Sites Like AliExpress : list of the 130 Best Cheap Chinese Sites


Are you looking for sites like AliExpress for shopping online , that accept Paypal? You’d like to see a list of cheap wholesale Chinese websites ? You want to find shopping sites like AliExpress, for clothes or for shoes, which work with Paypal ?

Hang tight ! This is gonna be a huge post !

You should know first that AliExpress is not the only trustworthy website offering really cheap products : there are a lot of similar websites that allow you to buy stuff from China or Hong Kong, wherever you live. You can be in France, in Switzerland, in Belgium or in the United States, you’re now able to benefit from really good deals. But the most interesting products are not necessarily on AliExpress. That’s why i’m gonna show you the best sites like AliExpress, so that you can know where to go to buy really cheap products.

Why buying from online stores like AliExpress ?

Each of these website offer products which are sometimes priced 3 or 4 times less than the same products in Europe. Why ? This is due to the fact that there is no middle-man between you and the products offered. Those products come directly from factories, and there is no wholesaler between you and them who tries to take a margin in order to make profit.

What are the commonalities between AliExpress and these others Chinese websites ?

  • They deliver products from China (and sometimes from Hong Kong)
  • The offer free worldwide shipping, without any minimum order quantity
  • … but the delivery time is slow (you have to wait between 2 weeks and 1 month in order to receive your order in your mailbox)
  • They offer branded items (which sometimes are replica)
  • Sometimes it may be complicated to return products : the time frames can be long, and some Chinese websites ask you to pay a fee for each return.

This is because of all this points that I strongly advise you to adopt a certain mentality when you buy stuff in China. You should always remember that you’re not surfing on an European or American website. Forget the mentality that consists in saying “Ok, i’ll buy anything that seems interesting, and in a few days i will be able to return some of the items i have ordered and i’ll be easily refunded”. While I adopt this mentality when i am shopping from products in my country, this is not what you should do when you’re choosing items on a Chinese website.

When you order from China, you should do as if you would not be able to return items. Ask yourself : “Would I accept the risk to never be able to return the products i am going to order ?”. If the answer is yes, you can buy them ! But keep in mind that it is gonna be difficult to send them back if something is wrong with the size, or if you realize you don’t like the color of the product.

You should be cautious, but not too much : i know a friend who have ordered dozens of products from Chinese websites, and she never had the need to return the products, because she was happy with her orders.

I’m really passionate about the fact that anyone can buy from Chinese websites. That’s why I give you a list of all the sites like AliExpress that I know. I’ve tried most of them, but not all of them. Consequently, if you have a strong doubt regarding the reliability of one of theme, i give you one advice : just order ONE item, as a test. If you receive it and it’s good, just keep it and you’ll then be able to order more stuff from this particular website.

You must keep in mind that choosing a website to buy stuff from China can be quite tricky, since it’s sometimes hard to know if you are on a trustworthy website. There are dozens of AliExpress competitors, selling different products. Some of them sell all kinds of stuff, whereas others are specialized in a certain type of product : clothing, electronics,…

You don’t want to read my reviews, but just see a bunch of the best websites ? I perfectly understand ! Here’s a list of those I could order successfully from (more are coming soon!) :