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Startup Domains offers premium .com domain names for sale. Search hundreds of brandable domains, and find your business or product name here.

Startup Domains is part of Bionic Ventures LLC, located in Los Angeles, CA. Bionic Ventures endeavors to grow companies to support economies, employees, and customers. Use Startup Domains as a resource to help you find a great business, product or service name, and valuable intellectual property.

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Sold Domains

The Domain Broker

Dean Erickson owns Startup Domains and represents only a few owners of domain names as a broker. Because Mr. Erickson manages client investment portfolios full-time for his firm, Bionic Capital LLC, a registered investment advisor, please be patient when contacting Startup Domains.

The domain name owners set prices and there is typically no negotiation. If you see something you want to buy at the listed price, email us and we will start escrow. Buyer pays escrow fees.

Domains and Branding

We help entrepreneurs select and register the best available domain names to brand their startup companies right. We also offer great domains and intellectual property for re-branding of companies, products, and services. Search our list of hundreds of great domain names for sale.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

As our site grows, so will our resources to help entrepreneurs grow and build their own economies. For your protection and to maximize the value of your domain names and branding, make sure your business and product names can be trademarked. Visit USPTO.GOV for more information about patents and trademarks. We recommend seeking out a qualified intellectual property attorney to help you assess your needs

Patents and Trademarks

One of the best resources any new or experienced businessperson can use is the United States Patent and Trademark Office at Whether you are preparing to name your first company or you’re rebranding an existing business or product, make sure that you search for existing trademarks, as well any applicable patents. You may be able to register your own trademark without too much difficulty, but, for the safety of your business, we recommended finding an intellectual property attorney to assist you. If you’re filing for a patent, we strongly suggest you hire an attorney specializing in patent law. Patent filings can be very complex. Always protect your intellectual property the best that your budget and skills will allow. Owning the right domain name is an important piece of your company’s intellectual property.

Domain Brokerage

We broker these domains. Buy now domains are available at the stated prices. Bid domains, if any, are expected to sell at higher than starting bid prices. Stock swaps, in lieu of cash payments, for the right companies, public or private, may be available. Serious inquiries only, please.

We request a 3-day buyer pay period for escrow, once a cash price is established. We use for escrow services, and the buyer pays any applicable escrow fees. Normally, escrow fees are under 1% of the purchase price, depending on the price. Confidentiality of buyer and price is available if it is negotiated before the purchase.

Once you have found your favorite domain name, email us and we will begin the escrow process for you. With terms agreed upon, cash purchases are executed online. Using escrow ensures domain transfers are simple and secure. For asset swaps and more complex sales, we will work with the buyer to enable a safe and mutually beneficial transaction.

Please view and sort our growing inventory of premium, brandable domain names. Email us with any questions or business proposals through the contact form. Our contact information is also listed at the top of each page of this site. Thank you!

Bionic Domains is your best resource for buying Bionic domain names, i.e., names with the “Bionic” prefix. These domains cover financial, technology, entertainment, and various other business areas. Bionic domains are likely to be offered in large domain packages only. Click here to view a small sample of our portfolio.

Serious corporate or venture inquiries only, please.