Supreme x The North Face Expedition Jacket AliExpress


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Fake is cool but only 1:1

I dare a hype beast to come question my fake haha

If I ordered one off wish would it be the same?

Buddy THE patch is black instead of purpel so its a risky move

Gulf of gulf , comic sans for every sea , philipinne , ‘Earibbean’ sea. The map is in ten diff fonts and spellt wrong.

Rather pay 45 for a fake then pay a lot for the real one it does the same shit

this is a fake one just by say is XL/XL is a fake

Because I’m a medium and 5”10 so. what size should I get it

I knew straight away when I saw the supreme patch I knew it was fake

This jacket is for rain?

shorty wanna kiss me

You can tell how fake it is by how flimsey it is dead give along with fonts and other shit bro this is trash 😂

This is fake asf lmao why is the patch purple 🤣

Mr. Anonymous The outline not the whole patch fucking dumbass I have the real one 🤣

jesnee frcrtht the outline of the patches are purple on the real jacket too retard.

YO dude, do you want to trade with me for the SUPREME camo expedition one? Message me if you’re down!

Does it run big or small?

The only way you can tell this is fake is by the size, supreme and tnf put XL/TG not XL/XL

The easiest way to tell id by looking at the state in between supreme and the north face logo it should say «Philadelphia» not «boston»

Where I can find this jacket? It’s impossible to find in Aliexpress

Heitor Laerte ebay

i need another link someone help me

Zipper pull on the wrong side, easy way to spot a fake besides the 100 other things screaming FAKE . I wouldn’t be caught dead in this

I HATE YOU DIE go away

Mtree can you send a new link

Do you have the email of the seller?

you said you were 6 feet (182cm) and it looks like it fits a bit loose, i’m 1.79-1.80cm and pretty slim. should i go for L or XL

go for the xl, it is a little short on me

What are your body dimensions. I want to know what size I should get

Ok that’s the fake jacket but where can I order and find the real one

StockX has it for about 9k right now 😂

Kellybel Rose look on grailed

This is a fake because it shouldnt say xl/xl it should say. xl/ some other two letters. Also the NorthFace logo on the bottom zipper isnt even the right NorthFace logo size. compare this one to a real one guys

Louis Reddington yeah no shit it’s fake it’s under a $100 😂

These and some south beach 9s on fle

Do you have new link for this jacket??

new link wish

fabio chen Quality. A lot of sticking threads

Gleb Gamer Only too small? Other issues?

fabio chen yea, but it’s horrible. I wrote that it’s too smal, and they gave me my money back, and they didn’t want for i turn back it.

Gleb Gamer did the jacket already arrive?

Kuma Store I have already ordered it on wish

I’ll cop a fake idc. Hypebeasts can’t tell the difference and I’m not paying hundreds for the real thing.

Liam Howlin best advice for shopping on wish is get as much off as you can using codes. they also give extra 5% to checkout now. Just don’t keep card info in there and keep adding stuff to cart and back out and wait for 5%. click ok and back out of credit card info and remove stuff you don’t want from your cart. Then checkout and go back to options and delete your card info. If you have card info in there and all this deal you don’t want in your cart and they say 5% off and you click it check it out without even telling you the price. lol

Liam Howlin I ordered the green skull pile hoodie for 17$ in a xxxxl this time to see what happens. lol

Liam Howlin I ordered xxl in both jackets and this one fit ok. maybe like little short on sleeve. It feels like bedsheets to be honest. Lol the mountain jacket I ended up getting a refund for because it was like no where near a US large. more like medium or small. they just said keep it or donate it. So if anyone on the fence just order the shit and say it doesn’t fit and get a refund. lol

Kevin Trust what was the outcome

I have real supreme stuff too. idk why I even ordered this shit. I guess to see what happens. lol

Need a new link

New link please

I only bought it because it has a Soviet flag on it

Damon DeMello cool

Need a new link plz i really want one just bec

Where’d u get this?

Need a new link

do u have new link?

Send link plzzzzzzzz

ссылка не рабочая не пытайтесь найти

New link please I really want one!

Jealous-E-Gaming rt hehe Wanna buy one haha someone react.

Is I offer good quality?

search on dhgate

Chance the Best I offer or wish

what are the sizes of the jacket, bust and shoulders?

fuck aliexpress possers

did you get alot of compliments wearing this?

the hang tag should say XL / TG not XL / XL

can i get the link to buy this,

Dayum any new links can’t find this anywhere

guy,tell me your height please

new link please

new link please !!

It’s a fake jacket bro

Théodore Deslarzes no fucking way fr it’s not like I read the title or anything 😂😂 smh

I was being sarcastic aha

geoji. Yeah, look like it’s fake. The map isn’t like this one usually. It’s a bit purple normally

Théodore Deslarzes are you sure?
thx x supreme expedition

‘This looks so legit, like everything is perfect’
No it’s not. Fonts are all wrong, colours are wrong, anyone who knows anything about Supreme will be able to tell this is fake straight away,

go and spent 1700$ fcking idiot

Matthew To I hope you know there are two modules 😐

Janji 14 There was comic sans on the map.

U paying the 1/10 part lol
seems legit to me

Why does it matter?No person on the street will come to u and say thats fake bla bla.It doesnt matter.ayy lmao😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️,searchweb201602_4_10065_10068_10000032_10000025_10000029_430_10000028_10060_10062_10056_10055_503_10054_10059_10099_501_10000022_10000012_10103_10102_10000015_10096_10000018_10000019_10052_10053_10107_10050_10106_10051_9880_10000009_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10115_10000044_10078_10079_10073_429_10000035,searchweb201603_3,afswitch_3_afChannel,single_sort_2_default&btsid=ed42692b-4754-4617-8cc2-6b2a02b6d73f NEW LINK!

Dude, excuse me, can you please explain how do you find stuff on aliexpress please? I really find so much difficulties to look for what I want. Thanks. By the way the link you posted, it’s not a sup x north face replica(?)