Possible Feedback On AliExpress Traders


Possible Feedback On AliExpress Traders

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Hi all,
Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but Chris can move it if he likes. Like most of you, I am new to the pleasures of these cheap Chinese tablets, and looking around for the ideal tablet for my own needs.

But what I was interested in was your thoughts or your experiences with individual traders on AliExpress, both good and bad. Any feedback would be a great help to newer members like me who haven’t used AliExpress before and are a bit wary. After all, AliExpress is an offshoot of AliBaba.com, and the legendary Ali Baba was associated with the forty thieves! 🙂

Would anyone care to kick off, and I can maintain the list of recommended/Not Recommended traders?

I am also interested in buying these cheap Chinese tablets. I will share my experience in shopping in Aliexpress. I have bought 8-9 items (consist of computer accessories and refurbished mobile phones mainly, and some mini PC) from aliexpress and so far, the seller is always shipped the product (no scam). I used credit card payment and usually choose EMS shipping.

FYI i live in Indonesia so EMS is the best choice to ship as it is ‘easier’ to trick than DHL/Fedex with the value of goods. If i received any package valued above USD 50, then the tax is crazily marked up here, even can be higher than the price of the goods itself. (Yeah, living in the 3rd world countries where everything can be corrupted by customs officer) So most of the time if i bought > USD 50 product,s i just tell the seller to declare the value is lower, such as 30-45 $ so i didn’t get custom fee/tax at all. I don’t know if this also works if you live in Europe/other countries.

Main concern is sometime the seller put wrong information about their product, typos everywhere, missed details, and you can’t really trust the displayed photo. make sure everything by asking directly to the seller or of course, read the reviews written here to get the correct information and see the real product in the video.

Hi Koko,
Thanks for your feedback. I live in Australia and the customs here are a lot more relaxed. Most of the time they won’t even bother charging customs or import tax on items less than $1000.

Main concern is sometime the seller put wrong information about their product, typos everywhere, missed details, and you can’t really trust the displayed photo

Yes, I have found the same thing — I was just looking at a 11.6″ tablet and the image showed 1920x1080p display, while the specs showed 1366×768. The image showed 128gb storage while the specs showed 32gb, and so on. Definitely something to check before buying.

Would you like to list the traders that you have had good experiences from? That would help us all.

Well sir, it is nice and should be no problem in the customs. For the lists of good trader, sorry i can’t say much because i myself also still looking for tablet. I didn’t buy yet but i managed to chat with some sellers, and looks like these sellers is good in terms of price:

http://www.aliexpress.com/store/805904 – Sichuang technology
http://www.aliexpress.com/store/902969 – Honesty team
http://www.aliexpress.com/store/321958 – Bloomberg Mikki (the only seller who have youtube channel and posting some hands on video too)

Some famous store but usually their price is higher :
Ele, OKQI electronic

Maybe the price will be different because i usually didn’t pay attention to DHL shipping. For the wrong information, well i think it happens is almost all the stores. I usually cross checked with other store, and also here.

Pro tip : don’t trust also the manufacturer or office’s photos to compare which store has bigger factory/manufacturer. Most of the time its never real.

Hi Koko,
Thanks for that, that gives us a start. Good point about the office and manufacturer’s warehouse photos, I have noticed that they are popular. 🙂

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I have used OKQI and ELE quite a few times, they are great for EU customers OKQI as they use POSTNL which is quick and normally no customs fees.

Honesty Team are also quick to post and pack the tablets well.

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