Why AliExpress Standard Shipping is The Best Shipping Method?


Unlike other shipping methods, AliExpress Standard Shipping has many advantages. In the last 4-5 years, I’ve tried almost all shipping methods but I found that AliExpress Standard Shipping is best among all.

Advantages of AliExpress Standard Shipping:-

  • Checked & Shipped by AliExpress.
  • Faster & Secure than other cheap shipping methods.
  • Valid Tracking Number. So, You’ll be able to track it until the delivery.
  • Most of the time, you’ll get your parcel within 30 days.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a logistics company that belongs to Alibaba Group. You can select this shipping method when you buy something from AliExpress or any other websites of Alibaba Group.

In simple words, AliExpress standard shipping is almost similar to ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ OR ‘Flipkart Assured’. In AliExpress standard shipping, A product is packed by the seller but checked and shipped by AliExpress’s Shipping Center.

AliExpress Deals:

Which means once you place your order on AliExpress, Seller will send the package to AliExpress’s shipping center then AliExpress will ship your package using their shipping partner.

It is not the cheapest delivery option, sometime its free and sometime you might have to pay extra to use this shipping method but it is a much more secure way to get your products delivered.

Can I Secure the Parcel/Package?

No! You cannot secure the parcel/package because AliExpress doesn’t offer any shipping insurance similar to GearBest or Banggood. But, You can use Premium Shipping Services Such as AliExpress Premium Shipping/DHL/FedEx etc… to increase the security.

Supported shipping method by AliExpress Standard Shipping?

They deliver packages from China to Rest of the world but AliExpress standard shipping is not a delivery service. To do this they are partners with big logistics provider such as Singapore Post, Posti Finland, DHL, and others.

Note: They mostly use Singapore Post to deliver product in India.

Is AliExpress Standard Shipping a Door-To-Door Service?

Most of the time they deliver the package to your doorstep. But, It’s not a door-to-door service because delivery of the package depends on your local post office.

Actually, AliExpress ships your package using Registered Post then package arrives at your local post office. Now, Sometimes Postman delivers the package to your doorstep and sometimes you have to pick up your package from the local post office.

How long does AliExpress Standard Shipping take?

As per the AliExpress, Standard delivery time for most packages is 15-45 days. AliExpress also has a premium delivery service. On average these orders are delivered within 7-15 days.

Note: I’ve received almost all product within a month. If you’re from the metro city then delivery time could be less and If you’re from the rural area then delivery time could be longer.

How to Track AliExpress Standard Shipping?

There are lots of websites to track International Parcels But I will recommend you to use 17TRACK because it’s easy to use, all in one package tracking website, and they also offer Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

But, Sometimes AliExpress provides tracking number like this: LP00064290333450 and later India Post(or Your Country’s Post) Provides a new tracking number for that parcel(Chech below screenshot). In that case, You can use CAINIAO to track your Parcel. You can read How Do I Track an International Parcel? article for more detail.

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