Supreme and the north face aliexpress


I dare a hype beast to come question my fake haha

If I ordered one off wish would it be the same?

Buddy THE patch is black instead of purpel so its a risky move

Gulf of gulf , comic sans for every sea , philipinne , ‘Earibbean’ sea. The map is in ten diff fonts and spellt wrong.

@1:43 «Earibbean Sea»

Rather pay 45 for a fake then pay a lot for the real one it does the same shit

this is a fake one just by say is XL/XL is a fake

Because I’m a medium and 5”10 so. what size should I get it

I knew straight away when I saw the supreme patch I knew it was fake

This jacket is for rain?

shorty wanna kiss me

You can tell how fake it is by how flimsey it is dead give along with fonts and other shit bro this is trash 😂

This is fake asf lmao why is the patch purple 🤣

Mr. Anonymous The outline not the whole patch fucking dumbass I have the real one 🤣

jesnee frcrtht the outline of the patches are purple on the real jacket too retard.

YO dude, do you want to trade with me for the SUPREME camo expedition one? Message me if you’re down!

Does it run big or small?

The only way you can tell this is fake is by the size, supreme and tnf put XL/TG not XL/XL

The easiest way to tell id by looking at the state in between supreme and the north face logo it should say «Philadelphia» not «boston»

Where I can find this jacket? It’s impossible to find in Aliexpress

Heitor Laerte ebay

i need another link someone help me

Zipper pull on the wrong side, easy way to spot a fake besides the 100 other things screaming FAKE . I wouldn’t be caught dead in this