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Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Today’s theme kind of accidentally turned out to feature only pink and lavender things, lol!! I was just looking for cute stuff in general, but we can pretend like I did it on purpose! It has been a little while since I’ve done pastel Fairy-kei stuff anyway

This listing is for all of the pieces in this set!
This usagi-seifuku is sooo cute… like something a real anime character would wear..
Heck, I want the bunny hair accessories that the model is wearing, too!

Well, this is definitely more like a costume…
But it is so dang cute and ruffly I really just wanted to include it!!
It’s a very cute shape with a lot of full ruffles
for being a costume. nn

The shape of this was hard for me to classify as either a skirt or JSK –
oh, heck, we’ll say it’s both!!
A very adorable Lolita item the likes of which can be difficult to find
amidst all of the clothing items that call themselves Lolita without
actually fitting the description

A pastel sweater that somehow didn’t make it into any of my other sweater roundups!!
A very simple shape, no real details here –
just the appeal of three sweet pastel colors and all of that snuggly coziness.

Ahhh this looks so comfy and cutsew-y!!
The bows are small and sweet and…
Okay, we all know by this point that bunny ears on anything
is my ultimate weakness.

Soft, Sweet, and Beautiful Mori Girl Dresses on Ebay

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

As it gets cooler and cooler, clothing with lots of layers looks more and more appealing!! I adore the miles and miles of ruffles and lace that run the edges of seemingly every mori girl item. n_n What a perfect fashion for Autumn!!

The teal color that this comes in is so beautiful as well!!
I love the flowery tiers of ruffles, and the knit top looks so cozy!

This mint color is sooo sweet!
Although I made this roundup for Autumn clothes,
this one also kind of gives me a Summer vibe…

Again with the minty green.
The geometric pattern of different floral fabrics
in that wide band are a striking visual effect!!

This looks reeeeaally thick and warm!!
That’s an outfit for walking through crunchy leaves in

Maybe I was a little partial while I picked these dresses out.
I love the length of this dress, and that it is elegant and natural-looking
without many asymmetrical pieces here and there, like many others are.

Cutest Kawaii Dresses on Ebay

Friday, October 9th, 2015

This is yet another roundup that I stumbled into while searching for completely different things! The cute dresses that I found in this Ebay store are ones that I have never seen on Aliexpress or others! :O

A beautiful soft white dress! *o*
With dainty pink accents!! (/*O*\)
The design is Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired!

Ok, don’t let me forget to put bunny-shaped pockets on the dresses and skirts that I make.
Because this is so freaking cute I can’t even handle it.
What an adorable and endearingly simply Lolita OP!

OMG the fuzzy fabric for this looks SOOOOO thick and warm!!
Even for something like a suspender jumper skirt,
this has to give you a lot of cozy warmth!!

Now this is a very traditional Cardcaptor Sakura image dress!!
If you wore this, you would have to battle magical monsters
and save the day – it’s just a rule!

I wonder if this is a Cardcaptor Sakura dress too??
I don’t know for sure, but the design for it is sooooo cute!!
I really like white dresses, but I’d be sooo worried about staining them. nn;

A Guide to All Those Kawaii Brands You See on Ebay, Storenvy, and Aliexpress

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

When you’re browsing for cute clothes in the style of Lolita, gyaru, mori girl, fairy-kei, and others, you may find in your searches through Ebay, Storenvy, Aliexpress and others that you begin to recognize certain pieces listed! Maybe you’ll recognize the model wearing the fashions, or something about the photography will look familiar to similar listings you’ve found. You have the vague idea that they’re probably TaoBao brands, but what are their names, and where do these listings originate from?

The thing about these marketplaces is that they very rarely actually list these items by name! Knowing the originator of these pieces can help you shop around for them and get them at a fair price. Plus, it’s just good to know where the things you’re buying come from.

Here is my quick guide to my favorite brands that I’ve encountered across these marketplaces! It’s certainly not a comprehensive list, but maybe it can help you find some direction with your own browsing. :3

Candy Rain

This is my favorite of all of the TaoBao brands available –
everything is lacy and ruffly, with light floral patterns and soft pastels!
Candy Rain models are usually posed around rich-looking rooms
set with flowers, tea or cakes, or outdoors in a garden setting.


I hope I have the name of this brand correctly;
I only have their YesStyle page to go from.
It doesn’t refer to this brand by name on its TaoBao shop as far as I see. nn;

GOGO Girl is a very widespread brand on marketplaces
that features this model who is doll-like in cuteness!
She is posed against a wall in a cutesy interior room.
Again is the recurring theme of pastel colors and soft fabrics,
like sheer chiffon overlays.


That’s BO-bon, not BON-bon, like a certain bunny-related URL you might know of.
This brand surfaced as a cheaper alternative to Liz Lisa.
Many of their pieces are similar to Liz Lisa stylistically.
They are not listed on YesStyle.
Their usual model has the light strawberry-blonde hair pictured above.
She is usually posed against a blank wall, but as with all of these guidelines,
there are variations sometimes.

LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess – again! Such a reliable seller for cute clothes.
BOBON21 – A seller that shares the name, but may not be officially connected.
BoBon21’s TaoBao Page

Pink Doll

Pink Doll is also Dabuwawa, and it features mature and elegant clothing!
Their models look older and more mature than the previous featured
kawaii brands, to match the look of their clothing line.
There are also often non-Asian models featured sometimes,
such as the blonde woman in the center above.
They are usually posed in interior spaces against curtains or similar.

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Sweet Lolita Dresses

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Sweet Lolita is the style of choice for pink-loving princesses!

These dresses from Refuse to be Usual are replicas of Angelic Pretty prints mostly, but that makes them affordable pieces for growing wardrobes. ♥

Angelic Pretty Milky-chan the Fawn JSK in WhiteI love Milky-chan. ;_; I wish they had it in brown, which is my favorite colorway for this print! ^o^ Oh well, can’t be too picky I suppose. Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK in RedThe headdress is included! That makes this a very adorable and VERY affordable matching set. ♥ Refuse to be Usual Princess Lolita Victorian Parasol Pink DressHmm, I actually don’t know the proper name or designer of this dress! n_n; I don’t think it belongs to Angelic Pretty, so I thought it might be Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I’m not sure, though.

Either way, it’s very girly and princessy! I would love to wear this and go to tea. ♥ Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK in BlueWhoopsie, am I featuring Miracle Candy twice?? n_n; But it’s because it looks so darn cute in all of its non-pink colorways!

(And I’m trying to break up the colors here for the sake of the readers – if it were up to me then all of these would be pink! XD) Refuse to be Usual Pink Maid Cafe Cosplay UniformOkay this last one IS NOT LOLITA!! OAO I just thought it was an adorable cosplay and wanted to feature it here. o^o

I am actually on the prowl for a maid uniform. But I love so many of the designs I’ve seen and have no idea which one to buuuuuuuy!! ;____; It’s so haaard!!