney, step by step

In the payment section, select the «Other payment methods» tab — WebMoney:

In response to your action, a window will appear, informing you that the funds are only supported in USD currency. In this case, payment can be made in any available currency, which will automatically be transferred to dollars. Click «Pay». You will go to the electronic purse WebMoney. Before you will be shown the form in which the purchase amount will be indicated, in the lower window you will need to enter the secret code. It will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail (at your choice, select the button). Enter it in the free window. At the end of the operation, click «Payment I confirm.»

By the results of the transaction with the electronic wallet will be charged for the ordered goods. The seller will see the transfer and send the parcel.

Payment through Yandex Money system, step by step

In the window with payment methods, find the line, with the Yandex Money option. You can do this by going to the «Yandex Money» tab, or by finding the line with this type of e-wallet in the «Other payment methods» tab:

In the net tab, enter your wallet. Now in the window Aliexpress click on Yandex Money. A notice will be displayed that you can pay for the order without commission from the attached cards or from the account itself. Select the «Pay now» button. Automatically, the system will transfer you to an electronic wallet.

Read the purchase amount again and if you agree, click «Pay». So from your account the amount to pay for the order will be written off. In return you will receive a receipt for payment, which you need to save until the receipt of the parcel.

Payment for an order through express service, step by step

Express payment is the payment through the money transfer system. You can perform the operation in the office of WESTERN UNION agents or in banks that work with this transfer. Express transfer WESTERN UNION you can pay for purchases more than $ 20, but less than $ 5,000.

If you select WESTERN UNION, you will go to the page where you will be notified that all transfers are made in dollars only. Pay for goods Aliexpress you will have to pay out the account number at the nearest branch of the bank or at the express service office that works with Quick Pay WESTERN UNION payments. Click Continue. Before you will be a check with the account number, which is valid only for this payment.

The amount you will pay should be in dollars. If you came to the office with rubles, you can buy dollars on the spot or exchange them in any bank. After completing the payment, the seller will see the operation. Within 3 days from the date of payment, your status should change from «Waiting for payment» to «Payment made».

Payment by bank transfer

For payment via bank transfer, please select in the section with payment options Bank Transfer. By transfer of Bank Transfer it is possible to pay orders from $ 20 to $ 50,000.

After choosing this method of payment, you will see a window where you will find a form with the data to make a payment.

The received invoice can be paid in any bank, as well as the transfer, only in dollar equivalent. All data must be specified in strict accordance, as in the form issued on Aliexpress . The form is valid only for payment of one item. Even if you ordered several goods from the supplier, you can not combine them into one payment. Also, you can not divide a large amount into several. For example, you buy a metal detector worth $ 1,000. So you need to pay $ 1,000.

When paying by bank transfer, it is necessary to take into account the fact that banks charge a commission for the provision of their services. After completing the payment within 7 working days, your order should change the status from «Pending payment» to «Payment made». In spite of the updated order data in your personal account, keep a receipt for payment before receiving the goods.

How to pay via mobile phone, step by step

Payment of goods for Aliexpress can be made from a mobile phone account. The operation is supported by the following cellular operators:

To complete the transaction, go to the «Other payment methods» tab. There, choose «Mobile payment». Check the appropriate operator. In the box below, enter the phone number without «8». Then click «Send sms».

After the action is completed, a message will be sent to your phone, according to the instructions described, send a symbol for the payment. As a result, the purchase amount will be debited from the mobile phone account. Aliexpress Only three operators charge a commission for the transaction:

  • megafon — 1.95%;
  • in BeeLine — 3.9%;
  • tele 2 has 2.45%.

At the same time, the additional commission for the transfer is charged by the operator himself. Immediately after making a payment, your order will have the status «Payment is checked».

Can I pay upon receipt of goods

Despite the fact that among the payment options for Aliexpress there is a «Payment in cash», goods can not be paid upon receipt. The fact that the payment system Alipay is arranged in this way: payment made by the buyer is stored in the system as long as the buyer’s protection is in effect, that is, 15 days after pressing the «Confirm receipt of goods» key. Then the payment is received by the seller. That is why two weeks are given for the opening of the dispute and the return of funds.

The method of «Cash payment» is as follows: you select the data option, you will need to enter your phone number, it will receive an SMS message with the code. With this code you go to the department store «Evroset», «Svyaznoy» or to the Post of Russia. There you will take the received code and money, fill out the form and send payment to the account Aliexpress . The seller will see the perfect operation, change the order status to «Payment is checked», then send the goods and change the status to «Order sent.»

How to protect yourself when paying, alternative ways

  • Get a separate payment resource (bank card, electronic wallet). Put there a certain amount to pay for Aliexpress . So you save money and personal data;
  • Keep receipts, sms, electronic reports after the performance of the payment transaction;
  • If you do not trust the reliability of the payment system Aliexpress , then do not pay for purchases with a salary card. For these purposes, it is better to release a child to your main map — a virtual one. Even if the perpetrators attempt to seize your personal information, they will not get anything done;
  • Watch for the correct operation of the Internet. At times of outages, transactions can occur more than once. Especially it concerns electronic purses;
  • Before paying, make sure that you are actually on the website of the online store

The next stage after choosing the thing you liked (or things) and getting acquainted with all the rating positions on, however, as well as on many other trading Internet sites is the payment of the lot. One of the most convenient ways to pay for purchases here is the calculation by a bank card. It is on all practical nuances of this method of payment that we will stop.

The beginning of the payment procedure for the chosen product will be the introduction of the verification code — thus the system excludes the possibility of entering into it robots. After entering the required characters, we press the virtual button «Place order». Now it will open a page with all possible types of payment and currency in which you can calculate. Just note that it is better to choose for payment the currency for which your bank card is issued — this will greatly simplify the payment procedure. Otherwise, the bank that issued your card will convert the currency at its rate. Since payment cards of Visa, Maestro and MasterCard type are used in Aliexpress for conducting transactions, in the provided list of payment methods we mark the point corresponding to the type of your card. In order to avoid possible deviation of payments, we recommend that you specify before the payment procedure for the bank whether an option for Internet payments is connected to your card, including outside your home country. Unambiguously, social cards of Sberbank and salary cards are not suitable for purchases on this marketplace. The ideal option here will be special debit cards to pay for online purchases, for example, Corn, which is a type of MasterCard.

After choosing the payment method, you will need to fill in the fields with the name of the payment card holder, its number, validity period and enter the CVV / CVC code (the last three digits on the back of the card). If you have SMS-confirmation of payment service to your payment card — wait for the message with the code, enter it and finish the payment procedure by pressing the virtual button «Pay my order» (in the English version — «Pay my order»).

In spite of the fact that the amount necessary for payment of the goods will be withdrawn from your payment card immediately, it will conduct a payment check about 24 hours. This precautionary measure was introduced not because you are not trusted, but rather on the contrary — that in case your card is used by intruders, you managed to block it for this time. So do not worry that at this time your order will have the status of unpaid. After the trading platform system confirms receipt of your payment, this status will change and the order processing will start.

Often payment for goods on Alyexpress with the help of bank cards passes without any complications, quickly and easily. Plus, this is also safe: given that some of the data you enter is considered confidential information, the Aliexpress system guarantees their protection. You also need to know that for this method of payment there are limits — 10 000 units in dollar equivalent.

To order the liked goods on «Алиэкспрессе» not too difficult. However, sometimes there are difficulties with paying for it, since it’s the first time to deal with all the nuances. Asking how to pay for an order for «Aliexpress», it is worth familiarizing yourself with a simple instruction that will make purchases pleasant and easy. Especially since for some time now the possibilities for paying for goods for Russian buyers have been significantly expanded.

Browse Categories

Before you pay for an order on «Aliexpress», you need to do it. To do this, you need to carefully review the category of interest. If you are looking for a specific product, you can use the search field of the trading platform. The convenience of «Aliexpress» is that there is no need to type a query in English. Russian layout of the trading platform «reads» easily. After you have chosen the goods, found out its cost, the method of delivery, you need to create your account (account).

At the top of the page is the «Register» tab. Clicking on it, you will begin the procedure of creating an account. You need to enter your current On it you will receive a letter with confirmation of registration. You must specify a first and last name. Here everything is like a passport, as it is with this document that you will receive an order. You must also come up with a password and repeat it later. Choose a fairly complex, but memorable combination, so that you can then seamlessly access your account from any device. You also need to choose your status (wholesaler, private buyer).

Delivery address

Having created your account, it is desirable to immediately register and the delivery address of the order. This will save considerable time in the future. Log into your account, then follow the «My Aliexpress» tab, find the «Address» line. There you must indicate your actual place of residence. That is the address from where you will pick up your parcels. It is not necessary that the addresses of registration and delivery coincide. Save the data so that you can always select this option in one click.

After selecting the product, feel free to click on the buy now option if you want to purchase only this unit. If you have several orders, they can be paid and processed from the basket. Then you can add by clicking on add to cart. When making an order, log in to the account (if it was not done before), select the place of delivery. Orders from «Aliexpress» from one seller can be sent by a single package, from different, naturally, different. The last step is payment. To do this, click buy.

Payment Methods

Before you pay for an order from «Aliexpress», it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the possible options. The choice, by the way, rather big.

Payment by Visa or MasterCard

Payment by card is considered one of the most convenient ways. First, the data of your card is strictly classified from both the seller and other third parties. Secondly, in the case of the need to refund, this will be at times more convenient and faster. Third, you can pay for the purchase in just a few clicks. Having chosen this method, you only need to enter your card details, and then confirm the payment by clicking on Pay My Order. Your order is paid and ready to be shipped.


This is available for orders made less than $ 5,000. That is, for the majority it is suitable. Before you pay for the order in «Aliexpress», once again check whether all the fields you filled out correctly. Choosing a payment method «Kiwi-purse», you must fill several fields. Firstly, enter your purse number (usually it is the same as the phone number to which it is attached). Secondly, choose a method of payment again. The payment system «Kiwi» has several of them: from the wallet, through the terminal, from the card (if it is tied). Choose any convenient. If this is a map, you will need to enter its data. If the terminal, then pay through it purchase. If the purse, then the amount will be written off from it.

More recently, a convenient payment method appeared on the trading floor, like the Webmoney wallet. If you already paid the order for «Aliexpress» with his help, then in case of a refund, there will be no problems, in principle. If you choose this method, you will be automatically transferred to the webmoney.transfer page, where you need to specify a login, password, and also confirm the purchase by SMS or through the application keeper. Funds are transferred instantly.

«Yandex money»

The administration of «Aliexpress» has long gone to meet its Russian customers, creating a convenient method of payment with the help of the «Yandex.Money» service. You will automatically be transferred to the site with payment. It is necessary to enter a login and password on the Yandex service, then browse through the invoice, pay for it by entering a payment password. After that you will be pleased with the message that the payment has passed.

On what and how to save

Very often one and the same goods on «Aliexpress» are presented by several sellers. You can choose the lowest cost possible, view reviews about the seller and the product, then save on what to buy cheaper.

Another one good way save — on delivery. For example, when searching for a product, tick the free shipping box, which means «free shipping». The only downside — some sellers do not send a tracking number to track the parcel. Although this happens rarely.

The third way to save money is to ask for a discount or a gift. That is, in the comments to the order, you can indicate that another seller you saw the goods cheaper or would like to receive a bonus to purchase. Of course, you need to write in English, since Chinese salespeople in Russian understand little.

You can also save on the method of payment. So, for example, when transferring funds from a card, the commission is not withdrawn, for the most part, and the Webmoney service takes a standard commission of 0.8% of the payment amount. Carefully review these aspects when choosing a method of payment.


Before you pay for the order on «Aliexpress», carefully fill in all the delivery fields so that your parcel will come to you. In addition, correctly indicate your name and surname to receive the parcel. Choose a shipping method to save and sacrifice time or rather pick up your purchase. Remember that your money the seller receives only after you withdraw the parcel. All this time, the funds are stored in the trading platform, which guarantees their safety and security.

Remember that before you pay for an order on «Aliexpress», you can always contact the seller to clarify the details of the future order. For example, the real size of the thing or packaging. Sometimes you can ask for additional packaging for a moderate fee or for free (with a large order, Chinese sellers readily agree to this).

Before buying carefully read the description of the selected product, which is compiled by the seller and the most trading platform «Aliexpress.» How to cancel a paid order, if suddenly decided not to buy a thing, but already made money for it? Contact the seller to get started. If the parcel has not been sent, it can cancel the purchase. If it was already sent, then most likely you will have to wait for your order. Protection of buyers of the trading platform does not cover such cases. But if your order does not come within a strictly stipulated time (60 days), then you will definitely be refunded within three days, and the seller can either be fined or even blocked on the site.